Chapter 1028: Infinite Fighting Spirit

Life power and death power were two opposite types of power.

Nie Tian had verified this long ago when he had used Life Blend on the Bone Blood Demon.

Every time he had made an attempt, he had felt strong restrictions that had prevented him from fully displaying the might of Life Blend.

By contrast, when he had used Life Blend on the black tortoise, he had felt perfect compatibility.

Therefore, perhaps the Bonebrutes were the race that were the most unfit for him to use Life Drain on among all of the races that lived in this boundless starry river.

Their bloodlines negated each other.

If it weren’t Bonebrutes that Sikong Cuo was now fighting, Nie Tian might have put his grudge towards him aside for the moment and rushed to his aid in order to obtain outsider corpses. After all, he needed a large amount of flesh power to condense Blood Essence if he wanted to seek bloodline magics in the Blood Realm.

But since it was Bonebrutes, he didn’t have even the slightest interest in joining the battle.

Though separated by the starry river, Pei Qiqi gained a grasp of the latest situation on the battlefield through Fan Wen. 

“A battle has broken out. The two sides seem to be evenly matched. The battle might be a long one.” With these words, Pei Qiqi slowly sat down, as if she felt relieved after learning the current situation. “As notorious as Sikong Cuo’s subordinates are, their battle prowess is actually very impressive. The Bonebrutes have only one grand patriarch. I doubt that they’ll gain an advantage in this battle.

“If there are no mishaps, Sikong Cuo will lose several of his subordinates, while a number of eighth grade Bonebrutes will perish.

“Let’s stay put and see how the situation develops.”

With a relaxed smile, Nie Tian chimed in, “That’s right. We can count it as a success if this battle ends up consuming a handful of Sikong Cuo’s subordinates. After all the people he has set up, it’s such a pleasure to see him tasting his own medicine for a change!”

As the two of them spoke, Huang Jinnan approached. “A battle has broken out?”

“Yeah.” Nie Tian took a deep look at him. “How did your recovery go?”

Huang Jinnan gave a low chuckle and said, “I’ve already recovered eighty percent of my battle prowess. My master gave me some powerful medicinal pills before I came here.  Since most of my injuries are fleshly wounds that incurred when we escaped from realm number nine, and you’ve healed them to a great extent, I was able to heal my injured true soul with some medicinal pills. I’ll be fine even if we get into a battle right now.”

It had been a long time since they had escaped from realm number nine.

Among the three chosen ones, Nie Tian was actually in the best condition, considering that he hadn’t fought or done anything other than healing Pei Qiqi and Huang Jinnan’s injuries.

Plus, his bloodline had recently advanced to the seventh grade.

His seventh grade bloodline alone gave him battle prowess of Soul realm human expert.

It appeared that his bloodline grade didn’t subdivide into early, middle, and late stages. Instead, it was one big stage.

To fully display the might of his bloodline power, all he had to do was condense all fifty drops of Blood Essence and fill his internal organs, bones, meridians, and blood with a copious amount of flesh power.

Achieving that would mean his bloodline had reached the peak of the seventh grade.

On top of that, if he could satisfy the green aura’s bottomless appetite for flesh power, allowing it to fall dormant again, that would mean that his bloodline had reached the peak of the seventh grade.

Similarly, if he ran low on his Blood Essence, his bloodline would fall back slightly.

He had learned this the moment his bloodline had broken through into the seventh grade.

After a short conversation, the three of them stayed together, while Pei Qiqi kept in contact with Fang Wen and paid close attention to the battle that was taking place on the nearby dead realm.

Sitting on the ground, she related the latest information to Nie Tian and Huang Jinnan every once in a while.

“Two of Sikong Cuo’s Void domain subordinates have been killed.

“A middle eighth grade Bonebrute died. Its large bony body fell apart.

“Till now, Sikong Cuo still hasn’t joined the battle himself.

“A cultivator well-versed in manipulating spirit vermin unleashed a swarm of spirit vermin that filled the sky.  That cultivator is at the middle Saint domain, and has outstanding battle prowess. He and his spirit vermin are giving the Bonebrutes a lot of trouble.

“Grand Patriarch Bone Crusher made a move! He unleashed a bloodline magic, eliminating countless spirit vermin in an instant!

“The man is seriously injured!”

Meanwhile, the two of them just nodded in silence. From her, they got a sense of the intensity of the battle, and realized that this battle between Sikong Cuo’s team and the Bonebrutes wouldn’t end any time soon.

Moments later, Pei Qiqi said with a grim face, “Sikong Cuo has made a move, and apparently he’s an amazing fighter! Even though I can’t see the battlefield with my own eyes, according to Elder Fan’s description, he’s shown incredible battle prowess! He’s crushing his enemies with all sorts of secret legacy magics of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. None of the eighth grade Bonebrutes can match him in battle!

