Chapter 78: Begrudging!

Unfortunately, the unyielding effort of Pan Tao and the other three didn’t seem to be of much help to Nie Tian.

The countless blood strings were packed like dense, tenacious weeds, and they were also incomparably tough. Even if Zheng Bin and the others had helped, it would still be hard to cut apart all of them.

Besides, seeing that Nie Tian had no hope of surviving, Zheng Bin and the others had already left decisively.

Wrapped up in the Earth Web, Nie Tian was gradually drying up. Even his pupils… gradually turned empty and dark.

The blood strings, on the contrary, seemed to become increasingly thicker and brighter after absorbing more and more of his blood.

“Save him!” Jiang Miao sobbed. “Hurry and save him!” Her sharp sword slashed through the air as she spared not the slightest effort to cut apart the blood threads.

Nie Xian, who was also from the Nie clan, didn’t say a word. His expression was grim as he hacked away like a machine.

From the look of it, he also believed that Nie Tian didn’t have much time left, and he was only doing his best clear his conscience and remain guilt-free in the future.

Meanwhile, Jiang Lingzhu’s face was filled with pity. In her opinion, if the outstanding Nie Tian died in the Green Illusion dimension, it would be a huge waste.

She planned to bring out all she had, and leave everything else to the heavens. Truthfully, she didn’t hold her hopes very high either.

After all, she knew how terrifying the Blood sect’s blood refining art was.

It was at this moment that the shouts of An Ying and Zheng Bin echoed out from not far away, as they met the angry Mo Xi halfway along their charge towards Yu Tong.

“Mo Xi!”

“You actually dare to come over!!”

“Kill Mo Xi first!”

The two parties immediately engaged in fierce battle.

Hearing the sounds of the battle, Jiang Lingzhu frowned and looked deeply at Nie Tian. With a sigh, she said, “We really are losing him.”

By this time, Nie Tian already looked horrifically shriveled, as if he had been completely drained of blood and liquid.

At some point along the line, he had closed his eyes, and had even stopped breathing. Other than the faint heartbeat echoing out from his chest, he was no different from a dead man.

The blood strings, however, grew increasingly thicker and more radiant.

Face dour, Jiang Lingzhu shook her head. “Pan Tao, let’s not wait any more. I also want to save him, but he’s… he’s dying. With our strength, we can’t stop Yu Tong’s blood refining art. If you really want to save him, kill Yu Tong, the spellcaster. That’s the only way. If we can kill Yu Tong soon enough, perhaps… he’ll still have a chance to live.”

With bloodshot eyes, Pan Tao gritted his teeth and yelled, “Yu Tong! Let’s kill her!”

“Yeah, let’s go!" Nie Xian exclaimed.

Jiang Lingzhu also nodded her head. Finally, she chose not to waste more time, and led Pan Tao and Nie Xian to join Zheng Bin and the others.

By doing that, Jiang Lingzhu had actually declared Nie Tian’s death in her heart.

She knew perfectly well that Nie Tian might only have half a minute to live, and there was absolutely no way that they could kill the Blood sect’s Yu Tong in such a short period of time.

After Pan Tao, Nie Xian, and Jiang Lingzhu left, Jiang Miao was the only one who stayed by Nie Tian’s side.

Jiang Miao had also stopped cutting away the blood strings. She just stood close to Nie Tian, trying her best to refrain from sobbing, as she stared blankly towards him.

She knew that her strength was limited. Even if she followed Pan Tao and the others, she probably wouldn’t be able to provide much help.

She might as well just gaze at Nie Tian quietly before he died.

But then, Jiang Miao suddenly let out a soft cry, and covered her mouth. “Ah!”

After everyone had left, Nie Tian’s eyes snapped open, and the desire to live suddenly shot out from within them!


His originally extremely weak heartbeat suddenly grew incomparably vigorous, and the desire to live in his eyes gradually turned into begrudging violence!

He was unwilling to die in such a place!


