Chapter 1019: Grand Patriarch Bone Crusher

The gigantic Bonebrute that was striding towards Nie Tian’s location had translucent, jade-like bones, and its eyes were so green and sparkling that they looked like two emeralds.

The aura of death he emanated was so strong that the entire realm seemed to be on the verge of being crushed.


Deafening rumbles kept echoing out from distant locations.

As deep ravines cracked open in the earth, mountain after mountain of human corpses that had been originally hidden underground were revealed.

The death power within those corpses seemed to finally find vents, and swirled into the sky.

As the gigantic Bonebrute then opened his huge mouth and inhaled, endless pale-gray death aura poured into it.

The Bonebrute grinned and said in perfect human language, “Not bad. The Nether Spirit Society seems pretty reliable. The number of human corpses they’ve prepared for me is even larger than I expected. I think I can honor our deal.”

Pergson pointed at Nie Tian from afar. “See that kid, Grand Patriarch Bone Crusher? He’s the one I told you I met in the Shatter Battlefield. I wasn’t completely sure of his identity back then. Who would have thought that he’s actually the seventh Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace? He has a puppet in his possession which was made from the corpse of an eighth grade member of our kind.”

“He’s a Son of the Stars?!” The powerful Bonebrute who was referred to as Grand Patriarch Bone Crusher asked, his deep green eyes glittering with strange light. “But it’s a pity that he’s still far too weak. His death will only hurt the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace for a short while. If it were one of the other six Sons of the Stars, they’d suffer a bigger loss.”

While talking, the two Bonebrutes soon stepped onto the battleground.

The Nether Spirit Society disciples and Ren Yuanji from the Death Curse Sect were all thrilled to see them.

Ling You and Zhao Heng, however, gasped with shock upon seeing them.

Everyone who had heard about Grand Patriarch Bone Crusher was taken over by a suffocating feeling upon seeing him, their hearts growing heavy.

“That’s Grand Patriarch Bone Crusher!”

“He’s at the late ninth grade!”

“I can’t believe the Nether Spirit Society and the Death Curse Sect actually convinced him to come to the Domain of Nether Heaven!”

If Grand Patriarch Bone Crusher was here, did that mean other Bonebrute or Phantasm grand patriarchs had come to the Domain of Nether Heaven as well?

Had the other Sons of the Stars and the Divine Daughter encountered powerful outsiders at such levels in the other realms?

How many powerful experts had the Nether Spirit Society summoned to the Domain of Nether Heaven?

At this moment, Ling You started to worry that even if Ji Yuanquan had noticed their crisis, he might not be able to extricate himself from the tough situation he was in himself, and come to their aid.

Lou Hongyan, Fang Yuan, and Sikong Cuo probably weren’t having an easier than they were now.

Would Ji Yuanquan, Mo Heng, and Lu Jiefeng, the three God domain experts, be able to kill the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society in the Domain of Nether Heaven eventually?

With these thoughts, Ling You called out to Pei Qiqi with a meaningful look in his eyes, “Miss Pei!”

He was urging her to leave realm number nine!

The arrival of Grand Patriarch Bone Crusher had made Li You sense danger, and believe that it would only become more and more difficult for her to escape from realm number nine.

She had better leave now, before more powerful enemies showed up.

“A ninth grade Bonebrute grand patriarch!” Nie Tian was struck by a strong sense of danger. He suddenly realized that the Nether Spirit Society disciples weren’t reckless fools by staying in the Domain of Nether Heaven after killing Xiao Xihe and the others. In fact, they might have cooked up a plan long ago.

“Nie Tian!” Pei Qiqi exclaimed.

The Lightning Shuttle that had been floating in the merged domain of the three Void domain Nether Spirit Society disciples suddenly exploded, unleashing the full might of the mysterious spell formations that had been carved inside it.

The explosion of the Lightning Shuttle sent countless glorious spatial fluctuations rippling into its surroundings.

The merged domain suddenly grew distorted.

At this moment, Pei Qiqi flashed out of it in the blink of an eye.

In the next moment, she stood on Nie Tian’s Star Boat, reached out and grabbed his shoulder with her chilly left hand, and said with an unprecedentedly grim face, “We need to leave now.”

“What about him?” Nie Tian asked, pointing down at Huang Jinnan, who was still unconscious and enveloped in multiple watery shields.

“I told you I can only take you with me,” Pei Qiqi said with an unstirred look in her eyes.

“Miss Pei! I beg you to take our Divine Son with you!” Zhao Heng called out in a cracking voice.

“There’s really nothing I can do,” Pei Qiqi said, her face still expressionless.

Meanwhile, with his emerald green eyes, Grand Patriarch Bone Crusher took a glance at the current sectmaster of the Death Curse Sect, who was now engaged in a fierce battle against Ling You in midair, and asked, “Ren Yuanji, is the Heaven Freezing Spell you formed somehow flawed? Why does she think she can leave this realm despite it?”

A puzzled look appeared on Ren Yuanji’s face.

To contend against Ling You, he was relying on his middle Saint domain cultivation base and his domain that was filled with countless floating bones, shriveled flesh, and internal organs, all of which had been carved with the most vicious secret spells.

Those spells also had profound connections to the Heaven Freezing Spell.

Thanks to this, he was able to make use of Xiao Xihe’s residual power and fend off Ling You, who was well-versed in frost power, for the time being.

As the spells in his domain started to flicker, eyes seemed to appear and blink in the floating bones, pieces of flesh, and shriveled internal organs.

Ren Yuanji sensed with rapt attention. Seconds later, he frowned and muttered, “There isn’t even the slightest crack in my Heaven Freezing Spell. As long as it remains intact, even that old eccentric Ji Yuanquan won’t be able to enter this realm through a spatial tunnel. I admit that girl is beyond ordinary, but she can’t do something that even Ji Yuanquan can’t, can she?”

He felt baffled.

Staring at Nie Tian, Pei Qiqi let out a deep breath, and her bloodline power burst forth. 

“We’re leaving!” she exclaimed.

Before Nie Tian could say anything the irregularly shaped crystal floated from her palm.

As soon as the crystal appeared, Grand Patriarch Bone Crusher gasped, his emerald green eyes filled with astonishment. “That’s the spatial treasure that once appeared in the Shatter Battlefield!”

Ren Yuanji also exclaimed, “How come it’s in her hands?!”

“Let’s go!” Without giving Nie Tian a chance to say anything, Pei Qiqi’s mysterious bloodline power gave rise to incredible spatial changes. A connection seemed to be instantly established between a facet of the irregularly shaped crystal that was spinning in her palm and a space disruption zone.

In the next moment, the facet expanded into a portal, and Pei Qiqi moved half of her body into it.

It was as if the numerous facets of the crystal were numerous ready-made spatial tunnels that led to countless different spatial joints in a space disruption zone.

“Take Huang Jinnan with us!” Nie Tian shouted. “I’ll protect him with my flesh power, but if he really can’t make it, then it’s just his fate. If we leave him here, he’ll die for sure!”

A hesitant and struggling look appeared in Pei Qiqi’s eyes.

What Nie Tian didn’t know was how much more pressure she would suffer if she were to take Huang Jinnan as well.

“He’s fought alongside me many times. I can’t just watch him die!” Nie Tian implored.

Pei Qiqi gritted her teeth and nodded. “Alright! But it’s not my problem if he dies!”

“I understand!”


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