Chapter 67: Giant Shadow in the Void!

In Yun Song’s and Yuan Feng’s eyes, Nie Tian was nothing. Therefore, they had underestimated him when they started fighting.

However, Yu Tong was different.

Nie Tian had defeated her once, shortly after she entered the Green Illusion dimension. Hence, she had long since come to view Nie Tian as a worthy opponent, every bit as capable as An Ying and Yuan Feng.

That was especially true now, when she found out that Yuan Feng and Yun Song had both died by his hands. As of this moment, she regarded Nie Tian as the most formidable opponent from the four sects in the Green Illusion dimension!

Therefore, her first move was to cast one of the Blood sect’s secret magics: Blood Shadows.

The two blood shadows, formed from the blood of Yuan Feng and Yun Song, sent out ear-piercing screams as they swooped toward him like two sinister demons, emanating an overwhelmingly bloody smell.

Nie Tian gave a cold harrumph and said, “I heard that you’ve broken through to the Lesser Heaven stage, you evil witch. Is that true?”

As he spoke, he secretly released his psychic awareness to examine the two blood shadows.

He could only sense strong Qi and blood, but he didn’t find any soul fluctuations. This meant that the two blood shadows had no independent wills, and were pure manifestations of Qi and blood.

As the blood shadows attacked, he swung his arm and punched out toward them with full force.


With two loud booms, the blood shadows were reduced to a bloody rain, which fell down onto the sand below. However, Yu Tong’s secret blood magic summoned them back, and they reformed again!


Two new blood shadows rose up into the air and then dashed towards him again.

However, after the process of being destroyed and reforming, the Qi and blood in the shadows were obviously weaker than before.

Similarly, when they dashed over, their speed was considerably reduced.


Grinning, Nie Tian swung his arm, shattering the two blood shadows in quick succession.

After exploding, the blood shadows reformed, and dashed towards him yet again. The process repeated over and over.

However, every time they exploded, the power contained in them would significantly decay.

Despite that, the coquettish Yu Tong remained in place, cold eyes glittering with devilish, bloody light as she continued to form the blood shadows.

Soon, Nie Tian realized that Yu Tong only needed to consume a slight amount of power to manipulate the blood shadows, whereas he was expending significantly more power to shatter them.

Yu Tong’s plan was obvious: she wanted to wear him out with the blood of Yuan Feng and Yun Song, forcing him to consume some of his spiritual power before the actual fight began.

When the shattered blood drops once again converged into two blood shadows, Nie Tian finally stopped fighting them.

Instead, he dashed towards Yu Tong!

“Forbidden Blood Technique - Reverse Blood Flow!”

Splendid, gorgeous, blood-colored light suddenly appeared in Yu Tong’s dark-red pupils, as strong fluctuations of Qi and blood started to ripple outwards with her as the center.

Nie Tian, who was madly dashing towards her, suddenly felt something like a powerful shockwave slam into his strong and well built body.

At this very moment, Yu Tong, who hadn’t moved a bit since the battle started, suddenly turned into a ray of swift and fierce bloody light.

The next moment, Nie Tian saw streams of red bloody light surging towards him one by one, as though they were numerous streams of blood floating in mid air.

A moment later, he was besieged within a world of blood-colored light, and Yu Tong could no longer be seen.

Stream after stream of floating blood rivers twisted in the air and grew longer and longer, looking devilish and yet simultaneously beautiful.

Surrounded by the countless blood streams, Nie Tian, with a grim face, tried with great difficulty to suppress the unusual movements of the blood within himself.

He could keenly sense his blood being affected, as if it yearned to fly out of his body, as though it wished to join the surrounding rivers of blood.

“The Blood sect’s secret magic is truly worthy of its fame!” Nie Tian was secretly shocked.

He had a feeling that the reason Yu Tong had been avoiding fighting him head on was that she feared his rage fist strike.

Last time the two of them fought, he had burst seven of Yu Tong’s blood shadows with a single blow, and had even injured her.

In Yu Tong’s eyes, the might of that fist strike was far beyond ordinary. Even though she had entered the Lesser Heaven stage, she still didn’t wish for Nie Tian to use that raging fist against her.

