Chapter 77: The Insane Yu Tong!

As the sky-filling, scarlet blood strings pierced madly towards Nie Tian, Yu Tong suddenly let out a hysterical screech.

“Nie Tian! You’re DEAD!!!”

Knowing that her position had already been exposed, Yu Tong acted even more boldly, and with a screech, she vented out the enormous hatred she had towards him.

By now, Nie Tian and the others were only a few hundred meters away from her.

Those who had escaped the attacks of the blood threads suddenly experienced excruciating pain in their eardrums, as if they had been stabbed by Yu Tong’s screech. Their expressions flickered as they looked at Nie Tian with an extremely strange gaze.

Jiang Lingzhu was confused. “What did this guy do to piss off Yu Tong so much that she abandoned everyone else just to kill him?”

By this point, all the trial takers who hadn’t reached the ninth level of Qi Refining had also broken free from the Blood Constraint.

Jiang Miao’s blood flow had also returned to normal.

Nie Tian cursed inwardly, “God damn! This woman has gone insane!”

Seeing the innumerable blood strings shifting between different patterns, while simultaneously chasing after him and him alone, he could only move as fast as he could to dodge them.

The sky-filling blood strings were like sharks that had caught a whiff of the smell of blood, swimming about in midair and chasing after Nie Tian.

The other trial takers, on the other hand, had been blankly staring at Nie Tian, who was constantly dodging the blood strings that were hot on his tail.

Jiang Lingzhu was the first to snap back to reality and said, “What are we waiting for? Come on, we’ve got to help him!”

Upon these words, all the trial takers rushed to Nie Tian’s side, and made every effort to cut the blood strings.

However, they were so numerous and so tough that even though everyone drew power from their spiritual tools, it was still hard to cut even one blood thread.

On the other side, Mo Xi from the Ghost sect called out with a dour expression on his face, “Yu Tong, what are you doing?!”

One of the Blood sect disciples stared at Yu Tong as if she were a ghost. “Senior martial sister, what’s happening? I’ve never seen you hate a person so much! You haven’t suffered a backlash from the Earth Web and fallen into a state of Qi deviation, have you? Using all the blood to build up an Earth Web just to attack a single person. Isn’t it a bit irrational?”

The other disciples from the Blood sect and Ghost sect also felt puzzled, looking over towards Yu Tong, whose eyes were now filled with insanity.

They couldn’t fathom what Nie Tian had done to anger Yu Tong so much that the always rational Yu Tong turned into such a mad and violent person?

“It’s my problem! I don’t have to explain it to you!” Yu Tong clenched her teeth, the bloody light in her eyes blazing like a torch.

With these words, she took out another two Blood Strengthening Pills from her bracelet of holding, and recklessly swallowed them to stimulate her potential.

“You’re insane!” Mo Xi’s face turned pale with fright.

He knew perfectly clear that Blood Strengthening Pills could give a short and violent boost to a Blood sect disciple’s strength, however the burden it placed on the body was too great. Every Blood Strengthening Pill she consumed would inflict a huge amount of damage to herself.

In order to form the Earth Web as soon as possible, Yu Tong had already swallowed three Blood Strengthening Pills, which was the limit of a Lesser Heaven stage Qi warrior.

With another two, it wouldn’t be long before she sustained severe damage and collapsed, losing all battle power.

Admittedly, the Blood Strengthening Pills could enhance her Qi and power as well as the potential of her fleshy body to an astonishing extent, in a very short period time. However, the price… would be half a year of secluded meditation!

As of this moment, Mo Xi gradually realized why Yu Tong had insisted on fighting despite their significant disadvantage in numbers. The reason she spared no cost to gather power and form the Earth Web was definitely not just to fulfill the trial mission.

Her true motive was to kill Nie Tian!

The trial and the mission had already lost all meaning. The only thing in her head now was the desire to slaughter Nie Tian!

“Nie Tian!” With a loud and furious roar, Mo Xi bolted forward from Yu Tong’s side. “All of you, stay here and protect Yu Tong!”


Countless scarlet blood threads flew about in the empty sky, like blood-colored meteors that plummeted towards Nie Tian.

