Chapter 1038: Turbulence Across All Domains

Nie Tian suddenly remembered that Mo Qinglei, who he had met in the Shatter Battlefield, was the son of the Heavenly Thunder Sect’s sectmaster.

Back then, he had gone through dangers with him, and eventually had to part ways with him and let him fend for himself.

Now that years had passed, he still didn’t know whether he had escaped from Yuan Jiuchuan or not.

“You know the Heavenly Thunder Sect, don’t you?” Yang Fan asked with a surprised look on his face. “I thought you did. After all, Mo Qianfan, the current sectmaster of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, is your grand elder’s cousin. It’s just that from what I’ve learned, Mo Heng doesn’t have much contact with Mo Qianfan or the Mo Clan anymore.”

“Mo Qianfan is Grand Elder Mo Heng’s cousin?” Nie Tian asked, looking surprised.

Instead of answering right away, Yang Fan spread his soul awareness through the starry river in an attempt to establish communication with the ancient starships from the Heavenly Thunder Sect.

After a while, Yang Fan’s eyes snapped open. “Mo Qianfan is on one of the starships!”

Only then did he turn to Nie Tian and explain, “The Mo Clan is a powerful and prosperous clan that has influence over a large area. Even though Grand Elder Mo Heng is from the Mo Clan, since he didn’t show any specific cultivation attribute as a kid, the Mo Clan didn’t attach much importance to him. Meanwhile, his family was only a side-branch of the large Mo Clan. And since no one in his family had made any significant achievements before him, his family had stayed low for a long time.

“In fact, he didn’t have a happy childhood in the Mo Clan.

“Only until one year, when a high-ranking member of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace accidentally saw his cultivation talent and brought him back to sect, did he show his unique potential and soar to prominence.

“As he gradually grew stronger and stronger in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, the Mo Clan reached out to him.

“However, he didn’t accept their offer.

“Later, when he entered the God domain and became the grand elder of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, the Mo Clan intended to cling to him and name him their clanmaster, but he declined again.

“So even though Mo Qianfan, the current clanmaster of the Mo Clan and sectmaster of the Heavenly Thunder Sect, is his cousin, they haven’t had any contact with each other in many years.”

Even juniors like Lou Hongyan and Huang Jinnan didn’t know the story between Mo Heng and the Mo Clan, it was only natural that Nie Tian knew nothing about it.

Only after hearing Yang Fan’s explanation did Nie Tian learn that because Mo Heng had declined the Mo Clan’s offers repeatedly, they had eventually named Mo Qianfan as their leader.

“Senior Qi, now that we’re out of the Domain of Nether Heaven, can you contact your headquarters?” Lou Hongyan asked in a low voice.

At this moment, the Demon grand monarch’s sea of flesh aura was already nowhere to be seen.

The Void Spirit Society had a secret magic that allowed their disciples to communicate with their headquarters even though they were far away in the starry river. Lou Hongyan hoped that the Void Spirit Society would learn about the upheavals in the Domain of Nether Heaven at the first possible moment, so they would send powerful experts over.

Qi Lianshan smiled bitterly. “I need some time to recover my strength. It was very consuming to travel in that Demon grand monarch’s sea of flesh aura.”

With these words, he took out spatial jades and started channeling the spatial power within them.

Nie Tian placed his hand on Pei Qiqi’s shoulder, and sensed that she was breathing regularly, and the flow of her qi and blood was stable, which meant she was just too weak to wake up at this moment.

“I’m going to take a while to treat her injuries,” Nie Tian said.

Everyone else nodded understandingly, and waited on the meteor in silence.

Wisp after wisp of flesh power fused into Pei Qiqi as Nie Tian treated her once again with Heavenly Wood Heal, using his wood power and flesh power.

It wasn’t long before five huge ancient starships approached them.

The ancient starship at the forefront took the initiative to slowly descend onto the meteor.

A man flew out of it. Wreathed in slithering lightning bolts, the man indeed had similar looks as Mo Heng. He took a glance at the crowd and asked with a surprised expression, “You are?”

The important figures took turns to introduce themselves.

“Lou Hongyan from the Five Elements Sect.”

“Huang Jinnan.”

“Qi Lianshan, Void Spirit Society elder.”

“Nie... Nie Tian?!” Mo Qinglei’s exclamation echoed out from the ancient starship before he flew down in a flash. “How come you’re here?”

With one hand on Pei Qiqi’s upper back, Nie Tian opened his eyes to look at him. “Mo Qinglei, I’m surprised that you made it out of the Shatter Battlefield alive.”

Mo Qinglei smiled wryly. “Yeah, I survived by luck. I heard that Yuan Jiuchuan went to the Domain of Heaven Python afterwards. Many Qi warriors and spirit beasts that practiced lightning power died at his hands.”

