Chapter 1005: The Residual Flesh Auras of a Grand Patriarch

Bo Shiming was absolutely sure that the peculiar power Nie Tian had sent into him could help him solve the problem that had afflicted him for many years.

Compared to his life, what did spirit jades matter?

As a skilled alchemist of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, he was able to make Earth grade medicinal pills. As long as he lived, he could always rely on his alchemy skills to earn spirit jades.

There was simply too much potential trouble with rebirth. He would have to give up everything he had in exchange for a future that was filled with uncertainties.

Therefore, as long as there was a chance, however slim, he wouldn’t choose rebirth.

Nie Tian’s appearance gave him hope.

“Are you sure you want to give up two million spirit jades?” Hong Yao asked angrily. “You know perfectly well that a Profound Yang Pill isn’t worth that much!”

However, Bo Shiming didn’t want to waste one more second talking to him.

Completely ignoring Hong Yao, he fixed Nie Tian with a longing look and asked, “When do we start?”

“Very soon.” With a smile, Nie Tian handed the Profound Yang Pill to Zhongli Jian, the sectmaster of the Divine Flame Sect, and said, “Here you go. I hope it will smoothen your breakthrough into the Saint domain.”

Zhongli Jian was nothing but grateful as he said, “Many thanks.”

The crowd of onlookers didn’t show any sign of leaving. Instead, they looked on in disbelief.

Han Wanrong and Fang Yuan were also confused, as they had never expected that Nie Tian would be able to solve the conflict so effortlessly.

He didn’t offer a single spirit jade, yet Bo Shiming practically begged him to take his Profound Yang Pill.

Just as Hong Yao was about to yell some more, Han Wanrong said with an impatient expression, “Transactions have to be consensual. That’s what you said. Also, you know the rules in the Realm of Remote Heaven. If Bo Shiming doesn’t wish to sell his Profound Yang Pill to you, you can’t force him. I suggest you go try your luck in the other regions. Perhaps you can buy one from someone else, with fewer spirit jades.”

Various expressions flashed across Hong Yao’s face. As angry as he was, he restrained himself from saying anything else.

At this moment, Fang Yuan’s expression flickered slightly before he said to Nie Tian, “You need a secluded place to help Bo Shiming get rid of his internal toxins. The palace has that teleportation portal in it. People come and go through it all the time. It’s not an ideal location. If you want, we can return to my ancient starship, which is berthed not far from here. What do think?”

“Okay,” Nie Tian answered, smiling.

“What are we waiting for then?” Bo Shiming urged.


Fang Yuan summoned a Star Boat that was identical to Nie Tian’s and flew off.

“I’ll go with you.” With a smile, Han Wanrong jumped onto Nie Tian’s Star Boat, which flew out of the floating land after Fang Yuan’s. Just as the mixed energies from the starry river were going to engulf them, she activated her water domain, enveloping the Star Boat.

Bo Shiming, who was at the Void domain, flew out after the two Star Boats.

Moments later, Nie Tian berthed his Star Boat on Fang Yuan’s ancient starship.

Fang Yuan then showed them to a secret cabin that was paved with a large number of Star Stones and spirit jades, which filled the room with rich spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth and star power.

“What do you think of this place?” Fang Yuan asked.

Nie Tian nodded. “Good.”

Fang Yuan and Han Wanrong then exchanged a glance and walked out of the room, leaving only Nie Tian and Bo Shiming in it.

Eyes narrowed, Bo Shiming said in a low voice, “Earlier, after that wisp of wood power, you fused another wisp of aura into me. That wisp of aura was the key to my problem. It appears that, after mixing with your pure wood power, it can actually create life force!”

As an alchemist, he had keen perceptions of all sorts of auras.

In order to learn the effects of different ingredients, he had taken a large number of pills that didn’t agree with him, which had eventually put him in such a terrible state.

As soon as Nie Tian had fused his unique flesh aura and wood power and cleansed his internal organs in the profound way Heavenly Wood Heal worked, he had realized that such an aura was completely different from a human cultivator’s.

It was something only an outsider or Ancientspirit would have!

“He’s a hybrid!” He instantly realized what made Nie Tian so special. 

