Chapter 235: He Is Mine!

Fuming with anger, Yang Ling shouted, “I’ll say it one more time! Get out of my way!”

Being one of the most respected characters in the Wild Fire, Pei Qiqi’s previous words and Nie Tian’s disdainful manner had truly enraged him.

He could make peace with the way Pei Qiqi had provoked him. After all, she had her special abilities, and no one had been able to hurt her throughout the years.

Every member of the Wild Fire, Dark Moon, and Blood Skull knew her reputation as a vicious talker.

However, who was this Nie Tian person?

A nobody with a Lesser Heaven stage cultivation base had actually dared to join Pei Qiqi to humiliate him. He couldn’t let this happen!

“Hahaha!” Nie Tian laughed and shook his head as he said, “You’ve got quite a mouth for someone who’s going to die soon.”


Nie Tian shot towards Yang Ling like a cannonball as he attempted to bombard him and kill him with his rock-hard fleshy body.

Yang Ling’s pupils shrank and a strong killing intent appeared in his eyes, “You’re courting death!”

All of a sudden, an intense cold aura rose from within Yang Ling’s body!

Even though Pei Qiqi didn’t notice how Nie Tian had killed the other three Wild Fire members, Yang Ling, who possessed superior strength, had witnessed the whole process.

He was aware that if he didn’t resort to his spiritual power at all, he would very likely be killed by Nie Tian in the same way he had killed his three sidekicks.

Bearing that thought in mind, he decided to make a risky move to save himself from such a desperate situation.

However, as soon as the wisps of frost power flowed out of his spiritual sea, the colorful lights that had been swimming around in every corner of the cave seemed to have discovered a vent.

One after another, they whizzed towards him like razor-sharp, fine threads.

In merely a moment, Yang Ling’s slender body was covered in numerous fine wounds.

However, despite the painful injuries, he once again forcibly summoned frost power from his spiritual sea, turning his hands into two ice pitons and thrusting them towards Nie Tian’s chest.


Even more colorful lights rapidly converged on his translucent, icy hands, cutting open numerous bloody wounds.

Yang Ling gave a muffled groan as his soul even seemed to have sustained serious injuries. Even still, he bore the excruciating pain and assumed a manner that implied that he would only stop when he had killed Nie Tian.

“Stop, Nie Tian!” Li Ye called out.

Nie Tian, who was rapidly closing in on Yang Ling, also sensed the danger.

He came to a stop when he was two meters away from Yang Ling and began to step backwards.

“Go to hell!” As Yang Ling let out an angry roar, the countless fine wounds on him suddenly burst open, spilling out large amounts of blood.

At that moment, Yang Ling was like a trapped monster. He no longer cared about what would happen to himself as long as he could kill Nie Tian on the spot. Even if it meant that he would pay the price of his own life.

The reckless Yang Ling rapidly approached Nie Tian while his blood sputtered in every direction.

As he did, more colorful lights whizzed by, turning his body into a bloody mess.

From what Nie Tian could tell, now that Yang Ling had become the target of every colorful light in the cave, even if he didn’t attack him himself, those countless colorful lights would kill him eventually.

However, it seemed that Yang Ling had already forgotten about his own life. All he wanted was to kill Nie Tian as quickly as possible.

“You seem to have enough dancing partners already.” With these words, Nie Tian decided not to fight Yang Ling head-on. Instead, he swiftly shifted his position to avoid him.

By doing that, he even showed Yang Ling the exit, but he didn’t think it was a big deal, since even if he escaped from the mine to the Void Illusion Mountain Range, considering his condition, he would most likely collapse due to those deep cuts.

By that time, he and Li Ye might be strong enough to kill him. They wouldn’t even need Pei Qiqi to help them.

“You can’t hide from me!” Yang Ling roared as he shot numerous ice blades that carried bone-piercing coldness towards Nie Tian, hoping to use them to slice Nie Tian into shreds before he left the cave.

However, the colorful lights’ targets weren’t limited to those who used their spiritual power in the cave. They would also target anything that was condensed by spiritual power.


