Chapter 289: Playing a Game

“A toad lusting after a swan’s flesh!” Song Li cursed, looking at Shen Wei’s severed head with disgust filling her face, as if she had put up with Shen Wei for a long time and finally found a vent.

At that moment, her pretty face was filled with coldness, and not a smidgen of delicate charm could be seen.

She bent down and took Shen Wei’s bracelet of holding, along with Yin Tuo and the other two’s. Only after that did she smile lightly. “At least my gains on this trip have been pretty good.”

Then, she took out a prismatic Sound Stone, held it close to her mouth, and whispered something into it.

Afterwards, she sat down and started recuperating with spirit stones.

What she didn’t know was that Nie Tian had already seen everything she had done via his Heaven Eyes.

At a location far away, Nie Tian opened his eyes and said with a grim expression, “Song Li!”

He had long since had the feeling that this woman had been hiding something. After all, she had been the one who had urged everyone to march deeper into the dense forest and hunt high grade spirit beasts.

Lu Yan had been strongly opposed to her proposal, and thus she had been kicked off the team.

During their most recent battle with the Golden Stone Rhino, Nie Tian had noticed the exchange of glances between her and Shen Wei via his Heaven Eyes. That was when he had first speculated that Song Li and Shen Wei had been planning together.

However, he had never expected that, soon after he had left them, Song Li would kill Shen Wei when he attempted to be intimate with her.

Shen Wei’s death made Nie Tian realize that even Shen Wei had been used by Song Li, and had been part of her plan.

Nie Tian couldn’t help but look back to examine himself. He thought to himself that if it weren’t for his Heaven Eyes, he might have been murdered by the woman without even knowing it.

With those thoughts, a rush of coldness ran through Nie Tian’s body.

He realized that even though he was strong enough that he wouldn’t be killed by the Golden Stone Rhino, she would have come up with more evil ideas and eventually get him killed.

If he possessed strength that matched his own cultivation base, he would have been killed already, just like Yin Tuo and the other two cultivators.

“The Void Illusion Mountain Range is truly a dangerous place where people are especially deadly...!”

With a cold look in his eyes, Nie Tian sprung to his feet and marched towards Song Li’s location.

The fact that Song Li had remained in that location after killing Shen Wei made it clear that she was recovering her strength and waiting for him to return.

Nie Tian was curious as to how she would explain Shen Wei’s death.

Furthermore, he wanted to know if Song Li was waiting to kill him as well, or if she had other plans.

As he stepped closer, Song Li sensed his footsteps.

When he was still 1,000 meters away from her, Nie Tian noticed that the tip of one of her eyebrows rose, as if she knew it was him.

“What? This guy returned so fast this time...” Song Li muttered to herself, her face cold and indifferent.

Apparently, she didn’t feel the need to hide her true colors when no one was around.

At this moment, she was true to her heart and the real Song Li.

With a disgusted look in her eyes, she glanced at Shen Wei’s headless body before she raised her hand and grasped at the air. In the next moment, a stream of blood flew out of the corpse’s cut-open neck and into her palm, forming a ball of blood.

With a grim expression, she smeared the blood on her milky white neck, the corner of her mouth, and her full chest.

She was apparently very uncomfortable having her clean battle garments and jade-like skin stained by Shen Wei’s blood. Eyebrows knit together, she cursed in a soft voice.

However, when Nie Tian appeared in her sight, she had already assumed a completely different attitude, like she had become a different person.

She sat in a pool of blood, a helpless look filling her face. Tears flowed out of the corners of her eyes and rolled down her cheeks as she shook her head and wept towards Shen Wei’s corpse, “Why? Why did you have to do this? You already had everything. Why did you still not let me off?”

“Ah?!” Nie Tian exclaimed loudly. “Big Brother Shen is dead?!”

Song Li lifted her chin to look at Nie Tian. Looking extremely pitiful, she said, “Soon after you left, he suddenly changed and demanded that I hand over everything I have so that he could go back to Shatter City and purchase the spiritual tool he had set his mind on. I-I handed him my bracelet of holding, but then he... wanted to force himself on me.

“While I struggled I killed him by accident. I didn’t want this to happen... He forced me!”

Song Li’s tone suddenly grew strong, as if she was losing control of her emotions. She yelled miserably at Nie Tian, “Li Tian, why would Big Brother Shen do this?!! Even though there are only the three of us now, we were still a strong team. We could have kept hunting spirit beasts and gotten what he needed. Why would he do that to me?!!”

Nie Tian let out a cold snort and then said with a consoling soft voice, “Shen Wei is such a cold-blooded monster! His death should not be regretted! Sister Song, you shouldn’t be heartbroken for a man like him. He’s not worth it.”

