Chapter 97: Flame Dragon Armor

In a stone pavilion within the Spiritual Treasure sect that sold medium and premium quality armors...

There were many precious suits of armor exhibited within the glass counters, every one of which had a jade tablet in front of them, giving a brief description of the armor’s grade, its special uses, its agreeable users, and its price.

Inside the pavilion, a few equipment forgers from the Treasure school were introducing several suits of armor to the people who had expressed interest in them.

In one of the counters was a dark brown suit of armor that seemed somewhat dilapidated. There weren’t any complicated or delicate designs on it either.

Originally, a equipment forger from the Treasure school had been standing behind the counter. However, since no one had shown any interest in it, he had moved on to other counters to peddle other armors.

A tall Qi warrior in linen garments was standing not far from the counter, all by himself.

Ever since he had come in, he had been leaning against a stone pillar. He would look towards the armor every now and then, but he never walked around, or talked to anyone else.

In front of a counter, Luo Xin from the Cloudsoaring sect and her senior martial brother Shi Yi had their eyes set on a set of armor. It was at that moment that they noticed that tall Qi warrior and couldn’t help but ask the equipment forger behind the counter.

“Who’s that? I’ve never seen him before. It doesn’t seem like he has bought anything, has he?”

The equipment forger took a glance at that person, lowered his voice and said, “Oh, are you talking about Mr. Lai Yi? Have you noticed? He put that armor there for sale, but he’s constantly checking it. He doesn’t seem to be from our realm. He knows elder Gan Kang. Therefore, he’s here to sell that armor of his.”

Luo Xin was surprised. “He’s not a Qi warrior from the Realm of Flame Heaven?”

With a brief shake of his head, the equipment forger said disdainfully, “That ‘Flame Dragon Armor’ of his is only valued to be a third level Medium grade spiritual equipment. However, he’s selling it for nine thousand spirit stones. You guys know that nine thousand spirit stones are even enough to buy a sixth or seventh level Medium grade spiritual equipment. As soon as they saw the price, no one bothered to ask about it.

“Furthermore, appraisal masters from our sect appraised it. They all said that, although it’s fairly tough, it’s way too heavy.

“If Qi warriors of the three Heaven stages were to wear it, they’ll even find it hard to move about. Besides, its toughness seems to be its only merit. Plus, since the armor wasn’t refined and forged by our sect, no one has much of an interest to sell it. So…”

“So that’s how it is,” Luo Xin said gently.

After hearing that person’s explanation, he only thought that the foreigner Lai Yi was somewhat strange, but wasn’t interested in the Flame Dragon Armor at all.

Meanwhile, Lai Yi was still standing in a remote corner checking on his Flame Dragon Armor from time to time.


At this moment, a mysterious red light suddenly emanated from within the Flame Dragon Armor.

After that, the Flame Dragon Armor, which no one had shown any interest in, seemed to suddenly emanate an intense, bloody smell.

However, it only lasted for a moment before the light was gone and the Flame Dragon Armor returned to normal again.

The bloody smell it had released had been sealed inside of the counter, and thus no one noticed it.

A light of excitement flashed across Lai Yi’s ash-gray pupils. He took a deep breath, seemingly to calm himself, as he looked around.

At the same time...

In a distant part of the Spiritual Treasure sect, Nie Tian was using his psychic awareness to probe the drop of blood within the dragon bone in his hand. His eyes suddenly flickered.

When strands of his psychic awareness entered the drop of blood, he surprisingly saw a dark-brown suit of armor that appeared somewhat dilapidated.

What’s more, he could just barely sense that the armor… was currently in the Spiritual Treasure sect!

“Armor that resonates with the dragon bone! It must not be ordinary!”

Excitement instantly filled Nie Tian’s heart. He withdrew his psychic awareness from the drop of blood, and then carefully put the dragon bone away.

He immediately strode towards the area that was selling Medium and Premium grade spiritual tools.

Previously, after leaving the Pill Pavilion, he had followed Liu Yan to stroll around many stone pavilions that sold low ranked spiritual tools, where he didn’t see any such mysterious and slightly dilapidated armor.

Hence, he believed that, if that armor was truly in the Spiritual Treasure sect, it must be in the area that sold medium and premium spiritual equipment.

After that, he took his time sweeping through the stone pavilions that sold medium and premium spiritual equipment, glancing at the numerous fancy armors.

Before long, Nie Tian arrived at the stone pavilion that Luo Xin and Shi Yi were at. He once again scanned through the armor within the counters.

“That’s the one!”

Soon, he spotted the armor that had appeared in the drop of blood in the dragon bone, which was displayed in the unattended counter in front of him.

He directly walked towards it.

