Chapter 1037: Potential Stimulation

“Divine Son! Divine Daughter!” Yang Fan exclaimed in a low, urgent voice. “You’re the future of our sect. As long as you stay safe, you’ll be able to enter the God domain one day! But given our cultivation talent, we probably won’t be able to break the shackles and make that final advance in cultivation in our lifetimes. So we can’t let anything happen to you!

“Only if you’re safe will my family and clan be safe, and benefit from serving you!”

Several other subordinates of Lou Hongyan’s also chimed in, hoping to persuade them.

Even so, Huang Jinnan and Lou Hongyan were still torn with the dilemma.

They knew that there must be at least one grand patriarch among the Demon pursuers.

After all, Han Yu had already gained a rough measure of their strength when he had retreated. Now that they dared to chase them into the Demon grand monarch’s sea of flesh aura, they must have full confidence in winning the battle.

Leaving Yang Fan and other experts behind would be sending them to die.

“Miss Pei!” Qi Lianshan’s heart burned with anxiety. “You’re our sectmaster’s last legacy disciple. He broke his word to take you in. The future of the Void Spirit Society lies with you! Your safety is more important than anything else! Please leave first!”

Just as Pei Qiqi was about to speak, Nie Tian interrupted her with a grim expression. “Wait! Senior Qi, could I have a moment alone with Senior Martial Sister Pei? I have something to say to her.”

“Alright, Nie Tian. Please see if you can talk some sense into her.” With these words, Qi Lianshan left the two alone.

“You want to persuade me to leave them behind too?” Pei Qiqi asked, frowning.

Nie Tian shook his head. “No. Previously, you cast your escape magic to get us through the Heaven Freezing Spell and out of realm number nine...”

“It won’t work.” Pei Qiqi interrupted him before he could finish. “That sealing spell cast by the sectmaster of the Death Curse Sect is nothing when compared to this grand monarch’s sea of flesh aura. Also, I’ll have to rely on my bloodline power to cast that escape magic. However, my bloodline power is being suppressed by the grand monarch’s flesh aura, which means I can’t cast that magic as long as we’re still here.”

“But what if I could stimulate your potential?” Nie Tian asked.

Pei Qiqi was baffled. “What do you mean?” 

Nie Tian raised his voice. “I’m telling you that I might be able to stimulate the potential of your bloodline.” 

“But I still don’t quite understand...” Pei Qiqi said with a confused face.

“Alright, let me show you then.” Nie Tian took a deep breath, and countless crimson blood strings shot out of him. Like needles and thread, they pierced into Pei Qiqi’s chest and abdomen.

“Bloodline talent: Potential Stimulation!”

In a method that was like a reverse Life Drain, rich flesh power surged out of Nie Tian, and followed the countless crimson blood strings into Pei Qiqi

Flesh power that carried the profound truths of life rapidly dispersed to every corner of Pei Qiqi’s body, every meridian, bone, and muscle.

As this happened, Pei Qiqi’s spatial bloodline seemed to realize what was happening, and started to absorb Nie Tian’s flesh power voluntarily.


A drop of Nie Tian’s Blood Essence, which had taken him great effort to condense, suddenly seethed. The life power essence within it fused into the wisp after wisp of flesh power that flowed to every part of Pei Qiqi’s body.

Pei Qiqi’s heart started to race. The fine veins in her long, white neck seemed to expand, as they could now be seen under her jade-like skin.

The surging life power gradually enhanced Pei Qiqi’s spatial bloodline, stimulating some hidden potential of her bloodline.

Countless glowing spatial blades that were as fine as hairs suddenly poured out of her acupoints into her meridians like thousands of lightning bolts.

All of a sudden, Nie Tian had a peculiar feeling that Pei Qiqi was shifting among different spaces.


Numerous fine spatial blades could be seen slithering over her body as her aura soared.

Pei Qiqi’s eyes lit up. “Such power...”

She had never felt so energetic. It was as if every part of her and every muscle had been filled with vigor.

An unprecedentedly vigorous power seemed to be building up inside of her, making her more and more powerful.


Another drop of Blood Essence seethed in Nie Tian’s heart. A mixture of life power essence and flesh power continued to pour through the numerous blood strings into Pei Qiqi’s body.


Without her knowing it, the irregularly shaped crystal took it upon itself to fly out.

