Chapter 1007: Demonic Power from the Origin

In the depths of the Dead Star Sea.

A group of enormous low-tier Demons was flying through the gaps among numerous floating meteors like sharks wandering in the depths of the sea.

The largest of them had a few dozen high-tier Demons sitting on its back, most of which were at the eighth grade, with only three at the ninth grade.

The grand patriarch at the forefront was none other than Cardy the Blood Warden from the Gaytons Clan.

Cardy had the stature of a tall, burly man. Clad in a suit of heavy armor that was carved with countless purple patterns, he was wreathed in a pungent bloody aura.

Piled up at the end of the enormous low-tier Demon’s back were dead Void domain experts, all of whom had been Fang Yuan’s subordinates.

A violent shudder suddenly ran through Cardy.

The two ninth grade Demons behind Cardy sensed his flesh aura bursting out like a volcano erupting simultaneously, and thus asked, “Is something wrong, eldest brother?”

“The flesh auras I left in Fang Tianyi’s domain are being dissolved,” Cardy said with a deep look in his eyes.

“That can’t be!” One of them exclaimed in shock. “Your flesh auras carry the imprints of that ancestor of ours. Only God domain human experts might have a chance at dissolving them. But there shouldn’t be any God domain humans in the Realm of Remote Heaven now, right?

“Judging by the time, the fifth Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace must have just returned to the Realm of Remote Heaven.”

Cardy shook his head, confusion filling his face. “No, it’s not a God domain human expert. This is odd... The method being used to dissolve the ancestral imprints is very different from what humans usually use.”

“A nonhuman method?” The ninth grade Demon once again exclaimed in shock.

“It feels like someone is using his or her own flesh auras to refine the ancestral imprints bit by bit,” Cardy said with knitted brow. “Ancestral imprints carry our people’s most original power. Such power can only be refined by powerful grand monarchs.”

Losing those ancestral imprints would be a significant loss for Cardy.

In fact, he had thought the imprints of a tenth grade grand monarch would unravel and destroy Fang Tianyi’s domain within a short time.

After that, he would be able to summon them back using his bloodline magic.

He had thought it was worth the risk of losing those ancestral imprint to kill a late Saint domain human expert.

However, as the ancestral imprints started to vanish, he grew anxious. “Who the hell is it? The humans have long since broken up with all of the outsider and Ancientspirit races. There’s no way powerful experts of the other races would want to refine our ancestral imprints at the expense of their own flesh power!”

“Humans have been breeding hybrids, right?” Another ninth grade Demon chimed in.

Cardy let out a cold snort. “They haven’t made a single hybrid that possesses actual strength yet. Those ancestral imprints carry bloodline wonders that are even beyond our level. But as far as I know, the bloodlines humans stole from us to breed hybrids were a bunch of weak ones. Those hybrids have to enter the ninth grade at least in order to gain a slim chance at refining our ancestral imprints. But they haven’t been breeding hybrids for long, so they can’t possibly have any ninth grade hybrids.”

“Then what is it?”

“I don’t know either. My soul awareness in those flesh auras has long since been expelled. Plus the long distance... I can’t tell exactly what’s happening by relying on my bloodline connection alone.”

“So what do we do about those ancestral imprints?”

“Let’s wait for a bit longer and see what happens.”


At the edge of the Realm of Remote Heaven.

Nie Tian continued to channel flesh power from Demon corpses to regenerate his Blood Essence.

As soon as he recovered all ten drops of them, he would return to Fang Tianyi’s room, where he eliminated the flesh power Cardy had left in Fang Tianyi’s domain by relying on the wonders of his unique bloodline.

Fang Yuan and Han Wanrong observed the whole time.

Nie Tian repeated the process over and over.

As Nie Tian drained his flesh power once again, and returned to Fang Yuan’s cultivation room to recover, Fang Yuan and Han Wanrong walked up to Fang Tianyi.

“How are you feeling, clanmaster?” Fang Yuan asked.

“More than half of Cardy’s residual power is gone.” Fang Tianyi answered, looking less pale and anxious than before. “If this goes on, it won’t be long before I’m rid of all the destructive residue Cardy left in my domain. As long as my domain remains intact, I’ll find a way to fix it.”

