Chapter 1006: Clash of Flesh Auras

Fang Tianyi didn’t know who Nie Tian was.

However, the special flesh aura Nie Tian had released had made him realize that he wasn’t an ordinary human.

Many high-tier outsiders didn’t look very different from humans.

Normally, people would distinguish outsiders from humans by seeing whether they carried special bloodlines or not.

Without any delay, Fang Yuan said, “Clanmaster, this is the seventh Son of the Stars, Nie Tian.” 

Then, he fixed Nie Tian with a confused look and asked, “Why are you here?”

Astonishment filled Han Wanrong’s face as she said, “Nie Tian, you actually neutralized the Blood Warden’s residual flesh aura?”

Fang Tianyi was astounded. “He’s a Son of the Stars... and a hybrid?!”  

“That grand patriarch’s residual power caused a stir in me,” Nie Tian said with a grim face. “Could you not withdraw your domain just yet? I think I can help.”

After learning Nie Tian’s identity, Fang Tianyi settled down, and didn’t reject his attempt to help. “Sure, but how?” 


One wisp of crimson flesh aura after another whizzed out of Nie Tian, and into Fang Tianyi’s domain.

Each of them found a cluster of storms to pierce into, as if they had their own awareness.


As Nie Tian activated Life Drain, his entire body shuddered, and blood-colored light flickered in the depths of his eyes.

Over the years, Life Drain had allowed him to drain flesh power from all kinds of spirit beasts and outsiders. Not once had it failed.

However, this time, as he activated Life Drain, sending wisps of his flesh aura to absorb Cardy’s residual flesh power, they all exploded upon contact.


Crimson and purple light sputtered nonstop from the clusters of strong wind.

Not only did Nie Tian’s flesh auras not grow, but they were instead vanishing at an alarming rate.

However, the good news was that Cardy’s residual flesh auras were vanishing with them.

Every time a bit of purple light scattered and vanished, Nie Tian could hear demonic roars from the depths of his soul.

Not just that, he felt like he was watching a sea of blackish-violet blood seething and giving rise to rolling demonic flames, in which he could see images of numerous lives having their flesh melted away.

Nie Tian’s eyelids pulsed as he thought to himself, “I can’t use Life Drain to absorb these flesh auras! This is new!”

As he examined the purple flesh auras with rapt attention, he was shocked to discover that they had some kind of extremely strong power in them.

After magnifying everything a thousand times, the special power turned out to take the form of tiny purple crystals.

Those purple crystals floated around within the purple light, filling it with strange evil power, and a relentless thirst for blood.

However, the purple crystals didn’t seem to be completely compatible with the purple light, as if they didn’t belong to Cardy.

Those tiny purple crystals were the reason why his Life Drain wasn’t working the way it normally did!

The power they carried actually overrode Cardy’s own power! Nie Tian was flabbergasted by his discovery.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

His heart suddenly started to race. One drop of Blood Essence after another started to seethe within his heart.

Blood Essence Seething and Life Strengthening were activated simultaneously. As his muscles bulged at an alarming rate, a layer of gold and silver scales rapidly grew and covered his whole body.

“This is very similar to how Demons transform in battle!” Han Wanrong’s expression flickered with astonishment.

“This guy is...!!” Fang Yuan couldn’t help but exclaim,

At the same time, Fang Tianyi’s eyes lit up as he discovered that as Nie Tian continued to fuse auras into him, Cardy’s residual flesh power, which had been damaging his domain the entire time, was growing distinctively weaker.

However, Nie Tian came to a stop shortly afterwards.

Upon sensing this, Fang Tianyi asked with an impatient look in his eyes, “Why did you stop?”

Fang Yuan and Han Wanrong also fixed their gazes on Nie Tian.

Nie Tian smiled bitterly and said, “My strength doesn’t allow me to help you get rid of that grand patriarch’s residual flesh power in a single attempt. Also, there seems to be a crystallization of another, mightier power within that grand patriarch’s flesh power. I have a feeling that it’s very old, but... somewhat unrefined.”

