Chapter 239: A Monster in the Void Illusion Mountain Range

“Can’t you two hide a little further away?” Frowning, Pei Qiqi lifted her jade-like arm, and another Spatial Bulwark appeared in the Golden Stone Rhino’s way.


The Golden Stone Rhino rammed into it and its mountain-like body came to a stop.

It turned its head back and bellowed at Pei Qiqi, heaven-shattering rage filling its cry.

Pei Qiqi didn’t have any expression on her face as her slender figure flashed out of the spatial rift-filled area.

She waved at the Golden Stone Rhino, letting it know that she was its opponent and provoking it to attack her again.

“Well, Hua Tian, we should have gotten a little further away from them.” Embarrassment could be seen on Li Ye’s face as he dragged Nie Tian and backed away. “But you can rest assured. Although the Golden Stone Rhino is as powerful as a Greater Heaven stage Qi warrior, my senior martial sister is more formidable here.

“The Void Illusion Mountain Range is my senior martial sister’s Blessed Land. Whoever dares to fight her here is bound to die, human or spirit beast.

“Not long ago, she even single-handedly dealt with and killed a few dozen experts from the Wild Fire and Dark Moon here. Three of them were at the Greater Heaven stage, but even still, my senior martial sister lured them to a place where the spatial rifts were violent and killed them all.”

Li Ye told Nie Tian stories of Pei Qiqi’s prowess as he dragged Nie Tian away from the Golden Stone Rhino.

As they pulled back, Nie Tian occasionally looked over his shoulder to check on the battle between Pei Qiqi and the Golden Stone Rhino, and saw numerous spatial light blades appearing out of nowhere, filling the air around Pei Qiqi.

Each and every one of them was forged with her own power. Although they weren’t as sharp as the Ethereal Swords, there were so many of them.

Nearly a hundred spatial light blades bombarded on the Golden Stone Rhino like a shoal of blood-thirsty fish.

A series of clashing sounds rang out as golden sparks were sent flying from the contact points. Numerous fine cuts were created on the Golden Stone Rhino’s body, and blood was flowing out of them.

However, none of the wounds were deep enough to endanger its life. It was still brimming with life force and energy, and Pei Qiqi’s attacks only made the Golden Stone Rhino fume with rage.

Therefore, the Golden Stone Rhino sudden turned around and once again lunged towards Pei Qiqi, who had already stepped out of the region where numerous spatial rifts slithered about.

Nie Tian, who was now observing from afar, saw the great amounts of spinning light blades and couldn’t help but marvel, “Spatial light blades...”

At that moment, he finally understood why Li Ye had told him that them joining the fight would neither benefit Pei Qiqi nor themselves.

The current Pei Qiqi was like a monster that was summoning the surging spatial energy in the Void Illusion Mountain Range to launch attacks.

Her spatial magics allowed her to display more battle prowess than someone at her cultivation level should have.

If she ever ran into enemies that were significantly stronger than she was, she could always hide in areas where spatial rifts were densely-packed and active, so that her enemies could never get her, as long as they weren’t experts in spatial magics.

Any person or spirit beast that dared to step amongst the violent spatial rifts would either end up sliced into pieces or fall into one of the spatial rifts.

Most of the spatial rifts led to unexplored desolate lands. Withering away in a place where there wasn’t a single sign of life could be even worse than being killed on the spot.


The Golden Stone Rhino roared as its attempts to approach Pei Qiqi were repeatedly frustrated by her Spatial Bulwarks.

However, her spatial light blades and Ethereal Swords never stopped cutting open more wounds all over the Golden Stone Rhino’s body.

It seemed that Pei Qiqi wasn’t in a hurry at all; she was intentionally taking her time with this gigantic beast, as she knew that if she continued to deplete it, it would eventually collapse due to exhaustion and blood loss.

“Wow, senior martial sister is getting better and better.” Li Ye couldn’t help but gasp in admiration. “She has always fought spirit beasts head-on before, and despised avoiding them. That was why she always sustained some injuries and expended a great deal energy, even when she won.

“Now that she’s attained perfection in her fighting skills, powerful spirit beasts like this Golden Stone Rhino can’t even get close to her. As long as she doesn’t make a mistake, she’ll soon be able to wear down this monster, which has a higher cultivation level than she does.

“Even though it takes a little longer this way, at least she won’t get hurt or consume too much of her strength.

“This is the optimal way for her to fight in the Void Illusion Mountain Range. This is great. We don’t even need to fear coming to the Void Illusion Mountain Range in the future in the slightest. As long as there are no mishaps, no one will be able to touch us.”

While Li Ye went on and on about the awesomeness of his senior martial sister, the berserk Golden Stone Rhino began to move increasingly stiffly because of the massive blood loss.

Just as Li Ye had expected, the Golden Stone Rhino, which was strong enough to rip any Greater Heaven stage Qi warrior to shreds, failed to even get close enough to Pei Qiqi to attack her.

About fifteen minutes later, the Golden Stone Rhino finally lost its fierceness and grew weak. After realizing the unfavorable situation, it rapidly turned around and attempted to flee.

At that moment, Pei Qiqi finally launched her killing move by commanding the Ethereal Swords to pierce into the softest part of the Golden Stone Rhino, its neck, while it was focused solely on running.


Its enormous body immediately crashed heavily to the ground.

“Okay, you two can come out now,” Pei Qiqi called out to them.

“I knew she’d be able to kill it. Hahaha!” Li Ye was overjoyed as he finally had the courage to return where Pei Qiqi was standing along with Nie Tian.

By the time the two of them got to the Golden Stone Rhino’s side, Nie Tian discovered that Pei Qiqi had already cut off its horn with one of her Ethereal Swords and was just about to skin it.

It was known that the most valuable parts of a Golden Stone Rhino were its horn and armor-like skin.

“Well...” Nie Tian hesitated for a moment before he said, “Can you leave its meat and blood to me?”

As she was skillfully skinning the beast, Pei Qiqi stared blankly at him for a second before saying, “Spirit beasts in the Realm of Split Void cultivate with tainted spiritual Qi, which makes their flesh and blood full of impurities that human Qi warriors can’t process. Surely, they’re powerful, but no one has ever wanted their flesh or blood. What do you need them for?”

“Impurities...” Nie Tian seemed somewhat hesitant.

The Blood Sect’s Blood Refining Incantation allowed him to refine spirit beast blood and turn it into pure power.

He was also certain that he could use spirit beast meat to strengthen his bones, nourish his muscles, and temper his meridians.

Since a fourth grade spirit beast was rather hard to find in the Realm of Flame Heaven, he was planning to use its meat and blood to enhance himself.

However, Pei Qiqi’s words made him vacillate.

“If you don’t need them, can you just give them to me?” Nie Tian asked. “I might be able to put them to use.”

“Alright,” Pei Qiqi replied in a clean-cut manner.

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