Chapter 3: The Vilest Event in the History of Nie Clan!


A kid who was in Nie Tian’s way got knocked off his feet from the powerful impact he received from Nie Tian.

That kid was Nie Nanshan’s grandson, Nie Yuan. The moment he fell to the ground, he immediately burst into a fit of tears.

Nie Tian didn’t look at Nie Yuan, or even circle around him; instead he directly stepped over Nie Yuan.

Moreover, Nie Tian’s right foot landed on Nie Yuan’s hand as he rushed forward, making Nie Yuan cry even more heavily.

Nie Nanshan strove to calm himself, and Nie Yuan’s father, Nie Qiu, could almost feel his son’s pain. The faces of both men immediately turned sullen.

Considering that it was quite common for kids to run into each other during the lot-drawing, Nie Nanshan and Nie Qiu suppressed their anger for the moment.

“Nie Tian, be careful!” Nie Qian shouted anxiously.

However, it seemed Nie Tian didn’t hear Nie Qian’s call as he stepped over Nie Yuan and ran toward the spiritual tool closest to him.

At this time, another child of the Nie clan, with glittering small eyes, stared at the glove, which was emitting misty red light. When he reached out his hand towards the glove, his fingertips also emitted rays of red light.

Obviously, the child’s cultivation attribute completely matched the spiritual energy contained in the glove.

A extended member of the Nie clan got emotional and worked up, crying out, “That’s destined for Liang’er!”

At first sight, Liu Yan and the whole Nie clan could tell without a doubt that the glove, glowing red light and all, was the tool Nie Liang needed.

Liu Yan nodded softly and said to himself, “Fire attribute...”

Everyone saw that Nie Liang’s unsteady small hand was on the verge of touching the glove.

However at that moment, Nie Tian came running over and knocked Nie Liang to the ground before he reached out to grab the glove.

Before the confused Nie Liang could make a sound, Nie Tian already grasped the glove in his hand and burst into a loud laughter.

As Nie Tian was laughing with his mouth wide open, Nie Liang realized what had happened and started to cry out loud, “Wah, wah! Mine, mine...”

Nie Tian’s face was filled with satisfaction and pleasant laughter, while in contrast, Nie Liang was scared and in tears.

“Bastard!” growled Nie Liang’s father, an expert from an extended branch of the Nie clan. “That glove doesn’t agree with Nie Tian’s cultivation attribute. There wasn’t even a smidgen of energy fluctuation from Nie Tian’s body that agreed with the spiritual tool, so why should he get it?”

Liu Yan of the Cloudsoaring sect smiled as he watched Nie Tian reach out to take the glove.

Liu Yan had to hold back from laughing. Right when he was going to say a few words in consolation, he discovered that Nie Tian, after enjoying forcibly taking the glove, had rushed to another nearby spiritual tool.

While Nie Liang was still crying, Nie Tian donned the red glove and dashed toward the blue sword.

Meanwhile, another child of the Nie clan was holding the blue sword, his tiny face filled with smile.

While he held the sword, waves of blue light immediately emerged from both the sword and the child’s flesh that came into contact with the sword.

As he grinned joyously and prepared to laugh out loud, Nie Tian swooped in like the wind.

Relying on his superior strength, Nie Tian snatched the blue sword out of the other child’s grip, laughing the whole time.

The child who just lost his spiritual tool stood in confusion for a moment before he tried to recapture the sword from Nie Tian’s hand, but he ended up being pushed to the ground.

“Wah, wah!”

Another child’s ear-piercing cries rang through the Nie clan’s great hall.

“How impudent! This little bastard is too impudent!” Fuming, another extended member of Nie clan could hardly hold back from immediately rushing into the court.

Nie Tian, who was apparently addicted to robbing, paid no attention to him and continued on his rampage in the court, totally disregarding the crowd. In a short period of time, Nie Tian managed to forcibly grab the remaining saber, fan, animal bone, wooden staff, bead.

Many members of the Nie clan present at the lot-drawing were struck wide-eyed and tongue-tied, looking at Nie Tian as if he was some kind of devil.

The cries of the seven children and cursing of their fathers went on and on, filling the great hall.