“Alright, let’s do this.” Without any pleasantries, Nie Tian asked him to sit down in the lotus position and settle his inner powers.

Then, he fused a mixture of his wood power essence and his unique flesh aura into Bo Shiming, and activated Heavenly Wood Heal.

By using his flesh aura in this particular way, he could things back to life.

Before, by fusing his Blood Essence into the Flame Dragon Armor, the Bone Blood Demon, and the bone, he had restored life to them successively.

However, to solve Bo Shiming’s toxin problem, he didn’t even need to use his Blood Essence. Just his wood power and flesh power alone could slowly cleanse his internal organs and neutralize the refractory toxins.

He went on with the process...

In another stone room, Fang Yuan frowned and asked, “Aunt Han, do you think Nie Tian can actually help Bo Shiming get rid of his residual toxins?

“I did spend a bit too long in the Dead Star Sea. I don’t know anything about him. What’s his deal?”

“He was born in the Domain of the Falling Stars, where he took part in the Heaven Gate trial and gained three fragmentary star marks,” Han Wanrong said.

Fang Yuan was taken aback. “He also came from the Heaven Gate trial? He’s not going to become another Sikong Cuo, is he?”

Han Wanrong shook her head. “He’s nothing like Sikong Cuo. According to what I’ve learned, he puts great value in his family and friends. Huang Jinnan and Lou Hongyan from the Five Elements Sect explored a new domain with him. Afterwards, they both spoke rather highly of him.”

“He’s a hybrid. Do we know the origin of his bloodline?” Fang Yuan asked.

“Grand Elder Mo Heng examined his bloodline, and it seems to be complicated.” With these words, Han Wanrong pondered for a moment. “As for the details, since I wasn’t there, I don’t actually know much. But apparently, the grand elder has attached great importance to him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have given him a hundred thousand initial contribution points, along with the Domain of Heaven Python, the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, and the Domain of the Falling Stars.

“Oh, right, he also gave him the Vast Heaven Pavilion!”

Fang Yuan gasped with astonishment. “The Vast Heaven Pavilion?! But wasn’t its last owner...”

Han Wanrong nodded vigorously.

Keh! Keh!

At this moment, heavy coughs echoed out from a nearby starship.

Fang Yuan’s expression flickered as he ended his conversation with Han Wanrong and rushed to the source of the coughs.

In the broad stern of the huge starship, Fang Tianyi, the clanmaster of the Fang Clan, was sitting in a secret room that was lit up by hovering auras.

Fang Tianyi was a late Saint domain expert who practiced wind power.

The Fang Clan was one of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s subordinate clans, and Fang Yuan was from a branch of the Fang Clan.

However, when he had won the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s favor and been chosen as the fifth Son of the Stars, the entire Fang Clan had become his subordinate force.

By relying on Fang Yuan, the Fang Clan had grown rapidly.

Fang Tianyi coughed again as he saw Fang Yuan and Han Wanrong walking into his room together. “Elder Han.”

Faint purple light flashed across his ghastly face from time to time, as if a mysterious power was torturing him from within.

“How are you doing?” Han Wanrong asked.

Instead of answering her, Fang Tianyi directly unleashed his domain, but shrank it down hundreds of times over.

His domain almost filled the entire room with whistling wind.

Clusters of violent wind, which had shrunk hundreds of times over, floated around within his domain like air masses.

However, purple light could be seen flashing across them from time to time.

The purple light seemed to be slowly loosening those cohesive clusters of wind.

The purple light would occasionally form terrifying demonic shadows, and let out sinister laughs.

Han Wanrong frowned and said, “That’s Cardy the Blood Warden’s residual flesh aura. Your Saint domain is seriously damaged, and Cardy’s residual flesh aura contains power from the Blood Purgatory Sea in the Second Demon Realm. The Blood Purgatory Sea is an evil place where Demons punish their outlaws and slaughter people of other races.

“Cardy is the grand patriarch who oversees it.

“It’s said that a Demon grand monarch was born in the Blood Purgatory Sea in ancient times. But he died during a fierce battle against us humans at the end of the Remote Antiquity Era. Later, they built the Blood Purgatory Sea to bring him back to life.

“Over the past countless years, a large number of Demons have been thrown into it because of the mistakes they made.