“I won’t be able to defeat her with my raging fist if I can’t locate her. Meanwhile, the blood in me is getting increasingly violent and aggressive… soon, I’m going to lose control of it.”

Nie Tian could only desperately restrain the unusual movements of his blood. When his psychic power was unable to penetrate the barrier created by the blood streams and lock onto Yu Tong, he started to feel somewhat anxious.


At that time, the two blood shadows which he had repeatedly shattered, suddenly appeared from within the streams of blood.

Logically, they had been shattered many times and the power in their Qi and blood should be next to none, so it was unlikely that they could hurt him.

This time, however, they were emanating terrifying Qi and blood for unknown reasons.

As he looked over with rapt attention, the numerous blood streams appeared to be merging into those shadows.

The blood shadows were originally the same size as normal humans, but under his gaze, they expanded rapidly, and soon became two gigantic blood demons!

Waves of unparalleled power emitted from the two giant blood demons, causing Nie Tian’s heart to tighten with shock.

All of a sudden, one of them reached out its giant, blood-colored arm, and attempted to grab Nie Tian.

At the same time, the other one let out a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering roar, pouncing towards Nie Tian while radiating a raging bloody smell.

Yu Tong, who had vanished for some time, was now sitting on the shoulder of the roaring blood demon, her ripe lips so red that it seemed as if they were about to explode with blood!

Now, her pupils had completely taken on the color of the blood, while her body was emitting an extremely dangerous aura.

In her left hand, she was holding an eyeball-sized bead, which kept giving out blinding blood-colored light.

At first glance, Nie Tian realized that the blood bead in Yu Tong’s hand was an extraordinary spiritual tool.

“Spiritual tool!”

He could faintly feel that the forming of the blood streams, the merging of them and the giant blood demons, and even the movements of the two giant blood demons, were all affected by that bead.

Yu Tong must have been using that blood bead to cast the Blood sect’s secret magics!

“My blood demons have fully formed, I’m afraid you...” Yu Tong licked her bright red lips with an expression as if she had already won. It seemed she was finally confident enough to insult Nie Tian.

However, before she could finish her words, she abruptly stopped, looking shocked.

The source of her surprise was that Nie Tian’s chest suddenly started to echo out with vigorous heartbeats, which were so rapid and loud that she could hear them perfectly clearly from a distance.

Moreover, just as that unbelievably strong heartbeat echoed out from within Nie Tian’s body, she suddenly realized that her Forbidden Blood Technique - Reverse Blood Flow was no longer affecting him.

“I’ll defeat you with the same method!” Nie Tian bellowed, as he shot straight forward like a sharp arrow.

A surge of unlimited rage suddenly generated in his heart and spread throughout his body, filling every drop of his blood and every pore with burning wrath!

“What is that!?” Yu Tong looked shocked.

At this moment, she vaguely sensed that an invisible figure, huge enough to support the sky, rose up above Nie Tian’s head!

She immediately closed her eyes, and unleashed her psychic awareness to discover that Nie Tian’s raging anger appeared to have summoned a terrifying giant, which was currently floating above his head!

She also felt that the giant devil, which could only be felt by her soul, was emitting an overwhelming anger that seemed mighty enough to destroy the entire Green Illusion dimension!

In comparison, Yu Tong’s two giant blood demons seemed like powerless little worms, not even worth mentioning.

Yu Tong was shocked to her core.

However, she also discovered that the giant figure only existed for a moment before vanishing into thin air. It seemed as if it were from a space far far away, projecting itself into the Green Illusion dimension for only a second.


In the next moment, the blood demon Yu Tong had been riding, together with the other one of its kind, fell to the ground, wailing out of control.

Just as she sensed that something was wrong, Nie Tian’s raging fist strike arrived!

“Blood Shield!” Nie Tian shrieked.

Instantly, the wailing blood demons morphed into two streams of blood, swirling up from the ground, and in the next moment, forged into a gigantic blood-colored shield.


The moment Nie Tian’s fist made contact with the freshly formed blood shield, his fist actually drilled through the shield, and smashed vigorously onto Yu Tong’s ample chest!


Coughing up a mouthful of blood, Yu Tong’s curvaceous body fell from midair, and landed heavily onto the ground.

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