Chapter 1035: Revelation


As the purple flames engulfed Nie Tian, he only had enough time to bring out the Flame Dragon Armor, which descended on him in a flash.  

Tiny lightning bolts slithered over the numerous delicate fiery engravings on the suit of armor.  

A mixture of Nie Tian’s vigorous flesh power and raging flame power poured into the Flame Dragon Armor, forming a blazing ward around him.  


Fierce frictions occurred in places where the blazing ward made contact with the purple flames, giving rise to dazzling mixed-color sparks.  

The blazing ward kept Nie Tian unharmed. Enveloped in it, he also sensed with great clarity that the mysterious flame spark in his flame power core was becoming more and more active.  

The flame spark released a profound power that mixed with the flame power in his flame power core before fusing continuously into the blazing ward.  

Soon, the blazing ward turned orange. As crackles echoed out more and more fiercely, the purple flames that engulfed him began to lose their power, as if the flame spark had found a way to absorb some of it.  

Even though Nie Tian was deeply engulfed in a sea of purple flames, the ward around him grew increasingly bright and blazing.  

Gazing at Nie Tian, who was deeply surrounded by purple flames, Han Yu went blank for a moment before frowning and saying, “You’ve got quite a few interesting tools, don’t you? However...” 

Before he could finish, Pei Qiqi, who was standing on the distant Voidheaven Boat, wove her hands in the air.   

An immeasurably broad spatial blade rapidly came to form.  

Carrying the profound truths of spatial power and her bloodline wonders, it slashed directly towards Han Yu from hundreds of meters away.  

The glowing blade seemed to defy the distance between them, as it reached Han Yu in the blink of an eye.  

He even started to feel a dull pain in his face.  

However, his expression suddenly grew stern.  


Countless purple lightning bolts appeared and slithered over the upper half of his body that seemed to have grown out of the Demoneyes Flower.  

At the same time, the Demon Eyes Flower rapidly drew its branches in, hoping to stop the broad glowing blade with them.  


As the branches were severed one after another, the spatial blade consumed its strength, and shrank bit by bit.  

Han Yu grinned and said, “Both of you are very impressive. But unfortunately, your cultivation bases are still far too low...”  

Just as he was about to launch his final killing move, his eyebrows flickered, his face growing very grim.    

“So you’ve brought help,” He muttered, fixing Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi with a reluctant look. “The sea of the grand monarch’s flesh aura isn’t that easy to cross. Perhaps we’ll meet again.”  

With these words, the enormous Demon Eyes Flower started to shrink at an alarming rate.  

Han Yu’s body shrank with it, until they eventually vanished into a black spot.  

“Miss Pei!”  

“Nie Tian!”  

Yang Fan and Qi Lianshan arrived seconds after their exclamations echoed out in the distance.  

Pei Qiqi steered the Voidheaven Boat to the place where Han Yu had just vanished. “This is it!”  

She pressed the irregularly shaped crystal into the pitch-black spot. Moments later, the black spot expanded violently and exploded.  

“This special teleportation portal that leads to the outsider domains is finally destroyed,” Pei Qiqi said. After withdrawing the crystal, she looked at the shattered teleportation portal and muttered to herself, “Han Yu... I can’t believe Wu Ji’s second disciple has become so powerful.”  

At the same time, Yang Fan stuttered as he stared at Nie Tian in disbelief, “Nie... Nie Tian... Is that the Flame Dragon Armor?”  

Since Han Yu had just left, and the purple flames had just vanished, Nie Tian hadn’t had a chance to put the Flame Dragon Armor away yet.  

Yang Fan, however, had followed Lou Hongyan for many years. It was only natural that he recognized the Flame Dragon Armor, and knew that the head of the flame element sect of the Five Elements Sect had forged it for Lou Hongyan.  

Back in the day, Lou Hongyan had been set up by Pang Chicheng and died in the Shatter Battlefield, and thus had to reincarnate through another person’s body.  

The Flame Dragon Armor had been lost during that time.  

Later, after awakening her memories, she had searched for Pang Chicheng everywhere, hoping to get the Flame Dragon Armor back, yet she had found nothing.  

Who would have thought that it would suddenly show up in Nie Tian’s hands many years later?  


Moments later, Lou Hongyan, Huang Jinnan, and the others arrived.  

Staring at the suit of armor Nie Tian was clad in, both Huang Jinnan and Lou Hongyan gasped with astonishment. “The Flame Dragon Armor!”  

“How come you have the Flame Dragon Armor, Nie Tian?” Huang Jinnan asked.  