With these words, he walked to Song Li’s side and said, with his face filled with pity, “Alright, alright, without him, we can still go and hunt spirit beasts. The two of us might need to spend more effort. That’s all.”

“Mmm.” Song Li nodded briefly. “I haven’t gotten to recover my strength, and I was injured when I tangled with Shen Wei. I’m afraid I can’t even stand by myself now. Can you help me to my feet, Li Tian?”

Nie Tian gnashed his teeth as he reached out to Song Li, saying, “Shen Wei is such a monster in human form!!”

Song Li rose to her feet with Nie Tian’s help. Her body trembled and swayed, as if she truly had difficulty standing.

All of a sudden, she fell into Nie Tian’s chest.

Nie Tian naturally put his arms around her.

Song Li’s hands went under Nie Tian’s arms and circled around Nie Tian’s broad back, her whole body pressing tightly against Nie Tian.

Her chin was placed on Nie Tian’s shoulder as she sobbed, “I didn’t know Shen Wei was that kind of person. He betrayed my trust and respect for him. Not only did he take all my valuables, but he even wanted to...”

With two of them in such a position, Nie Tian couldn’t see her face. In fact, as she sobbed and spoke in a tender voice, the pitiful look on her face had already vanished. What had taken its place was coldness and killing intent.

However, Nie Tian had long since clamped her arms with his own, not giving her arms any room to move.

Previously, her green awl had shot out of her right sleeve and killed Shen Wei. In light of that, Nie Tian paid extra attention and guarded against that move.

Nie Tian kept track of the movements of her arms. Whenever she attempted to struggle free, Nie Tian would clamp her arms harder, forcing her arms to remain where they were.

In the meantime, Nie Tian told her not to get angry with a consoling tone, and used his hands to gently stroke her back, as if he was trying to calm her.

“Sister Song, don’t get angry for a man like him. It’s not worth it.” Nie Tian’s tone grew increasingly soft and consoling. “That bastard just wanted your body, but not you as a person. But I...”

With those words, Nie Tian’s hands slowly slid down and reached Song Li’s full, bouncy buttocks. “I liked you the moment I saw you. My feelings for you are real. Seeing you with that bastard made my heart hurt like hell. I can’t wait any longer!” It appeared that as Nie Tian’s emotions grew stronger, he groped Song Li’s butt forcefully with his large hands.

It pained her so much that she called out, “Ahh!”  Her face grew stiff, and the killing intent in her eyes was so intense that she could have an outburst any moment.

However, whenever she attempted to move her arms, she felt that she was being pressed down by a strong counterforce.

“Y-you’re hurting me, Li Tian.” Even though she was gritting her teeth, and her face looked sullen, her voice was still filled with a maiden’s shyness. “Bad kid, I can’t believe that you’re just like Shen Wei and also hold those kinds of intentions towards me.”

“You can’t say that!” Nie Tian pretended to be angered by her words. He vigorously grabbed her butt again and said, “In all honesty, my feelings for you are real, and I don’t ever want to be separated from you!  How can you say that I’m the same as that bastard?!”

His voice was full of emotions, but his eyes were as calm as lake water. Meanwhile, his hands kept rubbing Song Li’s round butt without pausing for a moment.

At that moment, Nie Tian felt that Song Li was attempting to take out her sharp awl. With a vigorous move of his hands, he pressed Song Li towards himself, forcing her body to stick closely to his own.

“Hmm...” Eyes wide, Song Li felt as if her arms had been completely locked down by iron vices.

At this moment, not the slightest room was left between Nie Tian’s chest and Song Li’s ample breasts, which were flattened due to the excessive pressure.

Nie Tian’s eyes shone with the light of clarity. He rapidly discovered that Song Li’s green awl was still hidden within her right sleeve.

Therefore, he clenched her right arm with his left arm as he created a certain distance between the two of them.

Upon seeing this, Song Li hastily masked the cold killing intent in her eyes.

Since she hadn’t expected that Nie Tian would suddenly make such a move, she almost exposed her true facial expression.

At that moment, Nie Tian looked down into her eyes. His eyes were filled with deep affection as his breath grew heavier. “Sister Song! Promise me that we’ll be together!”

Song Li looked up at him with a somewhat panicked expression, and said, “I-I’m not ready for this. Let go of me and give me some time to think, will you?”

Her right arm was still tightly clamped by Nie Tian, so their faces were still rather close to each other.

After hearing her evasive answer, Nie Tian blurted loudly, “No! I want your answer right now! I want you to be my woman!”

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