Nie Tian’s two hands could barely hold the seven spiritual tools he had taken, so he put them in a pile as he squatted on the ground and played with them one by one, his face filled with a smile and his eyes filled with satisfaction.

However, everyone could clearly see that none of the tools showed any sign of energy fluctuations as he laid his chubby little hands on them.

That meant none of the spiritual tools he had taken from the other children agreed with his cultivation attribute.

He was basically breaking the rules simply because he felt like it!

The seven children who had their spiritual tools stolen from them were currently crying nonstop, and naturally gathered around Nie Tian, enviously and helplessly staring at the spiritual tools that matched their respective cultivation attributes and made them comfortable and relaxed. They even tried, in vain, to get them back.

“Mine, all mine….” Nie Tian turned around to face them as he made threatening gestures while mumbling something.

Greedily looking at the cyan pearl, Nie Hong approached, step by step, hoping to cross Nie Tian and snatch the cyan pearl back.


Nie Tian swung his chubby fist and unceremoniously hit Nie Hong in the face. As a result, Nie Hong was thrown to the ground and started to cry louder than ever.

The other six children had nothing but fear on their faces after witnessing Nie Tian’s demonic actions. Their helpless eyes were still fixed on the spiritual tools which should had been theirs, yet no one dared to go for them any more.

“How savage! I’ve been present for numerous lot-drawings, but I’ve never seen such a savage and presumptuous child!”

“The little hoodlum! None of the seven spiritual tools agreed with his cultivation attribute, yet he forcibly snatched all of them, not sparing even one. Our clan has never seen such a vile event!”

“Clan members should be brothers. We love and help each other. One must never take all the benefits! Now look at him. Not only does he want to eat the meat, but he won’t even share a sip of soup with others. He simply defies all principles and doesn’t follow any of the rules!”

Listening to the crying and cursing inside the hall, Nie Beichuan and Nie Nanshan’s faces were as dark and gloomy as lake water.

Nie Qian, standing by the gate, looking at the laughing Nie Tian and became a little worried. She even secretly hated that he had been so reckless, offending the whole Nie clan.

She turned to Nie Donghai with a pitiful face, but was met with Nie Donghai’s bitter smile.

Embarrassed and with his head aching, he didn’t know how to handle this situation either.


Having watched the whole scene, Liu Yan spoke softly. The noise-filled hall resumed silence as he spoke.

The angry members of the Nie clan looked away from Nie Tian and refocused on Liu Yan.

Liu Yan gently coughed as he looked at the crowd, then he said, ”Horseplay between kids... is amusing. As for the seven toys, in my opinion, Nie Tian shall not take all of them. How about this: we’ll let Nie Tian keep one and the rest will go to the other children. Then we can call an end to this incident, what do you say?”

Seeing the tension being eased, Nie Donghai secretly exhaled, and said, “We will do as Mr. Liu says. Nie Tian, you shall behave and choose just one from the tools! Return the rest to your brothers and don’t ever act so rudely again!”

“What about you?” Liu Yan faced towards the rest of the Nie clan members.

Under his gaze, the previously shouting Nie clan members, who had demanded that Nie Tian be punished, had no choice but to nod, agreeing to his arrangement.

“Good.” Liu Yan smiled and gently nodded his head before he looked Nie Tian deep in the eye while tenderly saying, “Okay, listen to Uncle Liu’s words. You can take any spiritual tool you like, but give the rest back to your younger and older brothers.”

Nie Tian pouted unwillingly, and even glanced stealthily at Nie Qian.

Nie Qian gave him a hard look and said, “If you dare to act unruly, watch what I’m going to do with you!”

Nie Tian cringed, as if he feared no one but Nie Qian. Without even looking down, he casually reached his hand to the pile of spiritual tools and pulled out the piece of animal bone, then left immediately.

His indifferent attitude made everyone well aware that he seemed to have little interest in these seven spiritual tools from the start.

What he enjoyed seemed to be... merely the process of taking them from others.

Watching him taking the lowest ranked animal bone, many of the Nie clan members’ faces brightened with surprise. As they secretly mocked his stupidity, the gloomy looks on their faces faded slightly.

The moment he got out of the way, the rest of the Nie clan kids, unable to contain their excitement any longer, rushed forward to seize the spiritual tools they had their eyes on long ago.



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