Chapter 66: Like an Unwavering Mountain

Yuan Feng and his two shadows had Nie Tian surrounded, and were constantly shifting positions, like ghosts.

Unable to identify the real Yuan Feng, Nie Tian stood there unwavering, pondering his next move.

All of a sudden an idea struck him.

It was only the real Yuan Feng who had inflicted damage on him. Thus, the other two, being shadows, could be ignored.

The shadows could never possess power as strong as the real person!

After realizing that, Nie Tian decided that the smartest move was to remain still and wait for an opportunity.

Once again, a Yuan Feng smashed his fist towards Nie Tian’s chest. Nie Tian, on the other hand, didn’t even blink, completely ignoring that attack.


The punch fell heavily on Nie Tian’s chest. He felt the spiritual power contained within it, but after a slight wobble, he remained still, as a pained expression flashed across his face.

Compared to the former two strikes, this punch that Nie Tian had received was many times weaker, completely bearable for his robust physique.

“It’s fake!”

After taking the hit, Nie Tian could now easily tell by the difference in the might of the strike that this Yuan Feng was fake.

Squinting and with a calm face, he remained still in his original position, bracing himself for another of Yuan Feng’s attacks.

The second attack came from the right side as Yuan Feng’s fingers latched onto Nie Tian’s shoulder like hooks.


The clothing covering Nie Tian’s right shoulder was immediately torn into shreds. A moment later scorching pain radiated out from his naked right shoulder.

However, the pain level was bearable.

“This is also a fake one!”

Still calm, he remained as motionless as a statue, waiting to see what was coming next.


The two fake Yuan Fengs repeatedly attacked Nie Tian with their fists and claws.

Soon he had endured close to over ten rounds of attacks. The shirt covering his upper body had already been ripped to pieces. Thin wounds criss-crossed his skin.

However, he stood there like an unwavering mountain, his face expressionless.

After hovering around and attacking him for a while, the expressions of the three Yuan Fengs appeared to be increasingly anxious. Other than the criss-crossed wounds, Nie Tian didn’t seem to have sustained any major injuries.

Unlike Nie Tian, Yuan Feng had been marching at a fast pace after escaping from the Ghost sect and Blood sect.

In order to lose them, he hadn’t dared to stop and rest at all before reaching this point, and thus he never had a chance to replenish his spiritual power.

Moreover, he had long since consumed all of his spirit stones, way back in the glacier area.

Because he had consumed too much energy, and didn’t have spirit stones to help recover, when he encountered Nie Tian this time he had only demanded Nie Tian’s spirit stones, in order not to waste his strength.

As a matter of fact, Yuan Feng was actually totally exhausted.

If he couldn’t finish off Nie Tian in a short time, he wouldn’t be able to afford to keep wasting spiritual power on the Gray Shadow Incantation.

Furthermore, he also feared that the Ghost sect and Blood sect might come for them.

Seeing that his shadows were incapable of killing Nie Tian, Yuan Feng could no longer refrain from personally attacking.

After observing for a while, he noticed that Nie Tian had been silently taking blows from his shadows. It was then that Yuan Feng stealthily made his move.


Yuan Feng’s fist strike landed heavily on Nie Tian’s chest!

The power in this punch was so explosive that Nie Tian spit out another mouthful of blood.

However, Nie Tian had long since been prepared. Enduring the piercingly acute pain with much difficulty, he suddenly pounced towards the Yuan Feng who had just attacked him, and knocked him to the ground.

“Here you are!”

He completely ignored the frantic attacks of the two fake Yuan Fengs behind him, as he hooked onto Yuan Feng’s neck with both his hands, continuously exerting his power, hoping to crush Yuan Feng’s neck.


Muffled sounds of impact continuously rang out from Nie Tian’s back as the two fake Yuan Fengs did their utmost to strike him.


Jaw clenched and eyes full of killing intent, Nie Tian’s hands seemed like a lock, fastening tighter and tighter.

After sensing vigorous fluctuations of spiritual power from Yuan Feng’s neck, he realized that he had already concentrated all of his spiritual power on his neck.

Nie Tian was unable to crush Yuan Feng’s neck bone!

Knowing that he only had one chance to kill him, Nie Tian concentrated his psychic power and shot it ferociously towards Yuan Feng’s mind.

“Psychic attack!”


As his gaze met Yuan Feng’s, the explosive impact of their psychic power caused strange sounds to ring out in the air.

Experiencing difficulties in breathing, a sense of terror gradually rose in Yuan Feng’s mind, and at the same time, he found it hard to continue using his Soul Reinforcement Incantation.

