Chapter 1017: The Shocking Pei Qiqi

“You can say all you want to say, but the truth is: because your sects are powerful, you make up the rules. You think our path of cultivation is crooked, and we’re branded as ‘crooked sects’.” With these words, Ren Yuanji gave a cunning smile. “But nothing in this world is unchangeable. When my sect and the Nether Spirit Society take your sects’ place and become the most powerful human sects, what we say will be the law.”

Standing at the other end of the nether bridges, he suddenly pointed his finger at Nie Tian. “Forbidden Spell: Soul Confusion!”

In the next moment, that finger of his started expanding infinitely in Nie Tian’s sight.

A shudder ran through Nie Tian as that finger soon took up all of heaven and earth in his sight.

That finger seemed like a high mountain peak that was going to fall on him.


The flesh in between his eyebrows was suddenly split open. Blood spilled from the gash.

Ling You from the Void Spirit Society was infuriated by this. Power burst forth as he activated his domain. “Don’t you dare!”

Immediately afterwards, a streak of icy light shot out of his domain towards Ren Yuanji like a white lightning bolt.

As soon as the icy light shot forth, the faint shape of an enormous glacier appeared high in the sky. The frigid aura that was originally controlled by Xiao Xihe’s nether deity suddenly condensed into thousands of bits of ice under Ling You’s command.


The enormous finger that filled Nie Tian’s sight instantly vanished.

He gazed at Ren Yuanji with rapt attention, and discovered that blood was dripping from his finger.

At the same time, the nine star souls that hung high over his sea of awareness lit up, sending countless wisps of soul power out to stitch up the gash in his brow like thread and needles.

He shrewdly discovered that there was still a significant amount of Ren Yuanji’s residual spell power in his split brow.

Letting out soul-piercing screeches, the residual spell power drilled deeper and deeper towards Nie Tian’s sea of awareness. However, it was rapidly intercepted by soul power unleashed by his nine star souls.

Upon sensing that his Soul Confusion spell had actually failed to reach the depths of Nie Tian’s sea of awareness, Ren Yuanji instantly figured out Nie Tian’s identity. “That must be the seventh Son of the Stars!”

However, instead of being apprehensive, he was thrilled by his discovery. “A Divine Son from the Five Elements Sect and a Son of the Stars from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. Isn’t this nice? Xiao Xihe and those others were replaceable. Compared to their deaths, the deaths of a Divine Son and a Son of the Stars will hurt your sects much more!”

After the deaths of elders like Xiao Xihe, someone else would soon fill their places.

There were a number of experts in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace who could fill in after Xiao Xihe’s death.

His death only made the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace lose face, but it wasn’t considered a heavy loss.

However, the death of any Son of the Stars would truly hurt the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, as they wouldn’t be so easily replaced.

Ling You laughed, slowly rising into the sky from behind Pei Qiqi. “You really think that Heaven Freezing Spell has made you unstoppable in realm number nine?” 

Countless ice shards rapidly condensed in the depths of his frigid domain like thousands of swords forged by pure frost power.

The man who was standing on the nether bridge that was being gnawed away by the five powerful evil spirits realized that he was going to run out of nether spirits to fix the bridge with, and thus called out anxiously, “Sectmaster Ren! Kill that punk first!”

Pei Qiqi walked up to Nie Tian and asked with a concerned tone, “How are you doing, Nie Tian?” 

She saw that blood-colored light was still pulsing within the healing gash in his brow.

Apparently, soul power that didn’t belong to him was still doing everything it could to infiltrate his sea of awareness.

The nine star souls over Nie Tian’s sea of awareness continued to shine and send out more soul power to neutralize Ren Yuanji’s forbidden spell.

Even though the blood on his face gave him a scary look, Nie Tian still smiled towards Pei Qiqi and said, “I’m okay! They got one thing wrong. The five evil spirits the Spirit Pearl released won’t grow weak because I’ve sustained injuries. They don’t depend on me.”

