Chapter 79: You’re Still Alive?!

The moment they saw their strongest leader, Yu Tong, pass out, the disciples from the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect lost their fighting spirit.

They also shouted loudly to inform Mo Xi to return.

At this time, Mo Xi was still under siege, with numerous sinister and terrifying ghost shadows hovering around him, as he continuously attacked An Ying and the others.

Mo Xi originally planned to break through the defenses of An Ying and the others, and then kill Nie Tian. However, he quickly found out that he couldn’t possibly accomplish the job single-handedly.

When he heard the urgent cries coming from behind him, he realized that Yu Tong had suffered from a backlash, and could no longer help them secure victory.

As a matter of fact, he had long since realized that, regardless of whether Yu Tong could kill Nie Tian or not, she wouldn’t be able to quickly recover after consuming five Blood Strengthening Pills, and would inevitably drag them down.

“I’ll kill you all next time!” Mo Xi bellowed, causing the sinister ghouls around him to suddenly expand, split up, and bite towards Zheng Bin and the others.

Mo Xi’s figure flickered quickly, as if he had morphed into a weightless ghost, floating rapidly back to where he had come from.

When he rejoined his group, he saw that a disciple of the Blood Sect had already hefted Yu Tong onto his back.

Without even the slightest hesitation, Mo Xi gave the order and led the remaining disciples from the Ghost sect and Blood sect towards the glacier area.

“Let’s go! "

Soon after he was gone, the ferocious ghouls that had been biting towards the crowd gradually turned fuzzy, and seconds later, vanished into thin air.

“Chase them down!” Zheng Bin said, gritting his teeth.

An Ying also called out, “The witch from the Blood sect must be in trouble. If not, Mo Xi would never retreat! Let’s take the opportunity and kill them while Yu Tong can’t fight, and avenge our fallen teammates!”

“Kill them all!”

They soon reached an agreement and ran after Mo Xi and his group, hoping to annihilate all the disciples of the Ghost sect and Blood sect in the Green Illusion dimension.

On the other hand, Jiang Miao was still staring at Nie Tian with a complicated look in her eyes.

Wordlessly, Nie Tian sat down on the ground, and closed his eyes. In the next moment, raging fluctuations of Qi and blood emerged from within him.

His skin continuously emanated a bloody aura, which was like a dense mist of blood that enveloped him, making him appear somewhat unfathomable.

He almost looked like a balloon, constantly inflating and deflating. He would grow large in one second, and shrink down in the next.

Jiang Miao had no clue about what was happening to Nie Tian, but she knew for a fact that even Yu Tong’s Earth Web had failed to kill him.

Nie Tian, who had been deemed doomed by An Ying, Jiang Lingzhu, and the others, was now breathing evenly with a heartbeat that was stronger than ever.

He was actually emanating a life force that was even more vigorous than before he was trapped by the Earth Web!

“Such a strange guy...” Jiang Miao whispered.

At this time, Nie Tian suddenly felt incredibly hot, as if he had turned into a furnace. Every single meridian and vein inside of him seemed to be violently expanding and contracting.

Even he didn’t understand what was going on. He only knew that when he had been on the verge of being drained of all his blood by those scarlet blood strings, his heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

And at that moment, he had begrudgingly attempted to reverse the desperate situation by forcibly stopping the outflow of his blood.

He had actually done it!

When his heart began pounding in a violent and unfathomable way, he suddenly sensed that an unknown force had surged up within his heart.

The moment that force was unleashed, his blood, together with the blood that he had absorbed from the scarlet blood strings, seemed to have suddenly reached a resonance with his heart.

It was at that time the blood that had previously been sucked out of him was pulled fiercely back into his veins.

Not only that, even the scarlet blood strings themselves were also dragged into his body.

He wasn’t aware of how much Yu Tong had gone through to create the scarlet blood strings. She used the Blood sect’s unique Blood Refining Technique to refine the blood of a second grade spirit beast, and after several days of unrelenting effort, she eventually formed a deadly weapon that carried rich Qi and blood.

He only knew that those countless blood strings contained copious Qi and blood, which was currently being forcibly channeled into his veins, and merging with his blood!

As he took multiple deep breaths, his blood vessels expanded, and his body bulked up, which seemed to have been caused by the fact that his blood had greedily absorbed the blood and Qi in those scarlet blood strings.

Soon, his body seemed to have turned into a giant melting pot, and started to refine the considerable amount of blood and Qi contained in the blood of the second grade spirit beast. After numerous rounds of refinement, they completely merged with his own blood, and started to nourish his body.

