Chapter 1056: The Origin of All Flames!

The Domain-corroding Flames had been gathered and refined by Grand Monarch Nether Channeler from the Fiend heaven and earth.

It was a famous weapon that was exclusively used to unravel human experts’ domains.

However, there were actually very few of them. Even Grand Monarch Nether Channeler had to go through great lengths and expend his own Blood Essence to just make a bit of them.

It had incredible effects on all kinds of domains. Even God domain human experts would be in serious trouble once their domains caught them.

It was just that God domain experts’ domains had their own unique wonders. Even though they would suffer from the Domain-corroding Flames as well, it would be almost impossible to rely on the Domain-corroding Flames to kill a God domain expert.

However, Void and Saint domain experts would be in much greater trouble once their domains caught these flames, especially when they were in the starry river, where they couldn’t withdraw them.

That way, their devastating might would be manifested to the fullest.

Watching numerous clusters of Domain-corroding Flames coming at them under the Fiend expert’s bloodline channeling, Nie Tian had a headache over the tough situation.

Intangible and magical, the Domain-corroding Flames traveled at an amazingly fast speed in the starry river.

Even though the Star Boat had pushed its speed to the limit, it couldn’t lose the bizarre flames.

Nie Tian turned to a middle Saint domain subordinate of Hou Chulan’s and asked, “How on earth can you get rid of them? I heard that there are ways to eliminate them after the affected withdraw their domains, aren’t there?”

The man smiled bitterly and said, “Only lava can melt them away. But only those who practice fire incantations would do such a thing as gather lava from active volcanoes. Of course it’ll be easy to get our hands on some lava, but now...”

Almost all of Hou Chulan’s subordinates practiced wood incantations.

Normally, those who practice flame incantations would choose to follow Lou Hongyan, the Divine Daughter of the fire element sect.

After all, through Lou Hongyan and the fire element sect, they would be able to learn more exquisite fire incantations and magics.

Therefore, none of Hou Chulan’s Saint domain subordinates she had brought on this trip were masters of flame power who had stocked lava.

“Lava...” Yue Yanxi’s expression flickered as he looked over his shoulder at the Domain-corroding Flames at their heels. “I’m from the Divine Flame Sect of the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries. I happen to practice flame power. I usually channel flame power from lava lakes into my flame power core, but how come my fire domain didn’t have any effect on the Domain-corroding Flames earlier?”

“Not domains or auras unleashed from flame power cores, I’m talking about actual lava,” The man explained. “Even though you used a large amount of flame power when you forged your domain, you must have also fused it with your soul awareness, pure spiritual power, and a wide array of spiritual materials.

“It takes a number of materials and wonders to forge a domain that the flame aura you channeled from lava has been diluted who knows how many times over. Besides, it requires actual boiling lava to melt Domain-corroding Flames, not the aura of earthflame. Perhaps only if you let your flame power core fly out to deal with them itself will there be some effect.

“Just your domain alone won’t do.”

Yue Yanxi frowned. “Do I have to send my flame power core out to achieve some effect? If I do that, it’ll be exposed to the impurities in the starry river...”

Nie Tian’s eyes suddenly lit up as he listened to their conversation.

He took out plenty more Star Stones and tossed them to the floor before bursting through the protective shield himself.

The Flame Dragon Armor flew out of his ring of holding, giving rise to thunderous sounds.

The Flame Dragon Armor had gathered most of its power from the lava lakes of erupting volcanoes.

As soon as it descended and clad itself on Nie Tian, fierce flames burst out of it, turning him into a ball of flames.

As he approached and touched a cluster of Domain-corroding Flames, they actually showed signs of melting, giving rise to fizzing sounds.

“The Flame Dragon Armor!” The other experts, who had been wracking their minds for a solution, couldn’t help but exclaim upon seeing this well-known Spirit Channeling grade treasure from the fire element sect of the Five Elements Sect.

Only Huang Jinnan, Lou Hongyan, and a handful of others knew of the fact that Nie Tian had the Flame Dragon Armor now.

Even Lou Hongyan hadn’t mentioned it to anyone after returning to the Five Elements Sect, because the head of the fire element sect of the Five Elements Sect had been out on a mission.

Therefore, to this day, he still didn’t know that the Flame Dragon Armor he had forged was currently in Nie Tian’s hands.