After it did, thousands of spatial blades swarmed out of Pei Qiqi’s acupoints, converging on the floating crystal.

Pei Qiqi closed her eyes to sense it for a few seconds before snapping her eyes open again. “It’s enough! Nie Tian, tell everyone to put their air-transportation spiritual tools away and gather to me! Now!”

Afterwards, the irregularly shaped crystal seemed to be activated, the reflections of different spaces appearing in its numerous facets.

Nie Tian hastily called out, “Get over here, everyone! Senior Martial Sister Pei is trying to cast an escape magic to get us through this Demon grand monarch’s sea of flesh aura!”

Qi Lianshan’s face turned pale with shock. “What?! How is that possible?! As powerful as Miss Pei is, she can’t possibly get all of us out of this sea of flesh aura with Void Travel!”

Moments later, Yang Fan, Huang Jinnan, Lou Hongyan, and all of the others gathered over as well, fixing Nie Tian with confused gazes.

Staring unblinkingly at the irregularly shaped crystal, Qi Lianshan examined it with his soul awareness, and suddenly detected the unique aura of spatial rifts and teleportation portals from one of its numerous facets. “Wait! Such aura... Such ability...”

Such an aura could only be detected by spatial power experts like him, who had entered the Saint domain.

Flabbergasted, Qi Lianshan marveled, “A stable spatial tunnel is forming in one of the crystal’s facets! Only our sectmaster’s immortal grade spiritual tool, Void Mirror, can do such an incredible thing!”

In the next moment, he came to another shocking discovery: many of Pei Qiqi’s acupoints were like independent spaces.

This was something he had never thought possible!

“Now!” As Pei Qiqi pointed her jade-like finger in the air, one of the irregularly shaped crystal’s facets suddenly expanded into a portal, inside of which spatial auras could be seen circling.

“This is brilliant!” Though shocked to his very core, Qi Lianshan understood that the portal had become accessible now, and thus called out to Huang Jinnan and Lou Hongyan urgently, “Come on! Get in! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!”

Having had a similar experience, Huang Jinnan jerked his head towards Nie Tian and said, “Please help me out again, Brother Nie!”

Seeing that Pei Qiqi had already pushed herself to her limit, Nie Tian grabbed Huang Jinnan and pulled him into the portal.


The two of them vanished.

Seeing this, Lou Hongyan and her subordinates hastily followed along.

Surprisingly, the distorting power within the spatial tunnel that should have been strong enough to tear all of them to pieces had been suppressed by Pei Qiqi’s bloodline power, and become almost negligible.

Nie Tian’s exceptionally tough body didn’t sustain a single wound.

Even Huang Jinnan only sustained a few fleshly wounds, none of which were deep enough to hurt his bones or internal organs.


One figure after another appeared out of nowhere and fell onto a huge floating meteor.

After assuming a firm foothold, everyone looked up and saw a bright spot flickering over them.


Pei Qiqi was the last one to fly out of it, landing with a loud crash.

Everyone gathered to her side. “Miss Pei!”

Standing in front of the crowd, Nie Tian saw the bright spot morph into that irregularly shaped crystal, which then vanished into her.

Pei Qiqi, however, fell unconscious.

After taking a brief moment to sense her, Qi Lianshan said with knitted brow, “Her spiritual sea is now completely dry, without a single shred of spiritual power left. Not just that, but she has also lost ninety percent of her soul power. She’s no different from a commoner now. Even though spiritual power is easy to recover, it’s much more troublesome to recover soul power.”

At the same time, Nie Tian examined her with his bloodline aura. His expression flickered as well. Pei Qiqi had drained her flesh power that carried unique spatial wonders.

Even the spatial blades he had previously seen in her acupoints had vanished completely. Not a single one was left.

While spiritual power could be recovered within a short time through materials that contained spatial power or channeled from teleportation portals, it was much more difficult to recover her unique bloodline power.

“Thanks to Miss Pei’s wondrous escape magic, we’re now out of the Domain of Nether Heaven!” With these words, Qi Lianshan pointed into the distant starry river. “That’s the Domain of Endless Thunder, where the Heavenly Thunder Sect is based. It’s a neighbor domain of the Domain of Nether Heaven.”

“A few ancient starships of the Heavenly Thunder Sect are cruising through this area!” Yang Fan exclaimed.

“The Heavenly Thunder Sect...” Nie Tian muttered.


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