“How long have you had it?” Lou Hongyan asked with a grim face.  

Nie Tian knew that it would be meaningless to try to cover things up, and thus said honestly, “Quite a long time actually. I got it before I left the Realm of Flame Heaven in the Domain of the Falling Stars...”  

He went on and explained how he had obtained the Flame Dragon Armor to Lou Hongyan without holding anything back.  

Lou Hongyan had a long face at first. Only after he finished telling her the whole story did she seem less hostile. “I thought you had some sort of connection with Pang Chicheng. It’s a relief to learn that you don’t. Who would have thought he was almost killed in the Shatter Battlefield too right after sealing the Flame Dragon Armor from me.”  

“Who is he exactly?” Nie Tian asked curiously.  

However, Lou Hongyan, Huang Jinnan, and Yang Fan all fell silent upon hearing this question.  

“He has something to do my sect. I’m afraid I can’t tell you about him.” With these words, Lou Hongyan pondered for a few seconds before reaching out with one hand. “Let me take a look at the armor.”  

Somewhat hesitant, Nie Tian said, “I’ve got to tell you that this suit of armor has already acknowledged me as its master. I stimulated and transformed its Blood Core with the help of my unique bloodline. Even if you took it back, you won’t be able to display its true might.”  

Lou Hongyan shot him a stern look. “Let me take a look at it first.” 

Nie Tian had to take the Flame Dragon Armor off and hand it to Lou Hongyan.  

As soon as Lou Hongyan grabbed the Flame Dragon Armor, tiny crimson sparks flew out of her fingertips into it, as if to examine it and establish soul communication with it.  

After a while, she handed the Flame Dragon Armor back to Nie Tian with a grim look on her face.  

Nie Tian felt baffled.  

Somewhat upset, Lou Hongyan said, “Its soul no longer accepts me. Instead, it acknowledges you as its master. Of course, if I take it back to our sect and have my master erase any memories of you from its soul, I’ll become its master again. But it seems to have gone through brand new changes after you became its master, which is something I can’t give it.

“It seems as if you can not only maximize its might, but also give it room to grow.

“However, this treasure is involved in a secret of my sect...” After muttering to herself for a while, Lou Hongyan finally sighed and said to Nie Tian, “You can keep it for the time being. I’ll ask my master’s opinion regarding its future after returning to my sect.”   

“Even though it was forged and previously owned by your sect, I didn’t steal it from you. I won’t give it up so easily.” Nie Tian made his stance clear.  “However, I’m willing to make up for your loss, which we can take our time discussing after we get out of the Domain of Nether Heaven and everything is settled.”  

“Alright, alright, this is not the time to fight among ourselves,” Qi Lianshan from the Void Spirit Society said in an attempt to smooth things over. “Miss Pei, did you encounter a Demon grand patriarch earlier?”  

“No, it was a human named Han Yu, but he had crossed over to the Demons’ side.” Even now, Pei Qiqi still had lingering fears as she recalled his battle prowess. “He used to be human, but he seems to have merged with a Demon Eyes Flower and become half-man, half-Demon.”  

Upon hearing ‘Demon Eyes Flower’, Qi Lianshan, Huang Jinnan, Lou Hongyan, and the others all gasped with astonishment.  

“A Demon Eyes Flower?! That thing ranks number one amongst the most deadly demonic plants!”  

“You actually survived the attacks of a Demon Eyes Flower?!”  

“Are you sure it was a Demon Eyes Flower?”  

Even though Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi were now core members of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and the Void Spirit Society, since it hadn’t been long since they had joined their sects, they hadn’t heard of this dreadful demonic plant yet.  

Qi Lianshan took a deep breath and said, “A Demon Eyes Flower alone can be even more powerful than a ninth grade Demon grand patriarch. As far as I know, a Demon Eyes Flower somehow appeared in one of our human domains years ago.

“That monstrous thing devoured every living being in that entire domain, even including the plants.

“By the time experts from our sect arrived, there was nothing but rocks and water left in the realms in that domain. Humans, spirit beasts, trees, and vegetation... All gone...”

After a short pause, he fixed Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi with a confused gaze. “It’s truly amazing that you two actually survived a Demon Eyes Flower.”  

“That man who has merged with the Demon Eyes Flower is also from the Domain of the Falling Stars,” Nie Tian said. “In fact, he was another disciple of my master.”

Looking at him and Pei Qiqi, Qi Lianshan sighed with mixed emotions. “The Domain of the Falling Stars… What a wondrous place...” 


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