Chapter 52: The Might of One Punch!

Upon arrival, Nie Tian didn’t immediately join the battle, but rather observed the situation for a moment.

He almost immediately noticed Yu Tong.

From her looks, she was fifteen or sixteen years old. Well dressed and with a curvy body, she had blood snakes slithering beside her.

She was using the Blood sect’s secret magic, Blood Snake Dance, which almost seemed like an enticing dance that accentuated her curvaceous form. Her movements were so alluring that Nie Tian couldn’t help but glance at her a few times more.

Since her opponent was Jiang Lingzhu, it meant she was the strongest of all the disciples of the Blood sect who had been sent to the Green Illusion dimension.

After realizing this, Nie Tian immediately viewed her as his target, and prepared to start fighting her.

Seeing Nie Tian’s appearance, and knowing that the trial takers from the Spiritual Treasure sect were also going to arrive, Yu Tong seemed overtly anxious.

It seemed that she knew that, with conventional means, she couldn’t possibly kill everyone from the Cloudsoaring sect before the Spiritual Treasure sect had arrived, so she had to pay some price to do that.

It only took a second of hesitation before she made the painful decision, and yelled, “Forbidden Blood Technique: Blood Shadows!”

Instantly, her pupils turned blood-red.

An intense bloody aura started to build up in her exquisite body. She bit the tip of her tongue and formed an incantation with both her hands, as if she was drawing something towards the earth.

It was also in this moment that her glowing, red cheeks suddenly turned pale.

It appeared that she had consumed so much of her power to cast this single incantation that she almost collapsed.

“Finish off your opponents, now!” she shouted sternly.

Nie Tian, who was about to launch an attack, looked over with rapt attention, and his expression abruptly flickered.

In front of his very eyes, blood spewed violently out from the scattered spirit beast corpses and the two dead disciples of the Cloudsoaring sect!

Unbelievably, the blood spiraled up into the sky and started converging together!

In an extremely short period of time, the blood had formed into ten blood shadows!

They floated about in midair, completely uninfluenced by gravity. They were like devils made of blood, which swooped threateningly towards Nie Xian and the others.

“Forbidden Blood Technique - Reverse Blood Flow!”

Upon Yu Tong’s command, the other four Blood sect disciples also let out frightening shouts.

In a flash, their pupils also turned as scarlet as blood, making them appear extremely malevolent and frightening.

A strange magnetic field was generated within their bodies, which rapidly expanded out in every direction.


Nie Xian, who had been forced backwards, became enveloped by the magnetic field, and as soon as he did, he coughed up a mouthful of blood and fell into the lake.

Under the influence of the strange magnetic field, the rest of the Cloudsoaring sect disciples also fell back, their faces as red as if they had been struck hard by an unknown force.

Gradually the strange magnetic field reached Nie Tian.


Nie Tian’s expression also suddenly flickered when it struck him, because the moment he was struck by the magnetic field, his blood actually started to flow in reverse!

The reversing of his blood flow caused disorder in his spiritual sea, making him unable to gather his spiritual power.

At that time, he immediately understood why when the four Blood sect disciples cast the Forbidden Blood Technique: Reverse Blood Flow, Nie Xian and the others instantly lost battle power, and could only stagger backwards.

Yu Tong coldly ordered, “Seize this opportunity and kill them all!”  


Under the influence of the Forbidden Blood Technique, Jiang Lingzhu didn’t dare to fight her head on, and immediately retreated.

However, the blood shadows floating in the air violently threw themselves at the crowd, like vicious demons.

An anxious look stretched across Nie Tian’s face, and he couldn’t help but turn his head to check if An Ying and the others had arrived.

Unfortunately, they were still more than a hundred meters away, with Tong Hao and the rest even farther away.

“I can’t wait any more!”

Desperately anxious, his eyes emanated malicious light, and wrath brewed in his heart.

In this very moment, he was amazed to find that the the reversed flow of his blood had stopped.

It seemed that he had dispelled the effects the Forbidden Blood Technique had on his blood very quickly.

Rage seethed Nie Tian’s eyes. Without another thought, he gathered all his strength and bolted towards Yu Tong.

“Raging punch!”

Pure, rich spiritual power instantly streamed into his arm.

He raised his hand high into the air, his clenched fist shining with an aura as bright as a torch!

Endless rage was generated in his heart and channeled to his fist, making it burn with tremendous waves of anger, and its momentum was also extremely astonishing.

