Chapter 305: A Sudden Change in the Situation

Li Langfeng was shaking his bell as he walked among a group of Hunters, as if he was strolling idly in his courtyard.


The crisp sound of the bell echoed out. However, in the ears of the few Heaven stage Hunters around him, the sound was like a summons directly from hell.

As soon as the bell rang, their spiritual power shields exploded. As they hastily jumped away from him, their faces became distorted, and blood spurted out of their mouths.

Li Langfeng coughed a few more times. His face was so ghastly that it seemed as if he could die any moment.

All the Hunters in the area looked as if they had run into a ghost in broad daylight when they caught sight of him.

“Li Langfeng!” With a swift movement, Xiao Lin turned to look at Song Li and asked with a grim expression on his face, “What’s he doing here?”

Unlike Song Li, Xiao Lin was a loner, and not very well-informed.

He hadn’t been to the Void Illusion Mountain Range lately, so it was natural that he didn’t know that Li Langfeng had also been looking for Hua Tian.

Song Li’s charming face was icy cold as she said, “He has a feud with Hua Tian as well. I don’t know what Hua Tian did to offend him in the Void Illusion Mountain Range, but I know that he has been looking for Hua Tian. It’s just that I didn’t expect him to leave the Void Illusion Mountain Range and seek Hua Tian out here.”

Xiao Lin frowned. “I don’t understand. If Hua Tian is his enemy too, shouldn’t he be our ally? Why would he start killing Fang members and members of other Hunter organizations the moment he appeared?”

Song Li shook her head. “I’m not quite sure either. Will you keep a close watch on Hua Tian, Mr. Xiao?” With these words, she headed directly towards Li Langfeng with Han Mu by her side.

Moments later, she and Han Mu stopped in front of Li Langfeng, along with four other Greater Heaven stage Fang members.

Li Langfeng, who had been slaughtering his way towards Nie Tian’s location, came to a stop and glanced at Song Li curiously.

Since he had roamed about in the Void Illusion Mountain Range for years, he had heard of the Fang as a new Hunter organization, along with the fact that their leader was a mysterious woman.

However, he had never truly interacted with the Fang. Of the few times Fang members had encountered him in the Void Illusion Mountain Range, they had voluntarily given way for him every time.

In his eyes, even though the Fang was more powerful than the other Hunter organizations, it was still only a Hunter organization.

He, on the other hand, was one of the few Dark Moon’s most revered guest elders. The Dark Moon had treated him with great care, like he was a real elder.

There were only a handful of figures in the entire Realm of Split Void that he revered, and Song Li wasn’t one of them.

“Mr. Li.” Song Li said respectfully with a bow. She didn’t seemed enraged by the deaths of the several Fang members. “I heard that you’re also looking for Hua Tian. It seems that we share the same goal, and our interests coincide. Since we both want him dead, it doesn’t really matter who gets to kill him. As a matter of fact...”

Before she could finish, Li Langfeng waved his hand and stopped her. “I think you’re mistaken. I do have a feud with Hua Tian, but you and I don’t share the same goal. I don’t want to kill him. On the contrary, not only do I need him alive, but I need him to stay alive for a long time.”

“Why?” Song Li was surprised.

Li Langfeng didn’t give her face at all, and said indifferently, “I don’t need to explain myself to you. I’ll take Hua Tian away with me. Simple as that. You...”

He scanned around and raised his voice. “And the other Hunter organizations better not stand in my way. Otherwise, you’ll share the same fate as the ones I just killed!”

Upon hearing these words, Song Li immediately grew angry and said in a loud, womanly voice, “Mr. Li! I can agree to let you torture Hua Tian, but you’ll have to give him back to me so that I can kill him!”

Li Langfeng shook his head. “I’m afraid you didn’t understand what I meant. Hua Tian is only useful to me alive, and I intend to keep him alive for a long time. I won’t allow you to kill him!”

“Are you serious?” Song Li asked with a cold face.

“Yes, I am,” Li Langfeng answered with no facial expression. “From now on, Hua Tian is mine. Anyone who attempts to kill him will be my enemy!”

With these words, he turned and shot towards Nie Tian’s location like a bolt of lightning.

“Miss?” Han Mu asked in a soft voice.

Staring at the dashing-away Li Langfeng, Song Li said, “He is powerful, but he’s still just one person.”

Han Mu forced a smile and said, “If we do engage in battle with this poison expert, we can’t be sure that we’ll win. Even if we do win, we’ll suffer devastating casualties. The men and resources we brought here are very limited, and we don’t have Worldly realm experts to secretly watch over us. You picked the Realm of Split Void as the place to temper yourself. Do you really want to jeopardize your real goal for a man like Hua Tian?”