The dreadful smell of blood suddenly surged up in the air around Nie Tian, making him want to vomit with every breath he took.

At the same time, a bloody magnetic field seemed to have gradually formed again, identical to the previous one.

“It’s the Blood Constraint again?”

Nie Tian’s expression changed slightly as he realized that Yu Tong had given up on binding everyone with the Earth Web. Instead, she was now concentrating all of her power on him alone.

Apparently, Yu Tong no longer cared about the others’ lives; she only wished to kill Nie Tian before he could leave the Green Illusion dimension.

Jiang Lingzhu brandished her thin, dark-golden sword, slashing apart one blood string after another as she tried to approach Nie Tian. “Nie Tian! Be careful! That witch can’t use the Blood Constraint to bind all of us since it wasn’t completely formed. However, if she uses the Blood Constraint on you alone, it will still work.”

However, there were simply too many blood strings chasing after Nie Tian. Even adding in An Ying and the others, the blood strings that they had destroyed weren’t even ten percent of the total number.


In an instant, the spread-out blood strings once again interweaved with one another, morphing into a gigantic scarlet net.

The intersection point of the blood strings released brilliant, blood-colored light, and when the enormous scarlet net swooped towards Nie Tian, scarlet inscriptions appeared inside the mesh of the net.

It was at this very moment that Yu Tong bellowed from hundreds of meters away, her voice full of hatred, “Blood Constraint!!!”

Nie Tian, who was attempting to escape from the scarlet net, suddenly felt an abnormal change in his blood flow. Instantly, he was held down where he stood, no longer able to move a single step.

The scarlet web of blood seized the opportunity and swooped down, wrapping Nie Tian up.

Affected by the Blood Constraint, Nie Tian could only watch the net as it trapped him.

In the next moment, a heart-wrenching pain spread out from every single piece of flesh on him.

He instantly realized that the giant net was contracting unceasingly, as the numerous blood strings that constituted the net began to slice into his skin and flesh.

It felt like innumerable arrows piercing his heart. He could actually feel the blood strings cutting into his flesh and penetrating his veins.

His blood was being pulled at by a great suction force, streaming into those blood threads.

It seemed as if the countless blood strings had turned into bloodsucking leeches, drinking his blood greedily, and his robust physique gradually shriveled due to massive blood loss.

Pan Tao let out an explosive shout. “Nie Tian!”

As An Ying, Jiang Lingzhu, and the others rushed over to help him, they were met with frantic attacks from the scattered blood strings that roamed around him.

After tearing apart a few blood strings, Zheng Bin suddenly stopped.

“He’s totally trapped this time! Yu Tong is using the Blood Sect’s blood refining art to refine his blood!”

Eyes fill with pity, he stared at Nie Tian and said calmly, “He’s dead for sure. With our cultivation base, we won’t be able to stop the blood refining spell. Instead of wasting our energy on him, we might as well track down the source of the spell, and kill that witch as quickly as we can, to stop her from hurting others.”

Without waiting for the others to give their consent, Zheng Bin instructed the survivors from the Mystic Mist sect, “Follow me! Let’s take advantage of this moment and kill that witch to avenge Nie Tian. Get her while she’s distracted from using the blood refining spell!”

With these words, he abandoned Nie Tian and charged forward.

All the trial takers from the Mystic Mist sect took orders from him, thus upon hearing his orders, they could only look sadly towards Nie Tian before dashing off.

“Help him!” Pan Tao cried. “He can be saved!”

However, Zheng Bin and the others from the Mystic Mist sect simply ignored him.

Even An Ying looked deeply at Nie Tian, who was gradually wasting away, before shaking her head. “Zheng Bin is right,” she said softly. “Nie Tian… won't make it. We shouldn’t waste too much energy on him. Yu Tong is the crucial factor that determines whether we win or lose.”

With these words, she also stopped chopping at the blood strings, and dashed after the Mystic Mist sect disciples.

Seeing her leaving, Zheng Rui also departed without uttering a word.

Only Jiang Lingzhu, Nie Xian, Jiang Miao, and the outraged Pan Tao stayed by Nie Tian’s side, sparing no effort to slash the scarlet blood strings, still hoping to save his life.

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