Chapter 270: Mad Bombardment

Violent turbulence and waves were created in Nie Tian’s soul.

A cultivator’s soul is like a sea of countless wisps of psychic awareness, which is usually peaceful and quiet.

However, when the crisp sound of Li Langfeng’s bell rang out, all the psychic awareness in Nie Tian’s soul sea seemed to be disrupted and torn by an invisible hand, causing splitting pain in his head.

The unbearable pain was more than enough to make those who didn’t have an unwavering will break down.

Even though Nie Tian managed to pull through, gritting his teeth, it pained him to the point where he almost wanted to die.

Shortly afterward, the seven fragmentary stars floating above his sea of psychic awareness began to shine with bright light.

Dazzling, bright starlight poured down onto Nie Tian’s sea of awareness, calming his mind.

Soothed by the starlight, his originally-turbulent sea of psychic awareness gradually returned to calm.

The stabbing pain in his head also gradually grew bearable. Nie Tian took a deep breath and turned around to stare at Li Langfeng with a cold look in his eyes.

Li Langfeng’s reckless actions enraged Nie Tian so much that he no longer wanted to leave, even if he could.

Anger could also be seen in Pei Qiqi’s eyes as she let out a muffled groan, intoxicating redness appearing on her unearthly beautiful face.

She immediately turned around and pointed the Ethereal Swords floating in front of her at Li Langfeng.

Li Langfeng had his back facing the two of them the entire time, as if he didn’t think it was necessary to pay attention to them, who couldn’t possibly pose any threat to him.

His true target had always been Shi Qing, who was at the middle Greater Heaven stage.

Just like Pei Qiqi and Nie Tian, the waves of energy from the bell also dealt a strong blow to Shi Qing. He even had blood dripping out of the corner of his mouth.

“Hmm?” Li Langfeng finally turned around and began to look Nie Tian up and down with an examining gaze.

“He’s still alive?” Li Langfeng stroked his chin with his non-bell-bearing hand as he measured up Nie Tian.

“This is strange,” he thought to himself. He had just formed and launched three strands of psychic power, inflicting the strongest one on Shi Qing. As the result, Shi Qing had immediately puked blood.

He had used the other two strands of psychic power to attack Pei Qiqi and Nie Tian. The one he had inflicted on Pei Qiqi was weaker than the one he had used to attack Nie Tian.

After all, he didn’t want Pei Qiqi’s master to make him her sworn enemy. He just wanted to make her give up by letting her know that she didn’t have a chance fighting against him.

On the other hand, he had exerted more power to attack Nie Tian because he wanted to kill him with one quick strike.

Once Nie Tian was dead, Pei Qiqi would have one less reason to resist him. It would be very likely that she would choose to hand over the Dark Moon’s teleportation portal and leave.

He had long since seen through Nie Tian’s cultivation base. Thus, he was certain that the damage he had inflicted on this early Heaven stage young man would be fatal.

Seeing that Nie Tian was still standing and seemed unscathed, he was rather surprised, and began to secretly attach importance to him.

“It seems this kid is one of those people who possess superior psychic power. This is the only rational explanation for why he was able to bear my attack and remain standing.” Li Langfeng soon had an idea. “Those who are blessed with supreme psychic power usually focus on cultivating psychic power, and thus neglect other aspects.”

With these thoughts, he decided to adopt a different method.


Wisps of dark-green smoke suddenly began to rise from the earth.

It seemed as if they were vaporized energy rising from the depths of the earth.


As soon as the wisps of dark-green smoke made contact with the spiritual energy shields surrounding Pei Qiqi, Shi Qing, and Nie Tian, their shields began to show signs of dissolving.

Anxiety could be seen on Shi Qing and Pei Qiqi’s faces as they hastily summoned and infused their light shields with more spiritual power to contend with the toxic, dark-green smoke.

Both Shi Qing and Pei Qiqi knew that Li Langfeng had come from the Realm of Dark Underworld and had been closely connected with the Spirit God sect.

The Spirit God sect was located in a place where poisonous miasma filled the air. Therefore, many of their sect members were experts in wielding poisons.

It was said that the fact that Li Langfeng coughed all day long and always seemed sickly had a great deal to do with the grotesque poisonous techniques he practiced.

One time, he had allowed various types of toxins into his body, but something had gone wrong. He had almost died in that accident.

Somehow, he had survived, but he couldn’t fully refine and rid himself of the poisonous residuals. Therefore, he constantly suffered erosion from them.

Rumor had it that Li Langfeng would be killed by the toxins sooner or later.

Supposedly, he had chosen to live in the Land of the Abandoned and spent most of his time in the Void Illusion Mountain Range because he had been seeking a resolution to his problem.

As a man who practiced poisonous techniques and suffered a backlash from them, the might of the dark-green smoke he unleashed was by no means insignificant.

Nie Tian had been using the green jade bracelet Li Ye had gifted him to keep away the tainted spiritual Qi in the Void Illusion Mountain Range.

However, since the energy released by the bracelet didn’t match Nie Tian’s cultivation attributes, he couldn’t further power it with the different sorts of energy inside of him to fend off the toxic smoke.