“Many humans and people of other races have also been tossed into it as sacrificial offerings to that grand monarch, so that he would rise from the dead one day.

“The reason why Cardy became the overseer of the Blood Purgatory Sea and earned himself the name ‘the Blood Warden’ was because he has that grand monarch’s blood running through his veins.

“He can easily draw power from the Blood Purgatory Sea and fuse it into his flesh auras, so that they’ll carry evil power that’s closer to the ultimate source.

“And this is also the reason why Cardy is considered to be one of the most powerful Demon grand patriarchs.”

With these words, Han Wanrong sighed in frustration and turned to Fang Tianyi. “Cardy’s residual flesh auras carry power from the Blood Purgatory Sea, where that grand monarch is being revived. I’m afraid I can’t do anything to help you get rid of such power. I suppose only our sectmaster and vice sectmasters would be able to do that. Even our grand elder might not be able to help.”

Fang Tianyi smiled bitterly and said, “I understand.”

Fang Yuan tried to put his mind at ease by saying, “Don’t worry. You just need to hold on for a while longer. I’ll ask the sectmaster or vice sectmasters to help you as soon as they return, no matter how many contribution points it’ll take.”

Fang Tianyi opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but gave up on a second thought.

Cardy’s residual flesh auras continued to damage his domain with each passing second. He knew that he might not be able to hold it together till their return.

Once his domain shattered, his cultivation base would suffer a major setback.

For a cultivator, reforging his domain wasn’t much easier than being reborn. He didn’t know how many years it would take for him to return to his peak state.

Furthermore, if it came down to that, he wasn’t sure that he would be able to live long enough to make his next breakthrough in cultivation.

Nie Tian, who was cleansing Bo Shiming’s internal toxins in another starship, snapped his eyes open. “Hmm?!”

He shrewdly sensed the wisps of evil flesh auras as soon as Fang Tianyi activated his domain.

The level of purity and refinement of those flesh auras was something he had never sensed before.

The Lizardman patriarch, Hazlitt the Flame Maniac, and Feimos the Controller... none of them had flesh auras so terrifyingly mighty.

Furthermore, he didn’t sense any soul auras from them, which meant they were ravaging something by relying on nothing but their instincts.

Nie Tian suddenly came to a realization. “They’re Cardy the Blood Warden’s residual flesh auras.

“The clanmaster of the Fang Clan must have refined the soul power within them, and that’s why they seem masterless. Masterless flesh auras that have been acting on their own... They must have become much weaker than they used to be. Is it possible that...?”

With these thoughts, he took a deep breath, and sent a wisp of his flesh aura out of his secret cabin.

The door to the cabin where Fang Tianyi and the others were was open.

Fang Tianyi was just about to withdraw his domain when his eyebrows suddenly jumped.

Han Wanrong also sensed something. Her eyes grew wide as she watched a wisp of flesh aura sneak into Fang Tianyi’s shrunken domain.

Purple light once again flashed across a cluster of storms within Fang Tianyi’s wind domain.


The wisp of flesh aura that was even thinner than a hair suddenly drilled into that cluster of storms, where it clashed with the purple light, giving rise to dazzling sparks.


Nie Tian was thrown backwards, his back slamming into the stone wall behind him. His expression flickered violently.

Bo Shiming turned around. “What are you doing, Nie Tian?” Fixing Nie Tian, who seemed to have suffered a heavy blow, with a confused look, he asked, “You were doing great cleansing my internal toxins. What happened?”

“I can definitely help you get rid of those toxins. There’s no rush in it.” After saying these words, Nie Tian walked out of the cabin with a grim face. He tracked the source of the flesh auras to the cabin where Fang Tianyi and the others were.

Surprised to see Nie Tian, Fang Yuan said, “Nie Tian?” 

Han Wanrong saw what was happening and asked, “That wisp of flesh aura belonged to you, right?”

Nie Tian nodded. Then, he took a deep breath, fixing his gaze on one of the numerous clusters of storms that were hovering around Fang Tianyi.

Fang Tianyi exclaimed, “Who is he? The clash between his wisp of flesh aura and the Blood Warden’s residual flesh aura seemed to have neutralized some of the residual power in my domain!”


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