Chapter 1011: A Future Master

Since the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society had been a God domain expert, the Domain of Nether Heaven had been considered a Premium grade human domain.

With its more than twelve realms, it covered a large area in the starry river.

As the four great sects’ joint forces had marched into it and engaged in fierce battles against the Nether Spirit Society, some of the realms had been eliminated of all life, and reduced to dead realms.

After the Nether Spirit Society had been destroyed, the four great sects had taken over the Domain of Nether Heaven, and sent their disciples to collect resources in it.

However, after the resurgence of the Nether Spirit Society, the forces the four great sects had stationed in the Domain of Nether Heaven had all been cleared out. Because of this, the Domain of Nether Heaven had fallen back into the Nether Spirit Society’s hands.

Among all the human sects, the Nether Spirit Society was the most well-versed in soul magics.

Even though most of the teleportation portals the four great sects had previously set up in dead realms of the Domain of Nether Heaven had already been found and destroyed, some of them still remained undiscovered and intact.

Those teleportation portals allowed Nie Tian and the others to descend into the Domain of Nether Heaven, saving them the trouble of taking a long journey through the starry river.

In a realm that had been dead for many years.

A joint group of cultivators led by Mo Heng, Ji Yuanquan, and Lu Jiefeng poured out of a teleportation portal.

Instead of being stationed, the teleportation portal was constantly on the move.

Perhaps that was the reason why it hadn’t been discovered by the Nether Spirit Society.

Upon arriving, Ji Yuanquan said, “The current Domain of Nether Heaven has a total of fifteen healthy realms. Disciples of the Nether Spirit Society have been spotted in every one of them. Their sectmaster might be in one of them, or possibly one of the dead realms.

“So our first task is to determine their sectmaster’s location.

“After we find and kill him, the others will be easy to take care of. Even if some of them escape from our hands, they won’t be able to cause us trouble.

“We still have five accessible teleportation portals among the fifteen healthy realms. Two of them are located in two of the realms, and three in the starry river.

“Members of my sect will go with you and help you find them. Once you find the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society, send word to each other. Then, we’ll gather our strength and kill him.” 

Apparently, he had already discussed these strategies with Mo Heng and Lu Jiefeng, as neither of them nor anyone else objected to them.

“Sikong Cuo, you take your people to one of the teleportation portals and see if you can locate the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society,” Mo Heng said. “Remember: all you need to do is to find him. Don’t try to fight him on your own. If you do find him, send us a message at the first moment.”

“Rest assured,” Sikong Cuo said, smiling. “I’ve done these things all my adult years. Nothing will go wrong.”

Mo Heng nodded and went on. “Fang Yuan, you take your people to another teleportation portal. Be careful.” 

Fang Yuan nodded to show that he understood.

Mo Heng took a glance at Nie Tian and said with a furrowed brow, “As for you… you’ll come with me.”

At this moment, Huang Jinnan laughed heartily and called out, “Nie Tian! Since you came here by yourself, I suppose you’re not looking to earn lots of contribution points. So how about you come and join us?”

Mo Heng fixed Lu Jiefeng with a surprised look.

Lu Jiefeng then smiled and said, “Nie Tian didn’t bring any of his subordinates on this trip. I suppose he only came to see how powerful the Nether Spirit Society is for himself. Brother Mo, if you feel safe leaving him with us, I think it’s a good thing to let the two of them work together again, right?”

Mo Heng seemed somewhat hesitant.

At this moment, Pei Qiqi, who was surrounded by disciples of the Void Spirit Society, called out, “Nie Tian!” 

Mo Heng and the others all turned to look at her.

Under everyone’s gaze, Pei Qiqi said in a composed manner, “Each of you will need a person well-versed in spatial magics on your team. Nie Tian and I are old friends, and we’ve fought side by side many times. So I’ll join whichever team he joins.”

As soon as she said these words, before Nie Tian even said anything, Huang Jinnan and Fang Yuan already put on their warmest smiles.

Pei Qiqi was the Void Spirit Society sectmaster’s fourth legacy disciple. Normally speaking, she didn’t need to join anyone else. She was more than capable of leading a team of Void Spirit Society disciples on her own to search for the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society in the Domain of Nether Heaven.

However, what she had just said indicated that instead of leading her own team, she intended to attach herself to Nie Tian.

Her blue robes fluttered gently in the breeze as she stood gracefully under everyone’s gazes like an icy blue lotus. She didn’t seem to mind the confused gazes everyone was fixing her with.

She simply looked at Nie Tian from afar.

It seemed that only Nie Tian’s attitude mattered to her.