Therefore, when the dark-green smoke gradually filled the entire mountain valley, the light shield surrounding him was the first to break down.

“Come here to me,” Pei Qiqi called out to him.

Nie Tian shook his head as he stepped back instead of approaching Pei Qiqi. “There’s no need.”

He intentionally kept a sizable distance between him and Pei Qiqi and gestured for her not to come closer.

Pei Qiqi didn’t understand what he was doing.

In the next moment, Nie Tian placed his hands in front of his chest, palms opposite each other, and the various types of power within him broke out violently.

A chaotic magnetic field with a eight-meter-radius was immediately formed around him.


At the same time, as a thought appeared in Li Langfeng’s mind, some of the dark-green miasma that had been floating in midair began to converge on Nie Tian from different parts of the valley.

As the poisonous smoke grew increasingly condensed, poisonous creatures such as serpents, scorpions, and centipedes formed. They were so lifelike that it seemed Li Langfeng had infused each of them with a wisp of his psychic awareness.


More dark-green smoke was rising from the ground where Nie Tian stood. However, as soon as the wisps of smoke entered his chaotic magnetic field, they were immediately ripped apart and ground to tiny bits.

Later, when the poisonous creatures Li Langfeng had created entered Nie Tian’s magnetic field, they suffered the same fate.

Li Langfeng watched as the poisonous creatures he had vested with his own psychic awareness were torn apart and reduced to wisps of smoke.

The smoke grew fainter and fainter as the magnetic field continued to grind it down.

Faint wisps of poisonous smoke were pushed to the outer verge of the magnetic field, so that they could never harm Nie Tian, who was at the center of the magnetic field.

“Strange kid...” Li Langfeng was increasingly surprised; the gaze he used to look at Nie Tian was filled with confusion.

Standing in front of Shi Qing, he subconsciously stepped towards Nie Tian.

At that moment, Shi Qing and Pei Qiqi were also enveloped by two clusters of condensed, poisonous smoke.

The two of them were struggling to contend against the erosion of the toxins, and didn’t dare to make any rash actions, since they both discovered that Li Langfeng had refined some of the tainted spiritual Qi in the mountain range and added it to his poisonous smoke, making his poisonous smoke even more powerful and dangerous.


After forming his chaotic magnetic field, Nie Tian slowly stepped closer towards the dark-green wall of water.

The moment his magnetic field made contact with the wall of water that had blocked his and Pei Qiqi’s path of escape, it began to twist and show signs of splitting.

Pei Qiqi, who had been staring at Nie Tian the whole time, said with her eyes lit up, “Break that ward, Hua Tian! We need to leave as soon as possible!”

She knew that she could only rely on manipulating spatial rifts to create an opening in Li Langfeng’s wall of water. However, Li Langfeng had seen through her intentions and dealt a great blow to her soul, forcing her to abandon the idea.

Even though she couldn’t see through the strange magnetic field around Nie Tian and determine what it was, she was aware that Nie Tian had managed to keep the poisonous smoke away with it after his green jade bracelet had lost its effectiveness.

Most unbelievable of all, it had even stopped and destroyed the numerous poisonous creatures Li Langfeng had used to attack him.

At that moment, it suddenly occurred to her that Nie Tian had showed up like a ghost and single-handedly taken out a dozen Dark Moon experts when she and Cai Yuan had been trapped by Ma Jiu and his men.

With those thoughts, Pei Qiqi’s eyes shone even brighter.

Shi Qing also saw what was happening to Nie Tian while exerting all measures to fend off the toxic smoke. “Young Lord was right. This Hua Tian kid is indeed beyond ordinary.”

He couldn’t help but admit that Cai Yuan was a perfect judge for talent, and he finally came to realize that earlier, when others had gone after Dark Moon experts, Nie Tian hadn’t stood by out of fear.

He just hadn’t felt the necessity to join the battle when it would be a guaranteed victory.

He had chosen to be an onlooker because he didn’t want to compete with the other Blood Skull members for contribution points.

Nie Tian, who was focused on tearing open the dark-green wall of water with his chaotic magnetic field, didn’t instantly respond after hearing Pei Qiqi’s words.


He raised one hand in the air and began to gather the tainted spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth to form a spiritual energy ball.

Within seconds, a misty, gray spiritual energy ball formed, with violent energy fluctuations coming from within it.

“Go!” To everyone’s surprise, Nie Tian turned around and shot the spiritual energy ball towards Li Langfeng as numerous types of power collided with one another in the limited space, making it more and more unstable.


The spiritual energy ball exploded right before it reached Li Langfeng, sending countless green, blue, black, and purple spots of light into its surroundings, engulfing Li Langfeng.


Without even checking the result of his attack, Nie Tian immediately concentrated his attention and formed another spiritual energy ball.

Before the bits of impurities from his first spiritual energy ball could dissipate, his second spiritual energy ball arrived.




With the same method, Nie Tian continued to form spiritual energy balls and cast them towards Li Liangfeng. The mad bombardment turned the area where Li Liangfeng was standing into a large cluster of multicolored mist.

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