Chapter 83: The Strife Inside the Clan

Inside the room, Nie Tian briefly described his experience in the Green Illusion dimension to Nie Donghai and Nie Qian.

The Green Illusion dimension trial had exerted an immense influence on him, not only on his cultivation base, but also on his wisdom.

Compared to half a year ago, he was now much more mature, as he knew what to tell and what not to tell Nie Donghai and Nie Qian.

He intentionally concealed the fact that he had killed Yuan Feng and Yun Song, and that he had encountered the Frost Python in the desert.

He had also avoided talking about his clashes with Yu Tong, as well as the great boost in cultivation that he had received from the spirit beast meat.

However, he was honest about the fact that he had broken through to the eighth level of Qi Refining from the sixth level.

He understood that those were the kind of things that Nie Donghai and Nie Qian were most concerned with.

As expected.

“What?! You’re now at the eighth level of Qi Refining?” Nie Qian immediately grew excited.

Nie Donghai was also secretly moved. A bright gleam exploded out from his eyes as his body even slightly trembled with excitement.

Nie Tian grinned. “Yes. If there are no mishaps, I believe I’ll be able to reach the ninth level of Qi Refining by the age of 15, and become a disciple of the Cloudsoaring sect.”

“That’s terrific!" Nie Qian was elated.

Nie Tian was only eleven years old. Reaching the eighth level of Qi Refining at this age made her realize that the hope she had placed on Nie Tian was definitely achievable.

Ever since Nie Tian was young, Nie Qian had repeatedly imparted upon Nie Tian one idea - only by becoming a disciple of the Cloudsoaring sect would he be able to change his fate.

All the efforts she had put in over the years had been dedicated to making him a disciple of the Cloudsoaring sect.

Every child of the Nie clan regarded entering the Cloudsoaring sect as the ultimate honor, and also the only way to change their families’ fates.

The reason for Nie Beichuan to be able to assume the position of clanmaster, was partly because Nie Donghai had sustained serious injuries, but more importantly because of Nie Han’s achievement.

As Nie Beichuan’s eldest grandson, Nie Han had successfully stepped into the ninth level of Qi Refining by the age of 15, and thus been received by the Cloudsoaring sect.

As long as he could achieve a steady growth in the Cloudsoaring sect, the Nie clan would be able to benefit because of that. If Nie Han were to become a high ranking official in the Cloudsoaring sect one day, then the Nie clan… would undoubtedly become an important part of the Cloudsoaring sect.

Similarly, back when Nie Donghai had a firm control over the Nie clan, Nie Tian’s mother Nie Jin had played an indispensable role.

Now that Nie Tian was only 11 years old and had already entered the eighth level of Qi Refining, Nie Qian believed he might even be able to enter the Cloudsoaring sect at a younger age than Nie Han.

Perhaps Nie Tian would be able to step into the Cloudsoaring sect in a year or two, and thus completely turn his fate around.

“Grandfather, when I returned, I heard that our clan is going through a major internal disturbance?” Nie Tian probed.

Nie Donghai briefly frowned, and said calmly, “Compared to your entering the eighth level of Qi Refining, they are only small things. Don’t you bother about the trivial matters within the clan. I will handle them. All you need to do is focus on your cultivation.”

“I... I want to help,” Nie Tian said.

“You won’t be able to do much for now.” Nie Donghai shook his head. “You’ll only have a say in the clan when you become a disciple of the Cloudsoaring sect.”

When it came to the matters within the clan, Nie Qian suddenly fell silent, and her face turned grim.

Nie Tian wished to help, but didn’t know how to stop Nie Beichuan and the clan elders from punishing Nie Qian and Nie Donghai.

“Status…” he thought. “My status is too low...” 

“Rest well today,” Nie Donghai said consolingly. “And from now on, don’t think about anything else, just concentrate on your cultivation. You’ll have a say in the clan affairs when you’re officially accepted by the Cloudsoaring sect. But now is not the time.”

“I see," Nie Tian said with a nod.


Nie Beichuan was discussing matters with several clan elders in the great meeting hall.

Soon, they reached an agreement that they would force Nie Donghai and Nie Qian to admit to the Cloudsoaring sect that it was their fault that the mine experienced such drastic changes, and that they were willing to accept the punishment.

Now they only needed to force Nie Donghai and Nie Qian to comply.