The mention of Yuan Jiuchuan put a grim look on Mo Qianfan’s face, who was talking to Yang Fan and the other experts.

“Yuan Jiuchuan did show up and kill a large number of people in the Domain of Heaven Python, but he’s no longer a threat now,” Nie Tian said with a calm face. “We got him when he tried to leave the Domain of Heaven Python for other domains. I believe he’s still trying to find his way back from the space disruption zone we sent him to as we speak.”

Surprised and delighted, Mo Qianfan asked, “You sent the Thunder Devil to a space disruption zone?” 

Seeing Nie Tian nod, he let out a sigh of relief. “That’s for the best! That bastard better die in that space disruption zone and never come back!”

“So... why are you here?” Lou Hongyan asked.

Mo Qianfan pondered for a brief moment before gazing in the direction of the Domain of Nether Heaven and asking, “What happened there? People from the Void Spirit Society sent word to us, saying that they couldn’t get in touch with their disciples who had gone on a trip to the Domain of Nether Heaven. So they asked us to come over here and take a look. Also, we noticed a few days ago that all of the stars in the Domain of Nether Heaven seemed to suddenly disappear.”

Lou Hongyan nodded. “So it looks like the Void Spirit Society has already sensed that something has gone wrong. But if they failed to get in touch with their disciples, why didn’t they or the other great sects send any powerful experts here?”

With a wry smile, Mo Qianfan said, “That’s because many human domains are under attack. As far as we know, at least five human domains are being attacked by previously-uprooted crooked sects. The four great sects are busy protecting those domains. Besides, it’s also said that outsiders are pushing forward with great force in the Dead Star Sea. Many powerful experts have been summoned to join the defense.”

Huang Jinnan gasped with astonishment. “What?! Multiple domains are under attack?! Even the Dead Star Sea is being attacked by outsider forces?! So the Domain of Nether Heaven isn’t the only domain in trouble. Damn it. I’m afraid this turbulence plaguing multiple human domains isn’t going to pass any time soon.”

Qi Lianshan from the Void Spirit Society chimed in with a grim face, “I thought it wasn’t exactly peaceful in other domains, but I never expected things to be this bad.”

“What on earth happened in the Domain of Nether Heaven?” Mo Qianfan asked with an anxious expression. “Three God domain experts weren’t enough to kill the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society?”

The Domain of Endless Thunder bordered the Domain of Nether Heaven. If the Domain of Nether Heaven fell into the hands of evil forces, the Domain of Endless Thunder would naturally become the next target. This made him worry.

The Domain of Endless Thunder hadn’t attached itself to any of the four great sects. The reason why he had answered the Void Spirit Society’s summons was because they understood that once the lips were gone, the teeth would be cold. 

Gazing in the direction of the Domain of Nether Heaven, Yang Fan said indignantly, “Not just the Nether Spirit Society, but the Death Curse Sect and at least three outsider grand monarchs! The grand monarchs sealed the entire Domain of Nether Heaven with their flesh auras, which is why disciples of the Void Spirit Society couldn’t get in touch with their headquarters.

“Even though we escaped that damned place, we paid a heavy price.

“Miss Pei even fell unconscious because of it. Not to mention that many of our team members were butchered by the outsiders.

“You’ve got to send word to the Void Spirit Society through your access now, explaining the situation in the Domain of Nether Heaven to them!”

Mo Qianfan gasped with astonishment. “I can’t believe the Domain of Nether Heaven has actually fallen!”

Knowing that this was a matter of great importance, he hastily turned to the berthed ancient starship and shouted, “Send word to the Void Spirit Society immediately! Tell them that three outsider grand monarchs have sealed the Domain of Nether Heaven with their flesh auras, and the three God domain experts are in danger! Tell them to send powerful experts here as soon as possible!”

Turning his head back, he said to Yang Fan and the others, “The inter-domain teleportation portal in our headquarters is accessible at all times. And we have a small-scale teleportation portal on that ancient starship of mine that’s connected to the large-scale teleportation portal in our headquarters. It won’t take long for powerful experts from the four great sects to get here.”

After a moment of pondering, he added, “Besides that, if there’s anything you need, just tell me. As long as it’s within my power, I’ll try my best to accommodate them.”

“Let’s wait for my sect’s response first,” Qi Lianshan said.

With a deeply knitted brow, Nie Tian suddenly felt that the entire human world was now enveloped in a haze.

This tribulation stirred up by outsiders and crooked human forces would most likely last quite a while.

“I just hope none of this is happening in the Domain of Heaven Python, the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, and the Domain of the Falling Stars.”


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