“He’s already killed three eighth grade Bonebrutes, and one of them was at the late eighth grade!”

“Hmm?” Pei Qiqi suddenly frowned and continued in a soft voice, “The bone starship that was berthed at the edge of the realm is now descending. A Bonebrute can be seen standing at its prow. His grade doesn’t seem to be high, but he’s holding a saber that’s unleashing terrifying might. It appears that he’s using it to suppress Sikong Cuo, and achieving a good result.”

“That’s Pergson, a Bonebrute chosen one,” Huang Jinnan explained. “That saber in his hand is the Bone Shatterer, a unique treasure of the Bonebrutes.”

Just as he was about to further explain Pergson’s superb battle prowess and noble status among the Bonebrutes, his expression suddenly flickered.

Without any hesitation, he took out his crystal ball, inside of which two Demon ancient starships appeared.

“Those Demon ancient starships are heading in our direction...” Huang Jinnan instantly realized what was going on. “They must have happened to be in this region, and now they’ve been summoned to this place by the Bonebrutes.”

“Can you tell what grades they’re at?” Pei Qiqi asked.

“From the look of it, they don’t have any grand patriarchs among them,” Huang Jinnan said.

“If that’s the case, we can try fighting them.” With these words Pei Qiqi shot a glance at Nie Tian. “Didn’t you say you need outsider corpses?”

With a cunning smile, Nie Tian said, “Let’s say we’re doing this to help Sikong Cuo!”

Immediately afterwards, Pei Qiqi summoned her Voidheaven Boat, and the three of them jumped on board.

“I can save us the lengthy journey and get us there to intercept them right away.” As Pei Qiqi’s jade-like hands wove in the air, a slender spatial rift split open.

Even though it wasn’t large enough for ancient starships to pass through, it fit the Voidheaven Boat well.

This was one of the perks of traveling on air-transportation spiritual tools.


The Voidheaven Boat vanished into the spatial rift. In the next moment, it appeared abruptly in front of the two Demon ancient starships.

A shield had formed around the Voidheaven Boat, protecting the three onboard from the harmful energies in the starry river.


One figure after another flashed into appearance on the decks of the two Demon starships. Their grades varied greatly, but most of them were high-tier Demons. At this moment, they all fixed Nie Tian, Pei Qiqi, and Huang Jinnan with baffled gazes.

Nie Tian looked back at them.

The two Demon starships came from the Fourth Demon Realm and the Fifth Demon Realm. A meaningful smile appeared on Nie Tian’s face after he ran his gaze over the Demons standing on the starship. “Old acquaintances. Interesting.”

The Domain of the Falling Stars had been invaded by Demons more than once. During their last invasion, a high-tier Demon clad in heavy armor had shown up in the Realm of Mystic Heaven, sitting astride a pitch-black warhorse and holding a long black spear in his hand.

His name was Auden, and he was from the Fourth Demon Realm. He had single-handedly overtaken Ling Dong from the Heaven Palace Sect.

Back then, he had been at the seventh grade, which was equal to the Soul realm.

Now, decades had passed, and he had already advanced to the eighth grade, which was equal to the Void domain.

On the other ancient starship stood Anguz from the Fifth Demon Realm, whom he had met with Hua Mu. He had also advanced to the eighth grade from the seventh grade.

During that invasion, the Demons had swarmed into the Domain of the Falling Stars from the three major spatial rifts in the Realm of Mystic Heaven, the Realm of Flame Heaven, and the Realm of a Thousand Devastations.

Nie Tian’s cultivation base had been very low back then. It had been unimaginable for him to face Auden and Anguz in battle. All he had been able to do was marvel at their unparalleled power.

However, today, Nie Tian’s bloodline had already advanced to the seventh grade, his cultivation base had entered the late Profound realm, and he had the bone of a Star Behemoth in his possession.

“At long last! I finally have the power to face them in battle!”

In high spirits, Nie Tian summoned the Star Behemoth bone from within his ring of holding.

As soon as the bone fell into his hand, his expression flickered. Laughing wildly, he jumped off the Voidheaven Boat, summoned his Star Boat, and charged directly towards the Demon ancient starships.

Even though the Star Boat didn’t form any protective shields around it, as he was holding the Star Behemoth bone, he was completely unharmed by the impurities in the starry river.

Standing on the two ancient starships, Auden and Anguz exclaimed simultaneously, “It’s you?!”

Even though decades had passed, their impression of Nie Tian hadn’t faded. Both of them recognized him with a single glance.


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