Even before he approached Yu Tong, she could sense that something strange was going on, and her expression suddenly flickered.

For unknown reasons, Yu Tong had the bizarre sensation that the power of rage in Nie Tian’s fist was something that could kill her with merely one punch.

Fear stretched across her face.

“Blood shadows, return to master!”

In a split second, each and every malevolent blood shadow blurred into action, as if they had turned into motes of blood-colored light.

In the next second, seven blood shadows arrived in front of Yu Tong.

The seven of them lined up in a row, facing Nie Tian, before they successively threw themselves at him.


Nie Tian let out an explosive roar, throwing out his punch, which was filled with spiritual energy and raging fury.


Under the destructive power of Nie Tian’s punch, each and every blood shadow exploded, splashing about and filling the sky with a bloody mist.

Even lined up in a row, the seven blood shadows failed to stop the momentum of the punch, and were completely destroyed.

The power of the punch wasn’t weakened in the slightest, and continued to barrel towards Yu Tong.

At this moment, Yu Tong’s flickering red eyes turned grim as her delicate fingers shifted to another incantation. “Forbidden Blood Technique - Blood Shield!”

Upon her words, her blood seemed to have been sucked out of her, and that exquisite and curvy body of hers suddenly shriveled up.


A large amount of blood light suddenly shot out, turning into a small blood shield right in front of her.

It was exactly when the blood shield took form that Nie Tian’s punch arrived.


The next moment, the blood shield exploded with a loud crash, splashing specks of blood-colored light around.

Yu Tong let out a muffled coughing sound, and blood spilt out from the corners of her dark-red lips.


She turned into a blood shadow herself, and retreated through air like a floating ghost.

However, she could only remain in the air for a moment. After landing on the ground, she ran off into the distance without looking behind her. “Let’s get out of here! "

The moment they heard Yu Tong’s order, the other four Blood sect disciples also left the battlefield. They knew that even if they could fight for a little longer, they would still be unable to kill all the Cloudsoaring sect disciples.

Likewise turning into four blood shadows, they fled along with Yu Tong.

After consuming all of his spiritual power with his one punch, Nie Tian couldn’t help but drop to the ground, panting heavily.

Nie Xian and others were still influenced by the forbidden technique, Reverse Blood Flow, and could only watch Yu Tong and the other four leave.


When Yu Tong disappeared in the distance, the remaining three blood shadows also exploded,  turning into pools of blood that fell to the ground.

It was only then that An Ying, Pan Tao, and Zheng Rui finally arrived.

“Where are they?”

“Where are the Blood sect’s people?”

“That way!" Jiang Lingzhu pointed towards the direction that Yu Tong had escaped. “Chase them! They’re hurt. Do your best to kill them!”

“Are you alright?” An Ying asked concernedly.

“I’m fine! Go! Chase them down!” Jiang Lingzhu said anxiously.


Knowing Tong Hao, Guo Qi, and the rest of the group were right behind them, An Ying, Pan Tao, and Zheng Rui decided to go after the Blood sect disciples.

After they left, Jiang Lingzhu, who had just broken away from the forbidden technique Reverse Blood Flow, blinked and looked at Nie Tian with a burning gaze in her eyes.

It wasn’t just her. Nie Xian, who had just crawled out from the lake, was also staring at Nie Tian with incomparable astonishment in his eyes, as if this was the first day that he came to know this clan brother of his.

Also from the Cloudsoaring sect, Ye Gumo, who had escaped death moments ago, looked blankly at Nie Tian before asking Jiang Lingzhu, “He’s the Nie Tian you talked about?! The one who uncle Li asked us to look after in the Green Illusion dimension?”

Jiang Lingzhu felt somewhat embarrassed, nodding briefly. “Yes, he is.”

“He needs us to take care of him?” Ye Gumo said with a complicated expression, “As I was retreating in defeat just now, I clearly saw that he destroyed the evil woman’s seven blood shadows with one single punch, and even shattered her blood shield. He was the one who fought off that evil witch with one strike of his fist. He... really needs us to take care of him?”

After a brief moment of silence, Ye Gumo shook his head, and joked, “Junior martial sister, you probably heard wrong. Perhaps, uncle Li meant for him to take care of us in the Green Illusion dimension.”

Jiang Lingzhu laughed and finally relaxed. “Hahaha, I might have heard him wrong then.”

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