“I can’t believe you actually sensed the existence of that power in Cardy’s flesh power!” Han Wanrong exclaimed in shock.

Nie Tian was surprised. “You know what I’m talking about?” 

In such a short time, he had drained eight of the ten drops of Blood Essence in his heart.

He had also consumed more than half of the flesh power that was held in his internal organs.

However, only about ten percent of Cardy’s residual flesh power in Fang Tianyi’s domain had vanished.

If Nie Tian’s speculation was correct, the residual flesh power in Fang Tianyi’s domain had come from a critical strike from Cardy the Blood Warden.

Fang Tianyi had probably neutralized the bulk of the power, leaving only a small portion, which was branded with an evil force that was even older and mightier.

Even though the power had worn very thin, it took Nie Tian eight drops of Blood Essence and more than half of his flesh power reserve to neutralize just ten percent of it.

The idea of how powerful Cardy the Blood Warden was put Nie Tian in fear.

At this moment, Bo Shiming, who had been waiting for Nie Tian to return, ran out of patience and came looking for him. “What are you doing here?”

Nie Tian looked over his shoulder and saw Bo Shiming. “Your problem is very easy to solve. Don’t worry. Once I’m done here, it’ll take me only a few days to expel all of the toxins from your body.”

“Give us a little time, will you?” Fang Yuan and Han Wanrong said simultaneously.

“Nie Tian, is it?” Fang Tianyi asked, his eyes glittering with the light of amazement. “I can tell that your flesh aura can indeed help me get rid of Cardy’s residual power. It’s just that since your bloodline is still at a fairly low grade, your flesh power is not rich enough for you to finish the job in one go.”

Nie Tian nodded. “You’re right.”

“So what can we do to help you recover your flesh power within the shortest time?” Fang Tianyi seemed to be even more eager than Bo Shiming. “My domain won’t be able to hold on for much longer. Once it shatters, I’ll be sent back to square one. So whatever you need.”

Nie Tian looked at Fang Yuan. “Those Demon corpses you brought back with you. Can I have them?” 

Even though he still had some Demon and Ancientbeast corpses in his ring of holding, they were far from enough if he wanted to help Fang Tianyi expel Cardy’s residual power.

Without hesitation, Fang Yuan said, “Of course you can!”

He immediately took out all of the Demon corpses and placed them in front of Nie Tian.

“If they’re not enough, I can go find more,” Fang Yuan said in high spirits. “Many Qi warriors in the Realm of Remote Heaven have outsider corpses in their hands. Give me some time, and I can get you more, whatever race you want.”

“It’s okay,” Nie Tian said. “These will do.”

“Anything else we can do?” Fang Yuan asked.

Fang Tianyi was the only late Saint domain subordinate he had, and as the clanmaster of his clan, he was a person he trusted completely.

If something were to happen to Fang Tianyi, his reputation and influence would suffer as well.

In the future, when the time came for him to compete for the position of the Lord of the Stars, Fang Tianyi would be his right-hand man.

“No, I don’t think so.” With these words, Nie Tian shot a glance at the Demon corpses, and held out his ring of holding at them. One after another, they flew into his ring of holding. “I do need another secret room to recover my strength in. And I can’t be disturbed.”

“Follow me!” Fang Yuan said, showing him out of the room.

Moments later, he took Nie Tian to another secret room.

Compared to the one where he had helped Bo Shiming, this room was more spacious, and paved with several times more Star Stones and spirit jades.

Furthermore, this room had a special spell formation built into it, which could help Qi warriors achieve a calm state faster.

“This is a room where I practice cultivation,” Fang Yuan said.

“That’s what I figured.” Nie Tian smiled, signaling him that he could leave the room now.

“I really appreciate you helping the head of my clan.”

“I’ll do everything I can.”

Fang Yuan then backed out of the room.

After the stone door shut and he couldn’t hear anything outside, Nie Tian took out the Demon corpses and activated Life Drain.

He didn’t encounter any difficulties as he used Life Drain on these Demon corpses.

Wisp after wisp of rich flesh power was channeled from the Demon corpses and fused into him, allowing him to recuperate bit by bit.


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