During this process, he used his psychic awareness to examine himself, and found that some mysterious, unknown symbols were flashing within his blood. However, only a second later, they disappeared.

Then he could faintly sense that his blood was completely out of the ordinary!

However, the secrets within seemed to be concealed extremely deeply, and wouldn’t be unveiled unless Nie Tian was in a desperate situation.

His cultivation base was still poor, and he was still far from strong enough to explore the secrets in his blood.

From the look of it, what had happened inside of him was merely the first step in unlocking the secrets inside of him.

Even though he harbored doubts in his heart, he didn’t interfere with the unusual occurrence inside of him. Instead, he opened up his mind and let his body operate in such a unique way.

Meanwhile, he himself seemed to have become an outsider, as he used his soul to quietly observe what was going on.

After an unknown period of time, he gradually realized that the blood and Qi that had originated from the blood strings had completely disappeared into his blood.

His exceptionally fast heartbeat returned to normal, and he no longer released a misty, bloody aura.

He secretly examined himself again, discovering that the blood that was flowing inside of him had already calmed down, and he no longer experienced any anomalies.

The spiritual sea in his dantian hadn’t changed at all due to the fact that it received none of the energy that had lay within the scarlet blood strings.

Neither had his psychic strength become enhanced because of it. However, he knew that something had changed in his blood.

Only, he couldn’t tell what had changed after his heartbeat returned to normal.

After another thorough examination, he was convinced that everything was back on track, so then he opened his eyes.

Jiang Miao was staring at him, confusion and curiosity written across her face. “You’re finally awake!” It seemed that she was waiting for him to give a reasonable explanation.

“Thank you for guarding me,” he said with a smile.

Jiang Miao was somehow embarrassed. “It’s only fair for me to do that. You saved me twice, yet I did nothing of the kind. The only thing I could do was to stay by your side and watch over you. I thought...”

She was going to say, I thought you wouldn’t make it, and only wished to have one more glance of you before you died. However, seeing how radiant Nie Tian was now, like nothing had ever happened, she snapped her mouth shut.

It was only at this point that Nie Tian took a serious look at Jiang Miao for the first time.

She had a baby face, and a pair of big bright eyes. Her garments were dark green, and she always sounded timid when she spoke, as if she were a rabbit that might be scared off at any moment.

Jiang Miao’s appearance was only slightly above average, not as outstanding as An Ying and Jiang Lingzhu. However, she was very good-natured, unlike the other two, who always hid their intentions.

Although Jiang Miao was probably older than him by a year, Nie Tian couldn’t help but view her as an innocent little sister.

“It’s all because of the different living environments...” he sighed inwardly.

Ever since he was little, he had always lived under the shadow of the internal struggles of the clan. He was there when Nie Donghai lost his power; he knew how much his loving aunt had suffered; he pulled through when Nie Hong, Nie Yuan, and other clan members picked on him...

Compared to his peers, he was much more mature. He had long since come to understand that Nie Donghai and Nie Qian had placed great hopes on him.

From the start, he had always worked hard when no one was watching, silently harboring the hope that he could cure his grandfather’s injury and seek justice for his aunt one day.

Jiang Miao, on the other hand, had been a flower raised in a greenhouse, who had always been cherished and protected by everyone, and had never experienced the ugly side of human nature.

To her, the Green Illusion dimension trial was the biggest blow she had received in her entire life.

Her cozy environment of the past had turned her into a sheep. Perhaps she would gradually change after the trial and learn how dangerous the world really was.

Nie Tian weighed over his choice of words before calmly saying,  “I’m fine. It seems that the witch lacked power at the crucial moment, which caused her to suffer from a backlash. And then, the blood that was originally sucked out of me suddenly returned. So I used my own method to slowly channel it back into my limbs. I’m fully recovered now.”

Jiang Miao nodded. “Oh, it’s good that you’re fine.”

However, she knew very well that the explanation Nie Tian had given was absolutely not the truth.

Even though she was convinced that he was hiding something, and was extremely curious about what it was, she chose to be smart and not inquire further.

The two of them chatted there, waiting for An Ying, Jiang Lingzhu, and the others to return.

After a long time passed, Pan Tao, An Ying, and the others appeared on the distant horizon.

Pan Tao caught sight of him from hundreds of meters away, and immediately let out an incredulous shout.

“Nie Tian! You’re still alive?!”

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