Chapter 1040: God Domain Reinforcements

On the border of the Domain of Nether Heaven.

Nie Tian was standing on his Star Boat, which was enveloped in Wei Lai’s domain.

He gazed off into the distance, and saw an enormous dharma idol in the depths of the Demon grand monarch’s sea of flesh aura. Like a god from ancient times, it shone with dazzling starlight as it bombarded the surging sea of flesh aura and Demon qi with thousands of clusters of star power.

“That’s vice sectmaster Luo Wanxiang,” Wei Lai said in a deep voice.

At the same time, a huge bolt of lightning was speeding through the Demon grand monarch’s sea of flesh aura, splitting it wherever it flew and giving rise to fizzing sounds.

Tiny figures could be vaguely seen within the bolt of lightning. However, it was hard to make out their appearances due to the long distance.

Wei Lai went on and explained, “That bolt of lightning is Xuan Guangyu, who’s a vice sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society. His cultivation base is at the middle God domain, which is even higher than Ji Yuanquan’s. He’s splitting the grand monarch’s flesh aura, while Vice Sectmaster Luo suppresses it.

“I believe the sea of flesh aura will soon be gone, and we’ll be able to enter the Domain of Nether Heaven without any resistance.”

As he spoke, Mo Qianfan, who was standing off to the side, also gazed off at the sea of flesh aura with a grim face. “The crisis in the Domain of Nether Heaven should be relieved soon.”

Both Luo Wanxiang from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and Xuan Guangyu from the Void Spirit Society were at the middle God domain.

Furthermore, both of them had brought a few Saint domain elders. Such a force was more than enough powerful to wipe out any human powers except the four great sects, including the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

With such a terrifying force entering the Domain of Nether Heaven, the result of the battle was already determined.

As expected, it wasn’t very long before the Demon grand monarch’s sea of flesh aura began to shrink at an alarming rate.

The raging flesh aura and Demon qi eventually condensed into a colossal axe that was the size of a realm, which emanated a disgusting, bloody aura.

The moment it came to form, it flew off into the depths of the Domain of Nether Heaven.

“You can’t run!” Luo Wanxiang’s dharma idol bellowed and chased after it like a falling star chasing after the moon.

As Luo Wanxiang chased the colossal axe into the distance, the sea of flesh aura and Demon qi vanished completely.

“The grand monarchs sealed the Domain of Nether Heaven with their flesh auras to prevent those inside from leaving easily, but it also served as an alarm,” Wei Lai said with a grim face. “Grand Monarch Blood Axe must have noticed as soon as Vice Sectmaster Luo and Xuan Guangyu entered his sea of flesh aura.

“I have no doubt that the battle of the Domain of Nether Heaven will end soon. I just hope the three God domain experts and the others in there are still safe.

“Come on. Let’s go.”

With these words, Wei Lai signalled Mo Qianfan to sail his ancient starship into the Domain of Nether Heaven.

Mo Qianfan nodded and gave orders to his men.

By now, Nie Tian had already learned from Wei Lai that the reason why the reinforcements from four great sects had arrived so late was because they had been waiting for Luo Wanxiang and Xuan Guangyu.

Many different human domains were being attacked by joint forces of outsiders and crooked human sects.

Almost every God domain expert had been summoned to help put out the fires.

Powerful experts from the four great sects had been terribly busy running around dealing with this tribulation that had swept across the human world.

When word of the crisis in the Domain of Nether Heaven had come in, Luo Wanxiang and Xuan Guangyu had been fighting outsiders and crooked human forces in remote areas, and couldn’t possibly come over right away.

Since only God domain experts would be able to turn the situation in the Domain of Nether Heaven around, the others had had no choice but to wait.

“Nie Tian, I heard from the Void Spirit Society and the Five Elements Sect that you made significant contributions to your escape from the Domain of Nether Heaven,” Wei Lai said with approval in his eyes. “Don’t you worry. You’ll get all the contribution points you deserve after this mess comes to an end. Also, you seem to have killed quite a number of outsiders. Where are the corpses?”

Nie Tian handed him a ring of holding. “Here.” 

It was filled with outsider corpses, including Auden, Anguz, and numerous other Demons and Phantasms.

However, all of the corpses had been drained of their flesh power, and become shriveled and worthless.

Wei Lai grabbed the ring and briefly examined its contents. Nodding, he said, “Good. All of them will be used to calculate your contribution points.”

He didn’t seem to care that the outsider remains had been refined of their flesh power.

Clearly, he only needed to see proof of how many powerful outsiders Nie Tian had killed, so that he would be able to determine the amount of contribution points he would get. “Besides, the fact that you helped heal Pei Qiqi and Qi Lianshan from the Void Spirit Society and got everyone out of Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s sea of flesh aura will also translate into contribution points after we have a discussion about it.”

“I just hope our grand elder is okay,” Nie Tian muttered softly.