Fang Yuan and Han Wanrong exchanged a glance, and saw astonishment in each other’s eyes.

Even though Fang Tianyi was the head of the Fang Clan, his understanding of outsider bloodlines was actually shallower than theirs.

After all, one of them was a Son of the Stars, and the other was one of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s twelve elders. They frequently visited their Records Pavilion, where they had read a lot regarding the various outsider bloodlines’ unique wonders.

Both of them knew that it wasn’t easy for outsiders to regain their flesh power after complete exhaustion.

For most outsiders, they either put themselves in special environments, or devoured the flesh or hearts of spirit beasts whose attribute agreed with theirs to recover their flesh power.

However, the recovery process would take a long time.

As for Nie Tian, every time he had drained his flesh power completely, he could fully recover and return to work with Fang Tianyi in fine fettle in three days, sometimes in just one day.

They assumed that this was a speed even outsider chosen ones couldn’t achieve with hearts that provided them the Blood Essence they needed in a blessed land of their race.

After observing in silence for a long while, Han Wanrong smiled bitterly and said, “This is unbelievable… Cardy’s residual power carries the imprints of the grand monarch that was born in the Blood Purgatory Sea. The Demons call power at such a level original demonic power, which is very difficult to eradicate. But now, not only is Nie Tian eradicating it, but he’s also recovering at such a shocking speed...”

“Yeah, I’ve never seen anyone like him either!” Fang Yuan chimed in.

“What on earth is the origin of his special bloodline?! I can’t believe it allows him to eradicate the imprints of a Demon grand monarch!” Han Wanrong exclaimed in shock.

Two days passed...

Nie Tian once again returned to Fang Tianyi’s room, where he unleashed wisps of flesh aura that pierced into Fang Tianyi’s domain.

This time, something different happened.

The purple auras within the clusters of strong wind seemed to be summoned by some force, as they suddenly flew out of Fang Tianyi’s domain.


Streak after streak of purple light whizzed out of the ancient starship in the blink of an eye, with tiny purple crystals flickering within them.

Then, they disappeared into the Dead Star Sea like purple lightning bolts that flashed across the sky.

Nie Tian was dumbfounded by what happened. “The Blood Warden’s flesh auras can actually escape by themselves?!”

“Cardy must have summoned those flesh auras using some bloodline magic!” Han Wanrong exclaimed.

She wasn’t surprised that Cardy was capable of this. What surprised her was the fact that he actually did.

The fact that he summoned them away proved that he didn’t think this was a battle he could win, and he didn’t want to suffer more losses than he already had.

“Your elimination of Cardy’s residual power must have made him realize the unfavorable situation,” Fang Yuan said with a deep look in his eyes. “His residual flesh power carries the Gaytons Clan’s ancestral imprints. I believe they were bestowed upon him by the master of the Blood Purgatory Sea. Undoubtedly, they’re of great value to him. Of course he didn’t want to lose them for nothing.”

As soon as the purple flesh auras were summoned away, Fang Tianyi withdrew his domain. The purple aura that would flicker across his face from time to time vanished completely.

Fang Tianyi felt relieved of a heavy load. He had never felt so light before.

He sprang to his feet and bowed towards Nie Tian. “Thank you for your help! If it weren’t for you, I couldn’t have expelled those flesh auras by myself, especially when they carried a Demon grand monarch’s imprints. My domain would have shattered soon if you hadn’t come to my aid.”

Nie Tian was taken aback. “Were those tiny purple crystals imprints from a Demon grand monarch?” 

Han Wanrong nodded. “That’s right. They belong to the master of the Blood Purgatory Sea, a deceased grand monarch from the Gaytons Clan. That grand monarch is seeking rebirth in the Blood Purgatory Sea. I suppose he has already regained his awareness, and is currently at the flesh-reforging stage. But his imprints are clearly not complete yet, which is why they’re far less mighty than when he was at his peak state.

“Even so, imprints carry a grand monarch’s lifetime enlightenment, and the Demon race’s purest power.

“The fact that you were able to dissolve his imprints is simply eye-opening. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would never believe a human hybrid with your bloodline grade could dissolve a grand monarch’s imprints.”

Fang Yuan then said, “My clan and I owe you a big one, Junior Martial Brother!”


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