With a smile, Nie Tian said, “Senior martial sister Pei and I spent a lot of time together in the Domain of the Falling Stars. I’ve long since grown used to doing as she says. Also, we were apart for many years, I want to travel and catch up with her too.”

Mo Heng then shot a glance at Ji Yuanquan from the Void Spirit Society.

Ji Yuanquan curled his lips and said, “Our sectmaster told me that she should be free to do whatever she sees fit on this trip, and I can’t stop her.”

People’s expressions flickered with astonishment once again.

Ji Yuanquan’s status in the Void Spirit Society was second only to the sectmaster.

Whenever he went on trips with the sectmaster’s other three disciples, they all had to follow his commands.

Even though Pei Qiqi had only recently joined the Void Spirit Society, he didn’t even seem to have authority over her.

Many people’s expressions flickered as they looked at Pei Qiqi. Even Mo Heng and Lu Jiefeng’s eyes were filled with astonishment.

“This girl has just joined the Void Spirit Society. How come their sectmaster attaches such importance to her?”

“What makes her so special? Don’t tell me that their sectmaster has already made her his successor!?”

“This is unbelievable!”

They were well-aware that the Void Spirit Society was completely different from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace when it came to succession.

All seven Sons of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace would be eligible to compete for the position of the Lord of the Stars. Each and every one of them would have to prove their strength. Eventually, the sectmaster, the vice sectmasters, and the twelve elders would determine the next Lord of the Stars together through a vote.

The current Lord of the Stars couldn’t simply name the future Lord of the Stars by himself.

However, the Void Spirit Society’s practice was to have the current sectmaster choose the next sectmaster.

Once the current sectmaster made his decision, he could simply gather all of the Void Spirit Society disciples and tell them about his decision, and the disciples would have to accept his decision unconditionally.

For Pei Qiqi, their current sectmaster had already broken his word that he wouldn’t take in any more disciples. Then, after taking her in, he had also kept her a secret. All of this made people wonder.

The fact that Ji Yuanquan was prohibited from interfering with Pei Qiqi’s decisions during this trip to the Domain of Nether Heaven proved that Pei Qiqi held a special place in the current sectmaster’s heart, which none of the other three disciples did.

With these thoughts in mind, the looks in everyone’s eyes changed as they looked at her now.

Sikong Cuo, Fang Yuan, and Nie Tian were all Sons of the Stars. It was still unknown who would eventually rise to power.

However, even though Pei Qiqi had only joined the Void Spirit Society recently, their current sectmaster seemed to have already set his mind on her. Therefore, it was very likely that she would eventually become one of the four most powerful humans in this starry river!

Because of this, her status seemed to have risen above Nie Tian, Fang Yuan, Sikong Cuo, Huang Jinnan, and Lou Hongyan, these Sons of the Stars and Divine Children.

After pondering for a long while, Mo Heng said, “If that’s the case, the decision is yours, Nie Tian.”

Upon hearing this, Huang Jinnan smiled and winked at Nie Tian.

“Alright, I choose to go with brother Huang,” Nie Tian said with a shrug. “We fought side by side in the Bloody Grave Mountain Range and that Lizardman domain, and we’re familiar with each other. We’ll make a good team.”

With these words, he walked towards Huang Jinnan.

Seeing this, Pei Qiqi also walked over to Huang Jinnan in a poised and elegant manner.

At the same time, Ji Yuanquan shot a meaningful glance at a man beside him.

The man was at the late Saint domain, and seemed to be an elder of the Void Spirit Society. Without saying a word, he followed Pei Qiqi to the place where Huang Jinnan and his people were.

“Welcome!” Huang Jinnan said, smiling. “With you two joining our team, I’ll have much less pressure on my shoulders.”

“Alright, there’s no use waiting for the other teams. Let’s move out now.” Pei Qiqi seemed to be saying these words to Huang Jinnan, yet her eyes were fixed on Nie Tian the whole time.

Nie Tian nodded. Then, before Huang Jinnan could say anything, she said, “Okay, follow me.”

As her jade-like hand scraped across the air, a spatial rift magically appeared in the void, following the track of her hand.

Many people’s eyes lit up as they stared at the spatial rift in disbelief.

“Brother Ji, she...” Lu Jiefeng said, as if he lost his words.

Ji Yuanquan nodded slightly and said with a somewhat bitter smile, “She’s already mastered many of our sect’s top-secret magics. Thanks to this, she’s now able to establish connections to space disruption zones, and use the countless spatial joints in them to travel among numerous human domains.”

“How... how is that possible?! She’s only at the Soul realm!” Lu Jiefeng exclaimed softly.

Ji Yuanquan sighed with mixed emotions. “Well... She’s different, different from anyone we know.” 

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