Chapter 65: The Real and Unreal Yuan Fengs

After witnessing Yun Song being killed, Yuan Feng, who was in the middle of dashing forward to attack Nie Tian, suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Standing there five meters away from Nie Tian, he probed his true strength with a grim look in his eyes.

However, upon hearing that Nie Tian intended to silence him by killing him, he couldn’t suppress his fury.

“You want to kill me, too?” Yuan Feng smiled furiously.

In response to Yuan Feng’s question, Nie Tian nodded seriously. When he spoke, it was as if killing Yuan Feng was the most normal thing in the world. “If you leave the Green Illusion dimension alive, won’t people know about me killing Yun Song? Well, what’s done is done. There’s no point in saying anything else. It’s either you or me. Of course, I plan to make sure the person who ends up dead is you.”

The moment he finished, Nie Tian once again gathered his psychic power, and his eyes turned as cold as a star on a winter night.

Psychic power could move significantly faster than the fleshly body and spiritual power.

In a split second, his psychic power was forged into countless sharp blades which exploded towards Yuan Feng’s mind.


Yuan Feng shook violently; his expression distorted and his eyes filled with shock and fear.

“What formidable psychic power!”

As of this moment, he finally understood how Nie Tian managed to kill Yun Song in a second.

Yun Song was at the seventh level of Qi Refining. Normally, with a cultivation base slightly inferior to Nie Tian, he shouldn’t have suffered such a quick loss.

The fact that Nie Tian managed to kill Yun Song with just his second attack defied common sense.

It was exactly because he was skeptical about the way Yun Song had died, that Yuan Feng refrained from acting rashly when he approached Nie Tian.

As a matter of fact, he also feared that Nie Tian might have some sort of secret weapon at his disposal.

Only when Nie Tian’s formidable psychic power transformed into sharp blades and suddenly pierced towards his mind, did he finally have an epiphany: Nie Tian possessed unusually extraordinary psychic power!

Yuan Feng let out a cold harrumph, and immediately unleashed a secret magic of the Greyvale sect.

“Soul Reinforcement Incantation!”

When Nie Tian’s sharp blade of psychic power reached Yuan Feng’s mind, he discovered that Yuan Feng’s mind had become like an impregnable fortress.

The numerous sharp blades seemed as if they had slammed onto a piece of solid rock, and were unable to inflict any damage on Yuan Feng’s soul.

Seeing that his psychic attack had failed, Nie Tian decisively retracted all of his psychic power.

“The Ghost sect disciples were the most skilled at attacking with psychic power. As a member of the Greyvale sect, I fight with the Ghost sect all the time. Do you really believe that I don’t have a way to respond to that?”

After learning how Nie Tian had managed to kill Yuan Feng in an instant, Yuan Feng’s heart actually settled down a bit.

Defending his soul with the Soul Reinforcement Incantation, he took his time walking towards Nie Tian.

Increasingly strong waves of spiritual power kept emanating from within his body as he got closer and closer.

Nie Tian’s face turned especially grim as he realized that Yuan Feng, who had been viewed by the Greyvale sect as a seeded disciple, was indeed different from Yun Song.

Yun Song was only at the seventh level of Qi Refining, far from enough to be accepted by the Greyvale sect. Furthermore, even if Yun Song was officially accepted by the Greyvale sect, with his cultivation talent, he surely wouldn’t be picked as a seeded disciple.

Not being able to enter the Greyvale sect meant that he’d never had the chance to learn certain magical incantations, such as the Soul Reinforcement Incantation. Therefore, it was understandable that Yun Song couldn’t withstand a single blow of Nie Tian’s psychic power.

However, it suddenly came to him that the fact that he was able to kill the Du Kun from the Ghost sect so effortlessly was because he had been injured from the backlash.

If it weren’t for the backlash caused by the death of the seven evil ghosts, Nie Tian’s attack wouldn’t have been able to penetrate Du Kun’s defense, and Du Kun wouldn’t have suffered such a tragic defeat.

Once he figured out how to launch another round of attack, Nie Tian realized that he couldn’t win every time by simply blasting away with his psychic power.

He adjusted his breathing and tried to calm himself. No longer daring to underestimate Yuan Feng, he secretly prepared for a bloody battle.