Li Langfeng’s meddling made him grow anxious and start to have second thoughts.

Song Li took a deep breath and said with a surprisingly calm tone, “You’re wrong about that. Hua Tian is no longer just an enemy to me. In my eyes, he’s a brand-new challenge for me! If I can’t capture and kill him, I’ll live in frustration for a long time, which will prevent my cultivation from transcending to the peak!

“Only after I settle my feud with him will I be able to focus on facing the upcoming challenges and carrying out my plan.”

Han Mu didn’t try to persuade her anymore.

After mulling over her words for a short while, he nodded briefly and said, “Since you’ve made up your mind, let’s do it then.”

Without any delay, he passed on Song Li’s will to all the Hunters via his Sound Stone, telling them that their operation to capture Nie Tian remained unchanged, and if Li Langfeng stood in their way, they should view him as an enemy.

All the Fang members gave their response as soon as they received the message.

However, the other Hunter organizations didn’t plan to carry out Song Li’s intentions so blindly. Each and every one of them was shocked the moment they heard that Song Li wanted them to go to war against Li Langfeng in order to capture Hua Tian.

Many of them were hesitant, and went to some lengths to persuade Han Mu not to go to war with Li Langfeng via their Sound Stones.

Li Langfeng was a notorious name in the entire Realm of Split Void. He was a man that even the Dark Moon, Wild Fire, and Blood Skull didn’t want to mess with.

They were only Hunter organizations who made their living in areas where the three major forces didn’t have the energy to govern, so none of them dared to offend Li Langfeng.

The Fang was hard to deal with, but so was Li Langfeng. Therefore, in their eyes, they couldn’t afford to offend either of them.


Another sweet-sounding toll echoed out as a Fang member who stood in Li Langfeng’s way was sent flying backwards by an invisible force.


When the Fang member landed, he had blood oozing out of his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, and died a horrible death.

“I’ll kill whoever dares to stand in my way.” Li Langfeng said indifferently. “It won’t matter if you’re a member of the Fang or any other Hunter organization.”

Like a bolt of lightning, he charged towards Nie Tian.

Li Langfeng’s words evoked Han Mu’s fighting spirit. Without waiting for Song Li to give the order, he shouted into his Sound Stone, “Kill him! Anyone who opposes us is our enemy! Annihilate him! You should all understand who you are and why you are here! I can’t believe a man like him actually dares to hamper our lady’s plan! The bastard needs to be taught a lesson!”


“Copy that!”

Almost all of the Fang members’ confidence was reaffirmed after hearing Han Mu’s words. They all ditched Nie Tian and swarmed toward Li Langfeng.

Then, Han Mu messaged Xiao Lin and the other Hunter organizations, saying, “We don’t insist on you fighting Li Langfeng, but we want you to focus all of your energy on capturing Hua Tian!”

With these words, he turned to look at Song Li and said, “Miss, perhaps we’d better make a slight change to your plan, and not insist on capturing Hua Tian alive. Since that bastard Li Langfeng wants him alive, we might as well kill him directly. What do you say?”

Song Li nodded. “Alright!”

The sudden change in the situation confused Nie Tian. “What? How come all the Fang members are fighting Li Langfeng?”

Originally, he had been at a dead end, and was prepared to make the desperate move.

He had never expected that Li Langfeng would suddenly appear and start killing Fang members without giving face to anyone.

The fact that the Fang and Li Langfeng hadn’t reached a mutual understanding delighted and surprised Nie Tian at the same time.

Now that all the Fang members that had been in his way had run off to form a siege around Li Langfeng, the blockade around Nie Tian was no longer intact.

He immediately saw a silver lining.

Being surrounded by numerous Fang members, Li Langfeng saw that the other Hunter organizations intended to kill Nie Tian, so he thundered, “Whichever of you insects dare to kill Hua Tian will be my worst enemy. I swear I’ll find them, crush their bones and flay them alive!

“However, if any of you can catch Hua Tian and hand him to me alive, I’ll be deep in your debt. Whatever you want, we can talk!”

After hearing these words, all the Hunters who were going to launch joint attacks against Nie Tian began to have second thoughts again.

Now, they were facing two choices. Either they make enemies with Li Langfeng, or they enrage Song Li from the Fang.

All of the organization leaders had headaches over the tough situation, and didn’t know what to do.

However, Nie Tian seized the opportunity and sped away.

“Chase after him! No matter what, we can’t let him escape!”

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