As the ice blades flew towards Nie Tian, countless colorful lights swooped in from every direction and entangled them, causing their might to decline significantly.

By the time they reached Nie Tian, they were already like arrows at the end of their flight, leaving only a few shallow scrapes on Nie Tian’s skin.

“What?!” Observing with her eyes narrowed from the side, Pei Qiqi couldn’t help but exclaim, after seeing that the ice blades barely hurt Nie Tian.

According to her assessment, even though Yang Ling’s ice blades had been greatly weakened by the colorful lights, they should have been able to give Nie Tian numerous bloody gashes.

After all, Nie Tian was only at the Lesser Heaven stage. How refined his fleshy body could be?

She even felt that her junior martial brother, Li Ye, would sustain serious injuries after being bombarded by those weakened ice blades.

It didn’t make sense that Nie Tian was almost unhurt.

After pondering the matter for a short while, her eyes shone with a strange light.

She suddenly came to the realization that Hua Mu must have refined this young man’s body before he sent him to this place, giving him an exceptionally strong and solid body.

Only that would explain why he was able to withstand those ice blades without using any spiritual power.

Before now, she hadn’t attached any importance to Nie Tian. She was even slightly disgusted by the fact that Hua Mu had stuffed this nephew of his into her hands, and thus she had assigned him to Li Ye.

Only at this point did she finally look at Nie Tian in a different way.

“He’s still not dead!?” The fact that Nie Tian had survived his attack left Yang Ling in shock.

He had planned to kill Nie Tian with the least effort possible before getting out of the cave and the Void Illusion Mountain Range.

Now that Nie Tian was almost unscathed, it put him in a dilemma.

“You even used your spiritual power, and this is all you’ve got?” With these words, Nie Tian once again swiftly shifted toward the exit. His gaze passed Yang Ling and landed on Pei Qiqi. “As long as I’m the one who kills him, I’ll get to take all his belongings?”

Pei Qiqi nodded and said, “That’s right. That’s the rule I set, so I’ll live by it myself.”

“Great!” Nie Tian grinned. “This Yang Ling person is mine. Don’t you fight me for him.”

From what Nie Tian could tell, Yang Ling was already on the verge of collapsing.

After condensing those ice blades and controlling them to attack Nie Tian, he had already sustained a severe backlash. At this point, he was already too weak to pose a threat to him.

After getting Pei Qiqi’s consent, he pointed at Yang Ling and said, “I’m standing right here. You’ll have to get through me to leave this place!”

“Good! Good!! Even if I die here today, I’ll kill you first!!” His thunderous rage seemed to have caused Yang Ling to lose his mind. As he barked, numerous colorful lights shot toward his gash-covered body.

At that moment, he already didn’t have a single piece of undamaged skin on him.

Watching from a safe distance, the fat Li Ye said harshly, “Man... I never expected that the famous Yang Ling of the Wild Fire would end up being so miserable.

“Hey, Uncle Yang, what are you waiting for? If you don’t strike soon, I suspect that you’ll die even before Hua Tian attacks you.”


His words further enraged Yang Ling and worsened his injuries. He coughed up a mouthful of blood and said, “Shut up!!!”

“I only warned you with good intentions. I suggest you save your breath. That way you’ll be able to strike harder.” Li Ye didn’t have the slightest intention of stopping.


Wisps of white, misty frost auras rose from within Yang Ling’s body; some of them were offset by the colorful lights that converged from every direction, while others were condensing into a bright sphere with Yang Ling at the center.

“It’s my turn now.” Instead of waiting for Yang Ling to attack him, Nie Tian frowned and charged towards Yang Ling.

Although Yang Ling currently needed more time than usual to launch his spiritual incantation, he feared that, given enough time, he would still be able to inflict serious damage on him. After all, he was a Greater Heaven stage expert.


Like a frenzied beast, Nie Tian charged into Yang Ling’s frost mist zone, scattering the frost auras before his fist bombarded Yang Ling’s forehead.


Yang Ling’s skull was smashed in before he could finish his spell. Then, his corpse collapsed to the ground.

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