The moment Luo Xin saw him, she put down the armor in her hands and walked towards him. “Nie Tian! Why are you here? Didn’t you go with senior martial brother Liu Yan to buy that Spiritfount Pill?”

Many equipment forgers as well as some people from the Grayvale sect and Mystic Mist sect cast their curious glances over after hearing that name.

“Nie Tian...”

They all knew what kind of existence Wu Ji was in the entire Realm of Flame Heaven.

The Cloudsoaring sect didn’t hesitate in even the slightest before breaking the rule that had been around for decades to admit Nie Tian, a child from a subordinate clan, into the sect in advance. Furthermore, the moment he joined the sect, Wu Ji had taken him in as a disciple.

Nie Tian’s legend had long since been spread around the four sects. All those who had known of Wu Ji were now familiar with Nie Tian’s name.

Every one of them was dying to see how special this Nie Tian guy was.

“Elder sister Xin, you guys are here too.”

After greeting Luo Xin briefly, Nie Tian approached the counter that exhibited the Flame Dragon Armor. He waved his hand to call over a nearby equipment forger and said, “I want this armor.”

The eyes of the foreign Qi warrior, Lai Yi, who had been standing in the corner, suddenly lit up as he fixed his gaze on Nie Tian.

“You want this piece of armor?” Luo Xin walked up to him and with a frown, and she advised, “This armor is too overpriced; it’s not worth that much. Nie Tian, don’t be so sloppy with your choice. You don’t know much about spiritual tools. I think you should let senior martial brother Liu Yan take you around so that you won’t be ripped off.”

The other shoppers all looked over towards Nie Tian and the Flame Dragon Armor within the counter, their eyes filled with surprise.

These people had also noticed the Flame Dragon Armor not long after they had entered. However, when they saw the grade and price of the Flame Dragon Armor on the jade tablet, they all immediately lost interest in it.

Similar to Luo Xin, they also deemed that with nine thousand spirit stones, they could choose spiritual tools with a much higher grade.

Nie Tian smiled and didn’t take Luo Xin’s advice. “Elder sister Xin, I like it; this is exactly what I want.”

He turned to the equipment forger and said, “I want it.”

The equipment forger was named Zu Qing, who was a disciple of the strongest equipment forging master of the Treasure school, Fang Hui.

Not only was Zu Qing the person responsible for this floor, he also knew that his master Fang Hui and Wu Ji were old friends. Moreover, Wu Ji had granted him favors in the past. Therefore, ever since Luo Xin had called out Nie Tian’s name, he had been paying special attention to him.

“This piece of item... may not fit you.” Zu Qing shot a glance towards Lai Yi, who was standing in the corner. He didn’t intend to help Lai Yi peddle the item. Instead, he said, “Nie Tian, my master and your master are sworn friends. If it was someone else, I absolutely wouldn’t have said anything. However, since it’s you… I’ll tell you something.

“This armor doesn’t belong to the Treasure school. Someone else put it here for sale. First of all, it isn’t worth nine thousand spirit stones. Secondly, it’s extremely heavy. Even Qi warriors at Lesser Heaven, Heaven, and Greater Heaven stages will find it laborious to move about in it.

“You haven’t even stepped into the Lesser Heaven stage. Once you put it on, you might not even be able to move at all.

“Also, other than its exceptional toughness, it has no other merits.

“Take my advice, Nie Tian. Go check out some other armor.”

Zu Qing was very sincere as he advised Nie Tian, hoping for him to not fall into the trap of purchasing that overpriced Flame Dragon Armor.

Nie Tian briefly bowed towards him. “So I should call you senior martial brother Zu.” He then rubbed his head and said with an embarrassed expression on his face, “But I like do it a lot, senior martial brother. Can you just satisfy my child’s temper and sell it to me?”

With these words, he handed his master’s command medallion over to Zu Qing.

Face filled with helplessness, Zu Qing nodded and said, “I hope you won’t regret it.”

“Thank you, senior martial brother,” Nie Tian hurriedly said.

Zu Qing grabbed the command medallion and placed it onto a piece of green rock under the counter for three seconds, before returning it back to Nie Tian. After that, he took the Flame Dragon Armor out for Nie Tian. “Here you go, see if you can carry it.”

Nie Tian extended his hand and grabbed the dark-brown Flame Dragon Armor. He gave it a vigorous pull, only to discover that it didn’t move a bit.


With a gentle exclaim, he planned to summon all his strength to lift it. However, he noticed that everyone was looking at him, therefore he gave up and said, “Senior martial brother Zu, would you please send this armor to my residence later?”

“Child…” Zu Qing shook his head, as he felt that Nie Tian had wasted a large amount of his master’s spirit stones on some armor that he couldn’t even lift. “Okay, you go ahead. I’ll arrange for someone to send it over later.”

“Many thanks, senior martial brother.”

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