Chapter 26: The Epiphany

“I can’t even stand up....”

Nie Tian felt somewhat depressed as he sat there unsteadily on the altar, but it took him only a second to realize that he could make use of the wonders of this world for training purposes.

The stronger the gravity, the more burden was placed on the body, which made it a perfect place to train in physical strength.

Ever since he was young, he had known that he was much stronger physically than other children. He had made up for his poor cultivation base with his powerful physique, allowing him to win in fights against Nie Hong and others.

“Wheww!" He took in a large gulp of air and tried to move his arms about under the terrifying gravitational force.

Compared to moving his entire body, it required considerably less effort to just move his arms under the influence of the strong gravity.

Just as he expected, although waggling his arms was more difficult than usual, at least he was able to move them.

Sitting straight up on the broken altar, he raised one of his arms with great effort, doing his best to point it towards the sky and to feel the influence of the gravity on the arm.

In the meantime, he continued to examine his surroundings.

"Well?!" Staring at the giant arms in the distance and watching them stretching out of the earth to the heavens, his mind flickered with enlightenment.

Every one of them pointed to the heavens with a different gesture, as if each of them contained different emotions.

Being able to do nothing but hold his arms up, Nie Tian felt bored at first. However, after noticing the various gestures formed by the giants’ hands, he opened up his mind and started to imitate them.

The first one he imitated was an arm that pointed to the sky with a tightly clenched fist and bulging veins.

His eyes were fixed on the mountain-sized arm, and soon he vaguely felt a wave of rage and begrudging emotion hidden inside the giant hand.

For unknown reasons, just by watching it, an unexpected surge of fury started to rise up in his heart, until his pupils were filled with a sea of rage. It all happened before he even realized what was going on.

The expression on his face grew feverish and angry, and a raging desire rose up to destroy the heavens and break all the shackles that had been formed in his heart.

After imitating the gesture of that giant arm, his mentality seemingly changed along with it, and his hand was filled with a new kind of power.

He could actually feel the spiritual power rushing out from his dantian’s spiritual sea and rapidly flowing along his meridians into his raised hand.

In his arm, every meridian seemed full of raging flames, and the spiritual power that was flowing in his meridians also seemed to have been vested with wrath.


All of a sudden, a white and misty spiritual aura formed on the back of his lifted fist!

Strands of the white spiritual aura were wrapped around his fist. It was an aura which contained unrestrained anger, and seemed to have strengthened his spiritual power.

“The sixth level of Qi Refining! Spiritual power overflow!”

Entering the sixth level of Qi Refining allowed him to channel his inner spiritual power to the surface of his body and infiltrate an enemy’s body with his own spiritual power merely by touching them.

Back when he fought Nie Hong, who was in the sixth level of Qi Refining, Nie Hong had sent his lightning-charged spiritual power into Nie Tian’s body as their fists met.

In the same way, every time their fists collided, more lightning power was left behind in his body, filling him with unbearable pain.

Not long ago, he had somehow stepped into the sixth level of Qi Refining in Mine #73, but he never had the chance to test the wonders of overflowing spiritual power.

Today, in this unknown heaven and earth, he almost effortlessly grasped the essence of spiritual power overflow of the sixth Qi Refining level.

This had completely exceeded his expectations.

Because, according to Nie Qian, after breaking into the sixth level of Qi Refining, one would have to make quite a few attempts before they could freely overflow their spiritual power to the surface of their body and retract it back inside.

However, in a surprising turn of events, he succeeded with merely one attempt.

Moreover, he could clearly sense the rage contained in the spiritual power that was wrapped around his fist.

Emotions were not attributes of spiritual power. They shouldn’t contain extra strength, but he believed that the rage attached to his spiritual power had its own secrets.

Unfortunately, Nie Hong wasn’t here. Otherwise, he would be able to throw him a punch and see if the rage could provide extra strength.

“Yee?!” Just as his thoughts were beginning to wander, his mentality changed again, and he was no longer full of wild rage.

The spiritual power that had previously converged into his raised arm rapidly flowed back to his spiritual sea. Before long, there was no spiritual power left in his arm at all.

He immediately understood why: his mind had drifted, so he had failed to maintain his mentality of rage and frenzy.

When the rage disappeared and he became calm again, the miraculous sensation on his fist, that was pointing to the sky, also vanished. As the spiritual power returned to his dantian, everything went back to normal.

“Mentality! Mentality is the key!”

After the epiphany, he refocused his mind and laid his eyes on the mountain-like giant arm in the distance.

He put his heart into analyzing the giant hand that was balled up in a fist, and he felt all the monstrous rage hidden in it. As he gradually submerged himself in it, he once again found himself influenced by the emotion and his heart grew more and more angry.

When his heart was full of rage, he imitated the gesture of the giant arm and thrust his clenched fist into the sky.

Strands of spiritual power once again surged out of his spiritual sea as he extended his arm. Those strands were instantly injected into the meridians within his arm, and roared their way into his fist.


As expected, the light, white spiritual aura, full of rage, reappeared on his fist.

“This is it!” A sense of joy rose in his heart. In the meantime, the rage that he had tried so hard to build up, suddenly vanished.

In a flash, the amazing power he had just recovered left him again.

However, through this attempt, he had found the secret to the trick, and then he practiced it over and over again.

In his later practices, whenever he was able to maintain a raging heart, the special feeling of his fist being filled with rage would always be there.

Meanwhile, he also found that he could only cultivate the rage in his heart when gazing at the distant giant arm.

When he didn’t look at the giant arm and tried to make the punch by channeling his own rage, that mysterious sensation wouldn’t appear.

It seemed that he had to fully understand the begrudging rage contained in the giant hand, so as to truly grasp the essence of that punch.

After realizing this, he calmed himself and stopped wasting his energy, and instead, once again fixed his eyes on the giant arm, trying to truly feel the mental status of its owner when they threw that punch.

He was completely submerged in his thoughts and lost track of time; he forgot about the environment he was in and even forgot himself.

When he forgot about his physical form, he entered a trance in which he had the sudden feeling that he was the owner of the giant arm, that he feared no rules or restrictions, and that he dared to fight the heaven and earth.


After an unknown period of time, the animal bone by his feet suddenly spewed tiny flames.

It seemed the drop of blood in the animal bone had been consuming its flame power. Now, after it had consumed a certain amount, the animal bone began to change.


One after another, clusters of flame shot out of the animal bone, dragging Nie Tian out of his thoughts.

At first glance, Nie Tian found that the drop of blood in the animal bone had shrunk considerably, compared to when it was fully formed.

He instantly realized, without knowing it, that he had consumed a considerable amount of the flame energy.

Even as he was in a state of bewilderment, the animal bone continued to change and once again transformed into a bright vortex of flame.

Seeing the formation of the flame vortex, he suddenly understood the flame power left in the animal bone was now only enough to open the portal to home.

Otherwise, as the flame energy continued to run out, there wouldn’t be enough power left in the animal bone to form the flame vortex and send him back.

Looking at those mountain-like giant arms, he was extremely reluctant to leave, as he had just discovered part of the secrets contained in them. “I have no choice but to leave for now?”

However, the animal bone didn’t give him any time to think before he was swallowed by the bright vortex of flame.

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