As Nie Tian’s heartbeat became increasingly strong, Jiang Miao watched him open his mouth, as if he were roaring soundlessly.

Wrath filled his face, as he seemed to be forcing something inside of him to burst out.


For no apparent reason, the blood strings that had cut into Nie Tian’s flesh suddenly started to twitch.

After absorbing Nie Tian’s blood, they had become powerful and thick, but now they were shrinking down at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Nie Tian’s shriveled body seemed like an inflating balloon, expanding rapidly!


A berserk howl escaped from Nie Tian’s mouth. He threw his head back and inhaled air in large gasps, as if he was going to swallow the entire sky into his belly.


The mesh of the Blood Web which had trapped him, suddenly split apart, and the blood strings that had cut into his flesh seemed to have detected something, and attempted to retract from his body.

“This is....”

Jiang Miao, who was staring blankly at Nie Tian, didn’t know what was happening. It seemed like those blood threads were scared of something.

Moments ago, the blood strings covering Nie Tian’s entire body had been as thick as a finger, but now they suddenly shriveled down to their original size, and became as thin as a hair.


A blood string that had been strangling Nie Tian seemed to be pulled by a mysterious force, and suddenly disappeared into his neck!

Shock stretched across Jiang Miao’s face.


Seconds later, more blood strings, that had originally cut into Nie Tian’s skin, disappeared into his flesh.

It was as if countless invisible hands were pulling every single one of the blood strings into Nie Tian’s body.

Meanwhile, Jiang Miao was taken aback by the incredible scene, as she wondered what was happening to Nie Tian.


The scarlet blood strings that hadn’t cut into Nie Tian madly twisted while letting out shrieking sounds, as if they were trying to break away from Nie Tian.

At that moment, the previously savage and terrifying blood strings seemed to have seen a ghost, as they only wished to flee.

However, Nie Tian was still roaring and taking in large gulps of air.

With his inhalations, the blood strings that were attempting to break free from him seemed to be forcibly held down by an enormous magnet, and were stuck firmly to his body.

They seemed to be continuously tightening under the formidable suction, as they gradually cut into Nie Tian’s skin.

However, after piercing into Nie Tian’s skin, the blood strings seemed to slowly melt down and merge with his flesh.

The blood threads, which had previously bared their fangs and brandished their claws as they madly attacked everyone, were now screaming as they tried to struggle free at all costs.

However, as Nie Tian breathed, the blood threads seemed to be ruthlessly sucked inward and absorbed into his body, one by one.

Very quickly, not only did Nie Tian’s body return to normal, but he also glowed with a red light, and seemed even stronger than before.

At the same time, an intense bloody scent spread out from him, making Jiang Miao, who was standing beside him, tremble in fear.

“What... What happened to you?” Jiang Miao asked timidly.

At this moment, a scarlet, bloody aura was unleashed from Nie Tian’s eyes, which condensed and took form of two bloody, sharp swords.

He glanced at Jiang Miao and blurted, “Guard me and don’t tell anyone about what you saw.”

“Oh, okay." Jiang Miao replied hastily.

WHOOH! Nie Tian took a deep breath.

The last remaining blood strings around him were pulled into his body and forcibly absorbed.

By this point, the blood strings that Yu Tong had refined with the second grade spirit beasts’ blood, had been completely absorbed into Nie Tian’s flesh.


It was also at that moment that Yu Tong, who was being guarded by the Ghost sect and Blood sect, suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood, and passed out.

Upon seeing that Yu Tong went unconscious, the disciples from the Ghost sect and Blood sect immediately gave up on the idea of continuing to stay in the Green Illusion dimension, and their expressions changed drastically.

“Senior martial sister!”

“Yu Tong suffered from the backlash of the forbidden technique, Earth Web!”

“Dammit! From now on, she’ll be of no help at all, and in fact, a big burden!”

“By now, our mission in the Green Illusion dimension has truly come to an end.”

“Tell Mo Xi to retreat! Otherwise, we’re all going to die here!”

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