Before long, the news of Nie Tian returning spread to the great meeting hall, and the clan elders were all flabbergasted.

“Nie Tian is back!”

“He’s really in luck! Even Yuan Feng from the Grayvale sect and Yun Song from the Yun clan died tragically in Green Illusion dimension. I can’t believe the he actually returned safe and sound.”

“Yeah, who would have thought?”

In fact, they had never considered Nie Tian as a true member of the Nie clan.

After all, Nie Tian’s father, whom Nie Tian had never met, didn’t bear the family name ‘Nie’.

In their eyes, only children whose father bore the family name ‘Nie’ were to be deemed as true members of the Nie clan.

Nie Tian wasn’t one of them.

Therefore, when they learned about the fact that Nie Tian returned alive, they were only shocked, but not a bit relieved.

“That brat is really lucky!” said one of the clan elders, Nie Yaozu, sounding slightly surprised. A moment later, though, he cast Nie Tian’s return aside, and said, “Trial takers from the four sects were massacred in the Green Illusion dimension. Many Cloudsoaring sect elders must be in a sour mood at this tragic moment. If we don’t make a gesture and admit our dereliction of duty as soon as possible, it will only fuel their rage.”

Face grim, Nie Beichuan said, “Exactly, we can’t afford to delay any more!”

Another clan elder named Nie Feiyun wore a dour expression as he cold-heartedly said, “Since Donghai’s injuries seem to be incurable in the little time he has left, he won’t be able to help the clan much in the future. In order for the Nie clan to tide over the crisis, he has to make sacrifices. Besides, it was Nie Qian who caused this accident!”

Nie Feiyun had always been a firm supporter of Nie Beichuan. Moreover, Nie Donghai had feuded with him when he was still the clanmaster. It was expected that he didn’t treat this incident lightly.

Even though some of the clan members didn’t completely support the decision, they still nodded briefly.

After all, they understood that someone would have to atone for the accident that had happened in the mine. Since everyone pointed their fingers towards Nie Donghai and Nie Qian, for the clan’s benefit, they chose chime in.

“Let’s summon them here tomorrow, and convince them to undertake the guilt,” Nie Beichuan said coldly.

That night...

Nie Tian quietly retrieved the hidden dragon bone from behind one of the bricks on the wall, and started to fondle it admiringly.

With a strand of psychic awareness, he reached out to the drop of blood inside the dragon bone. He immediately felt peace at heart.

Having parted with the dragon bone for half a year, he found that it hadn’t changed at all. When he held it closely in his hand, he could just barely sense that dragon bone had also missed him.

He didn’t think much about it, and soon fell into a relaxed slumber.

The next morning, he got up and started his assiduous cultivation, just like before.

In the afternoon, a knocking sound suddenly rang out while he was cultivating.

Wondering who it was, he went down stairs to open the door. Seeing it was the guest elder, Wu Tao, standing in front of the door with a complicated expression on his face, Nie Tian asked, “Mr. Wu, why are you here?”

Wu Tao glanced around and made sure no one was around. Only then did he say in a low voice, “The clanmaster and the clan elders have come to a decision in the great meeting hall this morning, that they will have your grandfather and aunt confess to the Cloudsoaring sect. Your grandfather and aunt are probably already at the main gate and are about to set out.”

Nervousness could be seen on Wu Tao’s face as he added, “Don’t tell anyone that I came by or that we met.”

Finishing relaying the situation, Wu Tao left in a hurry, not daring to stay any longer.

“Nie Beichuan!” Nie Tian’s eyes brimmed with rage.

He thought that with his grandfather’s prestige, as well as the contributions that he had made to the clan over the years, Nie Beichuan wouldn’t dare to be so impudent, and so he believed that Nie Donghai would be able to handle this matter well.

Never had he expected for Nie Beichuan to make such a cold-hearted move only a day after his return.

With a grim face, he dashed towards the clan gate.

Many members of the Nie clan saw him and whispered with one another, as they felt that he wouldn’t be able to do anything even if he made it to the gate in time.

“Yee? Is that Nie Tian?”

“How did he get the word?”

“Why? Does that matter? He’s not a disciple of the Cloudsoaring sect. Yeah, he managed to walk out of the Green Illusion dimension, so what? Will he be able to overturn the decision that the clanmaster and the elders agreed upon?”

“He’s not Nie Xian. The elders won’t consider his feelings.”

“That’s true.”

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