Chapter 33: A Command Medallion From Out of Nowhere

As he spoke, Nie Donghai pulled out a palm-sized command medallion from his breast pocket and handed it to Nie Tian.

When it touched Nie Tian’s hand, it gave off the feeling that it had been carved out of a single piece of frosty jade.

A jewel-bedecked pavilion was engraved on the front of the command medallion, on the eaves of which hung a large number of fine spiritual tools. When he turned it around, Nie Tian saw “Spiritual Treasure Sect” in huge block characters.

“What’s this?” Nie Tian asked confusedly.

Nie Donghai pondered for a moment, and elaborated, “This is the command medallion to the trial. As you know, there are six other cities in the vicinity that are around the same size as Black Cloud City. They are Bone Shatter City, Thunder Clap City, Dim Star City, Frost Stone City, Cold Moon City, and Yellow Sand City.

“In the other six cities, there are many clans like ours, each of which cling to different Qi warrior sects like we do.

“Among the mountains and rivers in between these seven cities, there exist four formidable Qi warrior sects, the Cloudsoaring sect being one of them.

“Other than the Cloudsoaring sect, there are the Spiritual Treasure sect, the Grayvale sect and the Mystic Mist sect.

“In Black Cloud City, our clan serves the Cloudsoaring sect, the An clan relies on the Spiritual Treasure sect, and the Yun clan... clings to the Grayvale sect.

“The clans in the other six cities are mortal clans like ours. They also serve the Spiritual Treasure sect, the Cloudsoaring sect, the Grayvale sect, and the Mystic Mist sect, by mining in the mountains, growing spirit plants, or taking care of mortal world affairs for them.

Nie Tian listened attentively and nodded along. “I see.”

Nie Donghai continued, “It’s said that the Spiritual Treasure sect, the Cloudsoaring sect, the Grayvale sect, and the Mystic Mist sect belong to the same Qi warriors’ alliance. Ostensibly, these four Qi warrior sects work together, but they actually secretly compete with each other, and fights often break out between their juniors.

“Competition is the necessary path Qi warriors must tread in order to train themselves.

“Rulers of the four great Qi warrior sects purposely allow their juniors to fight amongst themselves. In their eyes, the best way to continuously improve the cultivation base and display remarkable talent is to go through such a process.

“They themselves surpassed their peers step by step and achieved their current accomplishments in the same way.

“In order to train the juniors, the four sects often intentionally create conflicts and unique environments to allow them to grasp the essence of their spiritual powers through battle, and to comprehend the profundity of different stages.

“Of course, they operate these events in a way to make sure everything is under their control.

“Like this one...”

With these words, Nie Donghai halted, giving Nie Tian a moment to digest what he had just said.

Nie Tian reflected for a while, and soon understood the intentions of the four great Qi warrior sects. He nodded his head and indicated for Nie Donghai to continue.

“In our vast expanse, there exists numerous mysterious dimensions. These dimensions may be parallel to the place we are in, but each of them has their own wonders.

“Some of the dimensions are extremely deadly, and remain unconquered to this day.

“There are also mysterious dimensions which have been fully explored and researched by the four great sects, thus leaving behind no further secrets.

“The Spiritual Treasure sect is in control of a mysterious dimension named ‘Green Illusion’, which has been completely conquered. I heard that when the Green Illusion dimension was first discovered, not only were there high-level spirit beasts, but also fierce, savage alien species.

“However, under the power of the alliance of the four powerful Qi warrior sects, the fierce tribes and the high-level spirit beasts of the Green Illusion dimension were all wiped out.

“The premium quality spiritual materials, corpses of the spirit beasts, and secrets of the savage tribes in the Green Illusion dimension were long ago split up between the four major sects.

“However, the Green Illusion dimension still exists.

“For purpose of training their juniors, the four major sects intentionally spared the lives of the low-level spirit beasts there. Once every few years, they arrange for juniors of the Qi Refining stage to participate in trials in the Green Illusion dimension.

“There, they fight spirit beasts of similar levels to refine their battling techniques, strengthen their hearts, and comprehend the profundity of their stages.

“Due to the fact that the Green Illusion dimension belongs to the Spiritual Treasure sect, they usually have fifteen slots for every trial.

“On the other hand, the Cloudsoaring sect, Grayvale sect, and Mystic Mist sect each have ten slots.

“It will be the same with this trial. The four major sects are going to arrange a total of forty-five juniors of Qi Refining stage.

“I’ve also just heard recently that Nie Xian is going to be among the ten juniors of the Cloudsoaring sect.  Nie Xian has reached the ninth level of Qi Refining, and is only one step away from stepping into the Lesser Heaven stage. The Cloudsoaring sect hopes that he can use this chance to properly understand the essence of how to wield spiritual power and eventually break into the Lesser Heaven stage.

“The entire Cloudsoaring sect only has ten slots, and some of them went to a few sect elders’ grandchildren. The rest of the slots have been gifted to clans who rely on the Cloudsoaring sect just like ours.