A surprised look appeared in Pei Qiqi’s eyes as she said, “That’s good.”

“As for this forbidden spell...” Nie Tian muttered as he grabbed the Spirit Pearl that was floating over his head and held it to his brow.

As soon as he did that, Ren Yuanji’s soul power, which he had vested his forbidden spell with, was forcibly pulled into the pearl, as if it was attracted by a magnet.

Moments later, the so-called Soul Confusion forbidden spell was neutralized completely.

Nie Tian chuckled. “This treasure forged by the Phantasms has many wondrous uses indeed! I can’t believe it also has a subduing effect on spells that are vested with soul power!”

In a way, this wondrous effect made the Spirit Pearl similar to the nether bridges.

The nether bridges were slowly channeling soul power from Huang Jinnan’s subordinates, greatly compromising the might of their secret magics that required soul power to cast.

Ren Yuanji’s Soul Confusion forbidden spell was also a magic that was fused with soul power, but the Spirit Pearl managed to take away the soul power within it.

Pei Qiqi’s somewhat tensed face grew relaxed. “I knew you’d be fine.” 


But at this moment, more Nether Spirit Society disciples appeared in the distance and rapidly flew towards them.

Those Nether Spirit Society disciples were clearly weaker than the first eight. Many of them seemed to only be at the Soul realm, as they were standing on air-transportation spiritual tools. Only three of them were at the early Void domain.

Their cultivation bases and strength apparently didn’t allow them to form a spell formation of eight nether bridges, or travel as fast as the first eight that had arrived earlier.

That was probably why they had lagged behind, and just arrived.

However, as unimpressive as their cultivation bases were, there were dozens of them.

Seeing that they had finally arrived, the man standing on the nether bridge that was about to fall apart called out furiously, “Kill that punk!”

The man he pointed at was none other than Nie Tian.

The three early Void domain experts and dozens of Soul realm experts then swarmed towards Nie Tian.

Since Huang Jinnan’s subordinates had already taken the defensive pressure off his shoulders, he summoned his long golden spear and took the initiative to charge towards the incoming enemies, clad in a suit of golden armor.

“This guy is pretty sensible.” Pei Qiqi muttered as ripples of spatial fluctuations spread out of her into her surroundings.

Wherever her spatial fluctuations spread, intense sword intent appeared on and off.

“Ethereal Swords!”

Even though Nie Tian had witnessed this powerful attacking means of hers many times before, as soon as he saw those Ethereal Swords this time, he was still amazed by the endless might she had fused into them.

Surrounded by nether spirits, numerous Soul realm disciples of the Nether Spirit Society swooped towards Nie Tian with a formidable momentum. However, as they did, many of them suddenly had their heads severed from their bodies.

Even for the three early Void domain experts, as the spatial fluctuations spread over and enveloped them, the hidden Ethereal Swords rapidly riddled their domains with holes.

Nie Tian stood aghast. “I can’t believe how easy it is for her to kill those Qi warriors who are also at the middle Soul realm! Even those Void domain experts’ domains couldn’t fend off her Ethereal Swords! Has she become so formidable already?”

With these thoughts, he secretly examined Pei Qiqi with rapt attention, and discovered that her spiritual sea, sea of awareness, and those Ethereal Swords were cooperating perfectly.

The incantation Pei Qiqi was using to mobilize power also seemed to be a secret incantation that they didn’t pass to just anyone, which matched her bloodline power perfectly.

“Spatial power is the only type of power she cultivates. Not only is her bloodline branded with the profound truths of spatial power, but her spiritual core also thrums with unique spatial fluctuations. Even her soul seems to be vested with the wonders of spatial power. Does all this contribute to her terrifyingly high battle prowess?”

While he was flabbergasted by her uniqueness, she suddenly vanished into thin air.

In the next moment, more incoming Nether Spirit Society disciples split into pieces that dropped to the ground.


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