“Our grand elder?” Wei Lai said with a profound look in his eyes. “You’re worrying too much. You have no idea how powerful our grand elder really is. The way I see it, mishaps may happen to the other two God domain experts, but never our grand elder.”

“Is Grand Elder Mo Heng really that powerful?” Nie Tian asked curiously.

“More than you’d think,” Wei Lai said with great certainty.

Days passed...

The Heavenly Thunder Sect’s ancient starship sailed through the border area of the Domain of Nether Heaven into the dead realm-filled area, where Nie Tian and the others had spent some time.

Debris and wrecked Demon starships were drifting in the starry river. In their midst, three humans could be seen standing on a flat meteor.

They looked weak and dispirited, as if they had lost so much of their spiritual power and soul power that they couldn’t even fly in the starry river anymore.

Wei Lai’s expression flickered with astonishment. “Sikong Cuo!”

Under his demand, the Heavenly Thunder Sect’s ancient starship rapidly approached them.

Nie Tian only took a quick glance from afar, and realized that they were Sikong Cuo and two of his subordinates: Zou Qing, who was at the late Saint domain and Chen Qitian, who was the sectmaster of the Heavenly Witchcraft Sect.

“Just the three of them are left?” Nie Tian asked inwardly.

“Elder Wei!” Sikong Cuo shouted at the top of his lungs. After the ancient starship came closer, the three of them jumped onto it.

“How come there’s just the three of you?” Wei Lai asked. “Where are your other subordinates, Sikong Cuo?”

He remembered that Sikong Cuo had mobilized a lot of forces, and brought more than twenty Saint and Void domain experts on this trip to the Domain of Nether Heaven.

“We’re the only ones left,” Sikong Cuo said, losing his usual sharpness. Surprised to spot Nie Tian, he said, “I can’t believe you’re still alive, junior martial brother.” 

“Yeah, I survived by luck,” Nie Tian said.

“What happened to you?” Wei Lai asked with a deep frown.

“We first ran into Grand Patriarch Bone Crusher and lost a few people fighting him off,” Sikong Cuo said with a grim face. “When we finally made it to the Demon grand monarch’s sea of flesh aura, several Demon starship suddenly appeared out of nowhere, along with a half-man half-Demon, who called himself Han Yu. I lost the rest of my subordinates fighting through their blockade.”

“Han Yu...” Nie Tian said inwardly.

Without Sikong Cuo giving a detailed explanation, he knew that Han Yu and those Demon starships had meant to chase after them in Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s sea of flesh aura.

However, they must have given up when Pei Qiqi had had her bloodline power potential stimulated, and taken everyone out of Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s sea of flesh aura.

Then, they must have run into Sikong Cuo’s team on their way back.

Failing to find Nie Tian and the others, Han Yu had clearly vented his anger and grudges on Sikong Cuo’s team instead, inflicting heavy damage on them.

Feeling delighted inwardly, Nie Tian took a close look at Zou Qing and Chen Qitian, and discovered that both of their domains had been severely damaged. It would be impossible for them to recover their battle prowess within a short period of time.

Sikong Cuo had marched into the Domain of Nether Heaven high-spirited and vigorous. He had probably never imagined suffering such a heavy blow here.

About half of his total force that he had accumulated over the years had perished here. Who knew how long it would take for him to recover such losses?

“Our reinforcements have arrived, right?” Sikong Cuo asked anxiously.

“Vice Sectmaster Luo has gone after the axe that Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s sea of flesh aura morphed into,” Wei Lai explained.

“No wonder the Demon chasing after us suddenly gave up and left,” Zou Qing said, looking relieved. “Grand Monarch Blood Axe must have sensed the unfavorable situation, and thus summoned them back.

“If it weren’t for Vice Sectmaster Luo, those Demons would have pursued us until all of us were dead.”

Sikong Cuo then asked, “How many have survived this tribulation? How are the other teams doing?”

“We don’t know yet, but we will soon,” Wei Lai answered. “Now, with the grand monarch’s sea of flesh aura gone, the Void Spirit Society disciples can communicate with each other again. We’ll search thoroughly, and rescue every survivor we can find.

“Thanks to Nie Tian and Miss Pei from the Void Spirit Society, their team made it out of Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s sea of flesh aura, and informed us of what was happening here.

“Otherwise, the consequences would have been unthinkable.”

“Nie Tian?” Sikong Cuo went blank for a moment. “You went through Grand Monarch Blood Axe’s sea of flesh aura? If you did, you must have crossed this area filled with dead realms. So did you detect our battle against Grand Patriarch Bone Crusher? And we saw many destroyed Demon and Phantasm starships. Was that you?”

“We did encounter and kill some Demons and Phantasms, but we didn’t know anything about your battle against Grand Patriarch Bone Crusher,” Nie Tian said expressionlessly.

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