Chapter 1018: Magic Idol with Divine Might

Nie Tian had always known that this senior martial sister of his had cultivation talent he couldn’t fathom.

He knew that she must have become even stronger after obtaining that Heaven Nourished grade spatial treasure from the Shatter Battlefield, and receiving the Void Spirit Society sectmaster’s dedicated guidance.

Her rapid advance in cultivation during the recent years proved this.

However, he was still deeply shaken as he saw her wield her Ethereal Swords to reap lives, displaying her unparalleled battle prowess.

He simply couldn’t believe Pei Qiqi had already become so mighty.

Those Nether Spirit Society disciples were also at the Soul realm, yet they died one after another as she launched attacks.

Not only were their bodies cut to pieces, but even their souls were annihilated by her Ethereal Swords. Not a single wisp survived.

It was as if all of their discarnate souls were carried to some unknown dimension by the Ethereal Swords, and could never return again.

This meant none of the Nether Spirit Society disciples that had died at Pei Qiqi’s hands would have a chance at being reborn.

Huang Jinnan was also flabbergasted by Pei Qiqi’s battle prowess.

Holding his long golden spear, he had just executed a middle Soul realm Nether Spirit Society disciple. While regathering his spiritual power, he saw pieces of dead Nether Spirit Society disciples raining from the sky.

Pei Qiqi’s cultivation base was at the middle Soul realm, which was only slightly higher than his.

However, the damage she had inflicted on the Nether Spirit Society disciples far exceeded his.

Within such a short time, more than a dozen Soul realm Nether Spirit Society disciples had died at her hands. Even the three early Void domain disciples had their domains badly damaged.

Even though they themselves had survived her attacks, the very foundation of their strength had been shaken.

Huang Jinnan took a deep breath and muttered to himself somewhat bitterly, “The Void Spirit Society will have a brighter future because of her. Their sectmaster went to great lengths to find her in the boundless starry river and make her his fourth legacy disciple. The man really has eyes for talent.”

Meanwhile, the slaughter went on.

Soon, the majority of the newly-arrived Nether Spirit Society disciples died at Pei Qiqi’s hands.

Even the three early Void domain experts were terrified by the scene. Their faces grew ghastly as they stared at Pei Qiqi, as if they were looking at Death.

Pei Qiqi’s ethereal figure appeared in the air, as if she had just come from another space. “That’s all you’ve got?”

Her figure seemed to be looming behind ripples of spatial fluctuations, appearing and disappearing from time to time.

Every time she appeared, a Nether Spirit Society disciple would die and crash to the ground.

Huang Jinnan soon realized that this battle didn’t need him anymore.

Pei Qiqi was more than capable of defeating the new arrivals single-handedly.

Touching his nose, Nie Tian muttered with a dry smile, “She doesn’t seem to need my help at all. All I need to do is have the five evil spirits tear that nether bridge down, and then my job will be done.”

Originally, he had planned to kill an early Void domain opponent with the Star Behemoth bone.

But who would have thought Pei Qiqi had already become such a deadly fighter?


He soon noticed that as the Nether Spirit Society disciples died, a large number of nether spirits lost their masters, but they were all summoned by the man who was in desperate need of more nether spirits.

Nether spirits that filled the sky rapidly answered his summons and swarmed into his nether bridge.

His trouble was solved for the time being.

All eight nether bridges became solid and unbreakable again. Other than the Nether Spirit Society disciples, Zhao Heng, and Ling You, everyone else present continued slowly losing their soul power to the bridges.

For Zhao Heng and Ling You, they wouldn’t be affected as long as they didn’t send their soul power out of their seas of awareness.

However, once they cast any soul-related incantations, some of the soul power they sent out would be channeled away, stopping them from displaying the full might of those incantations.

The battle came to a deadlock.

Enveloped in their damaged domains, the three early Void domain Nether Spirit Society disciples gathered up to communicate with each other on a soul level.

“She seems to be a chosen one of the Void Spirit Society!”

“She must be one of the sectmaster’s legacy disciples! But the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society only has three legacy disciples, and all of them are male. What’s her deal?”

“Don’t tell me that she’s his illegitimate child? As we know, he only had a son, who died a long time ago...”

“Why don’t we create a spell formation together to trap her?”

“Good idea!”

After a brief communication, the three early Void domain experts merged their domains in midair.

Since the three of them practiced the same power and incantations, their domains had a lot in common, which made it easy for them to merge.

Soon after their domains became one, all of the holes the Ethereal Swords had made in them vanished.

Their new, merged domain was larger, and the nether power within it was more refined.

A large number of nether spirits could be seen squirming within it, giving it the look of a huge sphere filled with thick clouds.