“However, the Nie clan is not among them.

“Since we don’t have any slots, I... didn’t mention it to you before.”

With these words, he took a deep look at the command medallion in Nie Tian’s hand and said, “I didn’t expect that woman from the An clan to send you a command medallion as a gift.

“Obviously, she intends to admit you into the Green Illusion dimension by giving you this command medallion, and deploy members of the An clan to keep a watch on you while you are in there, in hope of learning the secrets of the spatial rifts that appeared in the Nie clan.

“Even though I understand her intentions, this is just too rare an opportunity, so I have decided to let you participate in the trial.”

Actually, before he entered the room, Nie Donghai was still on the fence about whether he should let Nie Tian to go to the Green Illusion dimension.

Those juniors who were entering the Green Illusion dimension would be disciples of the Spiritual Treasure sect, Cloudsoaring sect, Grayvale sect, Mystic Mist sect, together with talented youngsters from the major clans of the seven cities.

Most participants would be in the sixth level of Qi Refining or higher, while many of them would be in the ninth level of Qi Refining, just one step away from entering Lesser Heaven stage.

In the Green Illusion dimension, any kind of fight was allowed, as long as there was no killing.

Under such circumstances, battles would take place extremely frequently, and it was permitted to seriously injure one’s opponent.

He originally worried that it wouldn’t be safe for Nie Tian to go to the Green Illusion dimension with his sixth level Qi Refining cultivation base, and wanted to give it up.

However, as he walked in, he noticed that the green rock table had been reduced to a floor full of gravel…

At that point, he changed his mind.

Nie Tian clenched his hand down tightly onto the command medallion that An Shiyi had sent him, looking radiant and full of fighting spirit. “Grandfather! I must go to that Green Illusion dimension! Please rest assured, I won’t let anyone walk over me!” 

For no apparent reason, the thought of being able to fight juniors of his own age made him seethe with excitement, and he couldn’t wait one more second to rush into action.

It seemed he was born to fight!

“Good!” Nie Donghai also felt Nie Tian’s fighting spirit. “This command medallion came from the Spiritual Treasure sect, so you have to enter together with the people from the Spiritual Treasure sect. First thing tomorrow, the Spiritual Treasure sect will send people over to pick you up at our clan and take you to the Green Illusion dimension.

“You’d better find a place to hide the object that can cause spatial disorders, and not carry it into the Green Illusion dimension.

“What’s more, I believe the Spiritual Treasure sect people will keep an eye on you while you are in there, so be smart.”

“I understand.” Nie Tian nodded his head.

He knew that An Shiyi would definitely not gift him a command medallion to the Green Illusion dimension for no reason. An Shiyi’s men would definitely be watching him all the time, hoping to solve the mystery behind the spatial disorder through him, so that they could find and control a more mysterious and more powerful secret dimension.

Therefore, he decided not to bring the animal bone to the Green Illusion dimension with him.

At the same time, in the Yun clan...

Yun Zhiguo wore an ecstatic look on his face while he returned to his house, humming a little tune.

Inside, Yuan Qiuying, her son Yun Song, and several trusted followers that she had brought along from the Yuan clan were all waiting anxiously.

Seeing Yun Zhiguo returning with a face full of smiles, Yuan Qiuying suddenly become enlivened, and blurted, “How did it go? Do you have it?”

Yun Zhiguo burst into laughter. “Only eleven years old, and our Song’er has already reached the sixth level of Qi Refining. He is undoubtedly the most qualified in the entire Yun clan to go to the Green Illusion dimension!”

“I’ll say!” Yuan Qiuying laughed charmingly. “Even if they don’t give face to our family, they must give face to my clan. Ours is the most powerful clan in Frost Stone City, and even among the many clans that rely on the Grayvale sect, our clan is still the most powerful one. I’ve already lowered myself to marry you, so your clan had better give face to my father.”

“Exactly, no doubt about it.” Yun Zhiguo gave a loud laugh. “If I hadn’t married you, I’m afraid that this slot would probably haven’t been given to Song’er. This is all thanks to you.”

“It’s good that you understand that.” Yuan Qiuying was quite satisfied with his attitude.

Just as she was about to say more, a man rushed into the room with a strange look on his face. It was the old servant that had been assigned the task of killing Nie Qian and Nie Tian.

“Mistress, I’ve just learned that An Shiyi sent a command medallion to Nie Tian.”

“Nie Tian!” Yuan Qiuying opened her eyes wide as the memory of her humiliation by Nie Tian in front of the Spiritual Treasure Pavilion rushed back to her. With rage filling her heart, she said, “Song’er! You are going to enter the Green Illusion dimension with your older cousin Yuan Feng this time, who I’ve always cherished since he was little. He already reached the ninth level of Qi Refining last year, and was officially accepted into the Grayvale sect.

“Follow Little Feng when you are in the Green Illusion dimension,” she instructed viciously. “Once you come across that little punk Nie Tian, exert all your means to destroy him and make him a useless person!”  

“Please rest assured, mother. I know what to do!”

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