From such a short distance, Nie Tian poured all of his tremendous mental strength into Yuan Feng’s mind, immediately causing him to fall into a bewildered state.

As Yuan Feng was no longer able to concentrate his attention, the spiritual energy he had gathered in his neck suddenly scattered.


Finally, the crisp sound of cracking bone rang from within Yuan Feng’s neck.

As soon as Nie Tian heard that sound, his nerves instantly relaxed.

Yuan Feng was dead!

The ceaseless punching and scratching pain on his back also vanished.

Nie Tian rolled off of Yuan Feng’s dead body to lie on the ground. As he did, he saw the two shadows of Yuan Feng dissipating like clusters of thick smoke blown away by a gust of wind.

“He’s finally dead.”

He couldn’t stop panting, as he took his time to calm down and examine himself.

He almost didn’t consume any spiritual power while fighting Yun Song, considering he had killed him in almost an instant.

However, the process of killing Yuan Feng had been unexpectedly dangerous.

By this point, his exposed upper body was covered in a bloody network of wounds that had been inflicted by Yuan Feng’s shadows.

Those bloody wounds were only flesh deep; they looked frightening, but were not actually serious.

The only serious injuries were caused by the three attacks from the real Yuan Feng, each of which had left him vomiting blood. It seemed as though even his internal organs had been knocked out of their original positions.

Staring at the gray, cloudy sky, he sorted out his train of thoughts and concluded his reflections.

“Yuan Feng, Grayvale sect seed disciple, at the ninth level of Qi Refining... when he found me here, his spiritual power was probably not even half of his peak amount. Even so, he almost killed me!

“However, his previous comments about me held water. I haven’t been admitted into the Cloudsoaring sect and don’t understand how to make full use of my strength. Hence, I’m unable to turn my enormous psychic power into deadly attacks.

“Plus, I don’t understand different kinds of exquisite incantations and techniques, nor do I possess a proper spiritual tool. I’m at too much of a disadvantage when fighting.

“After I get out of the Green Illusion dimension, I’ve got to quickly enter the ninth level of Qi Refining, so that I’ll be able to learn profound incantations and techniques, and obtain a spiritual tool of a higher grade.”

After a long while, when the pain was mostly gone, he got up in an anguished and slow manner, and went over to search the corpses of Yuan Feng and Yun Song.

He didn’t find a single spirit stone on Yuan Feng and Yun Song. Yun Song was especially shabby; he didn’t have a single item in his possession at all.

Nie Tian found and took the peculiar banner from Yuan Feng. Apart from that, there was also a map of the Green Illusion dimension, which must have been drawn up by someone from the Grayvale sect, in order to facilitate Yuan Feng’s search for the second grade spirit beasts.

He didn’t know how to make use of the banner, so it wasn’t of much help to him for the moment, but that map of the Green Illusion dimension, on the other hand, was extremely helpful.

After storing the banner and map in his pouch, he took out two spirit stones from it, and started to absorb their energy to recover.

Before long, he had fully recovered his spiritual power. However, his injuries still needed time to heal.

It was at this point that an icy voice belonging to a woman caught Nie Tian completely off guard.  “Killing your own people?! You really are ruthless. Nie Tian, is it? I remember you.”

Yu Tong, dressed in bright red clothes, suddenly emerged from behind a tall sand dune like a ghost.

The truth was that she had been following Yuan Feng and Yun Song with the help of the Blood Searching Compass. When they ran into Nie Tian, she was still more than five kilometers away from the three of them.

As she gradually gained on them, and used her Blood Searching Compass to scan the surroundings, she was surprised to find that there was only one bright blob remaining.

She thought it was someone from the Ghost sect who had beat her to their location, and killed Yuan Feng and Yun Song.

However, when she rushed to this place, the person she found was Nie Tian!

As a trial taker of the four sects, he actually killed Yuan Feng and Yun Song, even though he was perfectly aware that the Ghost sect and Blood sect’s disciples were also in the Green Illusion dimension.

She didn’t know exactly how unforgivable the hatred between them was. However, since Nie Tian was now alone, she believed that it was time for Nie Tian to pay his debt.

She waved her hand violently towards Yuan Feng and Yun Song’s bodies. In the next second, blood flew out of them and swirled up in a hurricane-like motion.

As she continued to cast the spell, the blood soon morphed into two blood shadows.

“Blood Shadows!”

The moment the blood shadows formed, a light flashed across Yu Tong’s eyes, and the blood shadows pounced towards Nie Tian.

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