Their enormous domain descended, instantly enveloping all of the spatial fluctuations Pei Qiqi had unleashed.

As soon as this happened, Pei Qiqi and all of her Ethereal Swords seemed to be bound by some force.

Her originally invisible Ethereal Swords were suddenly revealed.

Pei Qiqi’s originally ethereal figure that was surrounded by numerous Ethereal Swords also grew solid within the domain.

At this moment, she was standing on her Lightning Shuttle, slender and graceful like an immortal, while her Lightning Shuttle floated in the illusory domain like a boat in the middle of the sea.

A miserable scream suddenly echoed out in another area in the sky.

Nie Tian jerked his head around and saw one of Huang Jinnan’s subordinates falling out of the sky, holding his head with his hands.

Nether spirits filled his entire domain.

In the depths of his eyes, a clear soul body could be seen chained up by numerous nether spirits, which was then dragged out of him towards one of the nether bridges.

The man’s domain was originally filled with illusory plants and vegetation, and vigorous life force.

However, as soon as that happened, everything became dead silent.

Wind blew across, and his domain slowly dissipated.

The man’s soul, however, became a part of the nether bridge.

That nether bridge instantly lengthened by a dozen meters!

After that, more miserable screams echoed out.

Several others among Huang Jinnan’s subordinates were killed, their souls taken away as nourishment for the nether bridges or future fuel for soul crystals.

Huang Jinnan instantly burst into a flaming rage. 

“Divine Master Idol! Show!!”

He charged to that area of the sky, dazzling golden light bursting out of him.

In the next moment, the golden light converged and condensed into a small golden figure over the top of his head. As soon as that happened, the entire realm number nine of the Domain of Nether Heaven seemed to be painted gold.

The small golden figure continued to expand, and soon turned into a golden giant that propped up heaven and earth.

The giant was a condensation of an enormous amount of golden light. Even though its face was blurry, it looked like a god that controlled all metal power in this world.

All of a sudden, every single metal vein throughout realm number nine exploded, filling the sky with a colossal amount of blinding golden light.

Then, as the golden giant slammed its hands together, a huge, all-conquering golden blade appeared in its hands.

As it slashed the blade across the sky, even the realm barrier that had been frozen by the Heaven Freezing Spell shook violently.

The golden blade came down.

As numerous nether spirits scattered and vanished, one of the nether bridges was slashed in two, but came back together in the next moment.

With another swing, the golden blade shattered the nether deity commanded by a middle Saint domain Nether Spirit Society disciple, scattering its residual grudge.

At that moment, blood started to flow out from the corners of Huang Jinnan’s eyes, in which golden flames were burning furiously.

“Divine Son! You must stop now!” Zhao Heng cried out. “You’re not strong enough to shoulder your master’s divine might yet!”

Large drops of water that had been refined from the clearest mountain ponds rapidly flew out of Zhao Heng’s water domain.

One after another they formed protective shields around Huang Jinnan. Moments later, he was sealed away in a ninefold watery sphere.

The connection between him and the colossal magic idol was instantly cut off.

The golden magic idol let out a deafening roar and morphed into a wisp of golden light that entered the top of Huang Jinnan’s head into his sea of awareness.

Enveloped in the watery sphere, Huang Jinnan passed out. Even so, blood was still slowly coming out of his closed eyes, and fissures appeared in the golden spiritual core in his spiritual sea.

“Nie Tian!” Zhao Heng called out to Nie Tian anxiously.  “Look after him for me, will you?!”

Immediately afterwards, the watery sphere that enveloped Huang Jinnan fell out of the sky and crashed into the ground next to Nie Tian.

Nie Tian was flabbergasted. “I can’t believe he actually used the immense power of the head of the metal element sect.” 

The might of the four great sects’ secret magics and incantations were indeed beyond his imagination. First, he had witnessed Pei Qiqi cutting down enemies whose cultivation bases were the same as hers. Then, Huang Jinnan had relied on some secret magic to channel his master’s immense power, giving himself the strength to briefly contend against Saint domain experts.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

Loud thumps that sounded like drum beats gradually echoed out in the distance.

Nie Tian summoned the Star Boat, put Huang Jinnan on board, and steered it into the sky.

Gazing toward the source of the loud thumps, he saw a gigantic Bonebrute striding in his direction with a significantly smaller Bonebrute on its shoulder.

That significantly smaller Bonebrute was none other than Pergson, who he had met once in the Shatter Battlefield.

Held in Pergson’s hand was the Bone Shatterer, a mighty treasure among the Bonebrute world.

Even though they were separated by a great distance, Pergson saw him as well, and gave him a gruesome smile.

“The Bonebrutes are here too!”


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