“Gray Shadow Incantation!”

Yuan Feng let out a ferocious shout, and two gray shadows suddenly flew out from the thrumming spiritual power in his body.

It seemed that those shadows were the manifestation of his spiritual power, which then swooped toward Nie Tian.

Simultaneously, Yuan Feng, smiling, took a gray banner from his pouch.

Instantly, the banner fluttered in the wind, and at the same time, various twisting and bizarre images appeared on its surface, which appeared to be infused with strong spiritual power.

As soon as he waved the banner in his hands, those two originally vague gray shadows immediately became clearer.

“They’re two Yuan Fengs!”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he watched the gray shadows morphing into two Yuan Fengs in front of his eyes.

Moreover, he could clearly sense that the two shadows of Yuan Feng actually emanated fluctuations of spiritual power and life!

Not only did the two shadows have fleshly bodies, but they were also given souls and lives with a wave of the banner. Now it was almost impossible to discern between them and the real Yuan Feng.

“Spiritual tool! He used his spiritual tool!”

Without thinking too much, Nie Tian hurriedly avoided the attacks of the two shadows, declining to engage in a head-on fight with them.

By this point, Yuan Feng had already put his banner away and was dashing towards Nie Tian with a vicious grin on his face.

A moment later, Yuan Feng joined his shadows, and the three of them blurred back and forth until it was impossible to differentiate which one was real.

They all had flesh and blood, were dressed in gray garments, and even had the same expression on their faces. It seemed truly impossible to tell which was the real Yuan Feng.

However, Nie Tian knew perfectly well that the key to winning was determining which of them was the real Yuan Feng!

Once he killed the real Yuan Feng, the other fake ones would instantly disappear, and no longer be able to pose a threat to him.

After joining the two shadows, Yuan Feng shifted positions silently, attacking Nie Tian over and over.

Nie Tian, on the other hand, failed to find the real Yuan Feng with his psychic awareness. Therefore, all he could do was keep dodging, and fight back when he was forced into a corner.


He threw a fist strike towards Yuan Feng, hitting him in the chest. However, he felt no sense of counterforce, almost as if he was hitting the air.

He immediately realized that he had struck nothing more than a shadow of Yuan Feng, a shadow created by the Grayvale sect’s secret magics.

Just as he was sighing inwardly, and even as his fist sailed through the air, he suddenly experienced an explosion of pain in his back.

He was hit by a punch, and staggered forward from the strong impact.

When he turned around to look, he saw another Yuan Feng bolting toward him, grinning viciously.

He immediately readied his fists to meet the attack.


However, right as his fist met Yuan Feng’s palm, once again it felt as if he was hitting the air.

Since he received no counterforce, he immediately lost his balance, staggering forward.

At this moment, yet another tremendous force smashed directly into his back.

He immediately coughed up a mouthful of blood.

At the same time, he realized that the moment he turned around earlier, Yuan Feng, who had sneakily attacked him from the back, had already exchanged positions with one of his shadows at the speed of lightning.

Therefore, after turning around, he was always faced by a fake Yuan Feng, while the real Yuan Feng was actually behind him!

After two successful attacks, Yuan Feng and his shadows all backed away to keep a distance from Nie Tian.

This time, the real Yuan Feng stepped closer, shaking his head towards Nie Tian, looking a bit disappointed.

“What a pity! You have such strong psychic power, but no relevant skills, and therefore can’t make full use of it or launch any powerful attacks.

“Also, since you haven’t formally joined the Cloudsoaring sect, it seems that you don’t have any incantations or techniques to fully display your spirit power.

“Worst of all, you don’t even have a proper spiritual tool to work with.

“Even though you possesses extraordinary psychic power and decent spiritual power, all you can do now is to wait for death.

“You can only blame yourself for entering the Green Illusion dimension with an insufficient cultivation base, and that you were unlucky enough to run into me too early.

“If you ended up in the Cloudsoaring sect, cultivated some profound incantations and techniques, and were bestowed with a powerful spiritual tool, you might have become a big pain in my neck.

“Whatever... you have to nothing left to do but die.”

After these words, Yuan Feng no longer spoke, but instead blurred into three figures, swiftly shifting positions.

At this time, Nie Tian could no longer wrap his head around which was which.

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