Besides, losing the Flame Dragon Armor had been humiliating to Lou Hongyan. It was only natural that she wouldn’t blab about it.

For this reason, Hou Chulan’s subordinates were all deeply surprised to see the Flame Dragon Armor at this moment.

As it turned out, the flames unleashed by the Flame Dragon Armor indeed had a powerful effect on the Domain-corroding Flames.


Something else caught Nie Tian’s attention as he flew through the Domain-corroding Flames clad in the Flame Dragon Armor.

A small spark of orange flame flew out on its own from within his dantian region in his lower abdomen.

It was none other than the flame spark the Divine Flame, which he had come across in the Domain of Flame’s End, had traded him for his Blood Essence.

Upon appearing, the flame spark pounced on the Domain-corroding Flames like a hungry lion. That was when Nie Tian discovered that the orange flame spark had a much stronger effect than the Flame Dragon Armor!

Wherever it flew, clusters of Domain-corroding Flames seemed to be drawn to it, as they gathered towards it from different directions.

The orange flame spark shrank and expanded abruptly from time to time, giving rise to crackling sounds.

As it did, the Domain-corroding Flames vanished bit by bit.

Upon seeing what was happening, the Fiend’s face turned pale with fright as he hastily switched to another bloodline magic.

However, the Domain-corroding Flames were no longer answering his summons.

Finally finding a way to deal with the Domain-corroding Flames, Nie Tian grinned widely and shouted, “Come here to me, Martial Sister Hou!” 

He had a feeling that this flame spark the Divine Flame had given to him in the Domain of Flame’s End was the most profound spiritual flame in heaven and earth.

Back when he had fought in the desert, where flame dragon remains had been buried on the floating continent, the flame spark had summoned flame power from the depths of the desert despite the Flame Maniac’s bloodline magic.

Now, it was rapidly eliminating the Fiends’ Domain-corroding Flames in the starry river.

Hou Chulan, who was under tremendous pressure from the Domain-corroding Flames pursuing her, jerked her head towards Nie Tian upon hearing his call. An overjoyed look immediately appeared on her face.

Just now, she had intentionally put some distance between her air-transportation spiritual tool and Nie Tian’s, fearing that the Domain-corroding Flames would capture them all with one attempt.

However, the Domain-corroding Flames that were chasing after Nie Tian’s Star Boat were, for some reason, disappearing at an alarming rate. This gave her hope again.

She hastily changed direction to approach Nie Tian at full speed.

Ruan Qingliu took a glance from afar and was also flabbergasted. “I can’t believe that spark of orange flame is actually melting the Domain-corroding Flames... wait, not melting, but absorbing! I only know that lava can help melt and get rid of Domain-corroding Flames from cultivators’ domains. But I’ve never heard of something so peculiar that can actually absorb them!”

As of this moment, Nie Tian’s shocking means filled her with admiration.

“A spark of orange flame that can devour Domain-corroding Flames...” Yue Yanxi from the Divine Flame Sect muttered, staring unblinkingly at the flame spark. “Where have I heard of such a flame spark...? The Divine Flame that devastated the Domain of Flame’s End!”

Yue Yanxi’s expression flickered, his eyes shining with the light of excitement. Even his body trembled slightly upon the thought.

“That must be it! Must be! Of all the flames I know, that’s the only one that can work such wonders!

“It came from the depths of the starry river and set ablaze and destroyed the entire Domain of Flame’s End! Only the Origin of All Flames can do such an incredible thing!”

Yue Yanxi became overwhelmed by emotions.

The Divine Flame Sect had been founded by survivors from the Domain of Flame’s End, who had fled to the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries.

Therefore, there were a large number of ancient records in the Divine Flame Sect describing that orange flame that had appeared out of nowhere. They called it the Origin of All Flames!

The founders of the Divine Flame Sect had named their sect out of their worship and fear towards that wondrous flame.

Yue Yanxi couldn’t help but exclaim, “The Origin of All Flames! That’s a one of a kind Divine Flame in this universe!”

Meanwhile, the orange flame spark had already consumed more than half of the Domain-corroding Flames that were pursuing the Star Boat.

The Star Boat came to a sudden stop, one expert after another bursting through its protective shield, unleashing their domains.

Glaring at the Fiend expert, they shot towards him like lightning bolts.

At the same time, Nie Tian laughed wildly and flew towards Hou Chulan, clad in the Flame Dragon Armor.

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