Chapter 1012: Void Travel

No one made a sound as they watched Nie Tian and the others vanish into the spatial rift that had appeared out of nowhere.

After they all entered, the spatial rift gradually shrank and disappeared.

Many powerful experts that were gathered in this place, including the disciples of the Void Spirit Society, stood aghast.

It was known that those who were well-versed in spatial magics could travel through space.

The Void Spirit Society had a secret magic which they didn’t pass to just any disciple. It was called Void Travel, one of the most profound space-traveling magics there was.

However, even Void Travel had its limits.

It was said that if those who practiced Void Travel were at the Soul realm, Void Travel would only allow them to travel within a small range in the realm they were in.

If they were at the Void domain, Void Travel would allow them to split open spatial rifts and teleport to any corner of the realm.

If they were at the Saint domain, their mastery of Void Travel would progress further as their knowledge of spatial power deepened, which would allow them to teleport from one realm to another without using any set teleportation portals or spatial tunnels.

Despite the existence of realm barriers, Saint domain experts would be able to split open spatial rifts and travel among realms within the same domain through them.

As for God domain experts, their understanding of the profound truths of spatial power would allow them to travel from one domain to another in a split second.

After a spatial power expert entered the God domain, the meaning of distance would be lost on him, as he would be able to show up in any place in this vast starry river anytime he wanted.

It was said that the current sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society had such an incredible ability.

Pei Qiqi was only at the middle Soul realm at this moment. Normally speaking, even if she had mastered Void Travel, she should have only been able to travel within a small range in the realm she was in.

However, just now, she had split open a spatial rift and teleported her entire team to another realm in the Domain of Nether Heaven.

Such an ability should have been acquirable only after she entered the Saint domain.

Her cultivation talent was not only unprecedented in the Void Spirit Society’s history, but it even defied people’s common sense.

Lu Jiefeng shook his head and said with mixed emotions, “No wonder the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society told you not to interfere with her decisions. The younger generation will indeed surpass us!”

Given Pei Qiqi’s unique abilities, she could very well travel to any realm of the Domain of Nether Heaven by herself, and she wouldn’t be in danger.

No matter who she encountered, even if she encountered the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society, Void Travel would allow her to extricate herself from whichever realm she was in and appear in another realm in a split second.

What if the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society was at the early God domain?

As long as he couldn’t kill her in a split second and let her escape to another realm, even he wouldn’t have much left to do.

Now that she had joined Nie Tian and Huang Jinnan, they had gained a great advantage in this operation. Once they discovered the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society, she just needed to split open a spatial rift, through which Nie Tian and the others could evacuate, and Mo Heng, Lu Jiefeng, and Ji Yuanquan could come to their aid.

“Why did that woman have to pick Nie Tian?” Sikong Cuo roared inwardly. “If she had joined my team, I would have been invincible! I don’t think we can find another person in this boundless starry river that’s as special as her. No wonder the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society favors her so much.”

After a long time, Mo Heng snapped out of his daze and said to Ji Yuanquan, “Congratulations.” 

This was also the first time the Void Spirit Society disciples that were now gathered around Ji Yuanquan had witnessed Pei Qiqi’s uniqueness. Shock and delight filled their eyes.

Ji Yuanquan laughed and said, “I’ve got to give it to our sectmaster. He does have an eye for talent. After hearing stories about her, he used Void Travel many times, and eventually found her in a secluded area in the starry river. After a lot of talking, he finally convinced her to join the Void Spirit Society. Given our sectmaster’s abilities, there isn’t a single person in this starry river he can’t find.”

“Now that she has joined your sect, I’m sure your sect’s future will be even brighter,” Lu Jiefeng said with an envious tone.

Pei Qiqi’s unparalleled cultivation talent had allowed her to master Void Travel when she was only at the Soul realm.

This greatly guaranteed her safety, no matter which domain she went to. 

No wonder the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society had treated her as a precious treasure, yet felt safe enough to let her join this operation and make her own decisions.



Nie Tian’s team flew out of a spatial joint in the starry river one after another.

As they activated their own domains one by one, Zhao Heng enveloped Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi with his, protecting them from the deadly impurities in the starry river.

Huang Jinnan, however, sat atop his golden lotus. The dazzling golden light it emanated shielded him.

Not far from where they were, a star was enveloped in a dim, gray aura. It was one of the realms in the Domain of Nether Heaven.

After arriving, Huang Jinnan and his subordinates couldn’t stop marveling. 

“This is amazing!”

“We’ve traveled through space and arrived here. That is such an incredible ability!”

“I’m sure that Miss Pei’s talent is unprecedented throughout the Void Spirit Society’s history. Being able to travel to any place within a domain at the Soul realm is something I’ve never heard of!”

However, the late Saint domain expert from the Void Spirit Society, who had kept Pei Qiqi company, remained silent, even though the light of astonishment also flashed across his eyes.

As one of the Void Spirit Society’s elders, he practiced frost power, instead of spatial power.

He was a cold man who never smiled. All he did was follow Pei Qiqi around and look after her.

Before coming on this trip, he had been given a special task. If Pei Qiqi were to encounter the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society, he should stall him, with his life if necessary, so that Pei Qiqi would be able to leave safely.

Since he was at the late Saint domain, it would take the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society some time to deal with him.

At this moment, an irregularly shaped crystal suddenly flew out of Pei Qiqi’s palm. The crystal had many facets, each of which was as smooth as a mirror, as if they could reflect scenes from different spaces.

The crystal floated and spun in her palm.

Mysterious spatial blades flashed across every facet of the crystal, as if it were trying to detect something.

Gazing into the crystal, Pei Qiqi said, “That realm is marked ‘thirteen’. There’s one spatial rift and a dozen naturally formed spatial rifts in it.” 

With these words, she cast the crystal into the distance.

It only flickered a few times before vanishing into the distant starry river.

Two minutes later, it flew back, and returned to Pei Qiqi’s palm like an obedient pet.

Pei Qiqi made a fist, and the crystal vanished. “That teleportation portal in realm number thirteen seems to have been set up by disciples of the Nether Spirit Society. And it’s destroyed now. Even though I can’t determine where the spatial rifts lead to, I’m certain that they don’t lead to any realm in the Domain of Nether Heaven, and that disciples of the Nether Spirit Society won’t be able to access or leave realm number thirteen through them.”

Shock filled Zhao Heng’s face as he asked, “Miss Pei, do you mean you destroyed that teleportation portal just like that?”

Pei Qiqi nodded. “We can enter realm number thirteen now. As long as the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society isn’t there, it’ll be easy to sack. But one thing to remember: capture a few disciples with high cultivation bases, so that we can interrogate them about their sectmaster’s location.”

Only then did Huang Jinnan recover from his daze and marvel, “Your means are so eye-opening, Miss Pei!”

Nie Tian was also flabbergasted.

All she did was manipulate that irregularly-shaped crystal, and yet she managed to destroy the teleportation portal the Nether Spirit Society had set up in realm number thirteen with it. It seemed completely effortless to her.

By doing this, she had cleared an obstacle for everyone. They wouldn’t have to worry about Nether Spirit Society reinforcements coming from the other realms.

Without that teleportation portal, it would take days to sail ancient starships over from the nearest realm.

As for farther realms, it might take months.

This was more than enough time for them to wipe out every Nether Spirit Society disciple in realm number thirteen.


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