Chapter 234: Unparalleled Strength!

Normally speaking, those who had a higher cultivation base would have a more refined and stronger fleshy body.

Therefore, even if the uniqueness of this place didn’t allow them to use their spiritual power, the early Greater Heaven stage Yang Ling should have the upper hand in fighting everyone else relying only on his physical strength.

Although Nie Tian hadn’t been able to see through Pei Qiqi’s cultivation base, he assumed, considering her age, that she couldn’t be at a cultivation stage higher than Yang Ling.

It might even be possible that she was also at the late Heaven stage, the same as Li Ye. It was her special incantations that had enabled her to kill so many powerful experts with higher cultivation bases in the Void Illusion Mountain Range, which made her seem more powerful than she really was.

On the other hand, the way Yang Ling had behaved backed Nie Tian’s assumption. He had to know that Pei Qiqi’s actual cultivation base was lower than his, and thus had such great confidence in winning.

After a moment of pondering, Nie Tian came to the conclusion that Pei Qiqi’s true cultivation base was probably the same as Li Ye’s.

“You three, go and kill those two brats.” Yang Ling let out a cold harrumph and strode towards Pei Qiqi.

On his way, he pulled up a shovel that he had used to mine Space Spirit Jade from the ground next to his feet.

Nie Tian looked at the shovel with rapt attention, and found that there indeed weren’t even the slightest spiritual power fluctuations around it, which meant that even Yang Ling was afraid that using his spiritual power here would make himself suffer a great backlash from those colorful lights and put his life in danger.

Pei Qiqi shifted two steps to her side and skillfully avoided Yang Ling’s attack. In the meantime, she urged Nie Tian and Li Ye to fight, as if she didn’t think much of Yang Ling at all. “Li Ye, Hua Tian, what are you doing? Fight your enemies!”

“Go!” Li Ye suddenly shoved Nie Tian from behind, causing him to stagger into the center of the three Heaven stage Wild Fire members.

The three of them grinned viciously before each of them picked up a shovel from the ground and hacked towards Nie Tian.

“No spiritual power, physical strength only...” Surrounded by three powerful experts, Nie Tian looked at the sinister expressions on their faces and smiled.

Ever since he was a boy, he had eaten more than other juniors in the Nie clan. Every time he had fought his peers with higher cultivation bases, he had won thanks to his unparalleled physical strength.

After he left the Nie clan, he had consumed large amounts of spirit beast meat and tempered his fleshy body during the Green Illusion dimension trial, the upheaval in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, and the bloodbaths in the Heaven Gate trial. His physical strength had risen to a point where it was terrifying.

Seeing the three Wild Fire members attacking him together with shovels, he didn’t cower in the least.


The moment those shovels slashed down from the air, Nie Tian struck with his fists at the speed of lightning, knocking the shovels out of his enemies’ hands.

Before they could recover from their astonishment, Nie Tian rammed into one of them like a stampeding, wild beast.


The sound of bones cracking rang out from within the person’s chest.

He immediately coughed up a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying backward to a corner of the cave.


By the time he crashed into the cave wall, the light had already disappeared from his eyes.

“What the hell?!” Standing not far from Nie Tian, Li Ye couldn’t help but exclaim as he held a dagger in his hand.

Actually, Li Ye hadn’t just stood by and watched after shoving Nie Tian into the crowd of enemies.

He had taken out a sharp dagger that shone with cold light and snuck up upon one of the Wild Fire members in an attempt to attack him from behind.

He found the perfect opportunity to stab the man the moment he swung his shovel down towards Nie Tian.

However, just as his dagger was about to go into the man’s back, Nie Tian ran into him and knocked him flying like a war chariot.

Li Ye remained in the middle of his stabbing action as he looked blankly at the man who had crashed into the cave wall with blood spilling out of his mouth and nose.

After going blank for a moment, Li Ye couldn’t help but blurt, “What in the world are you made of, Hua Tian?”

The eyes of the other two turned red after seeing their friend be killed by Nie Tian with one strike.

The two of them roared as they fetched their shovels and once again swung them towards Nie Tian’s back and left arm.

“Hahaha!” Nie Tian laughed and said, “Attacking me with your laughable physical strength... You must have a death wish!”


As soon as their shovels made contact with Nie Tian’s body, their expressions flickered drastically.

They felt as if their full-strength swings had been met with a solid rock that was even tougher than the Space Spirit Jades embedded in the cave wall.

Nie Tian, on the other hand, felt nothing but a mild ache after taking the hits. He didn’t even have a scratch on his body.

“You two can die now!” After realizing that he was significantly stronger than them, Nie Tian decided to go all-out to attack and hold nothing back.

With a swift move, he clutched the backs of their necks with his hands.


The two powerful Wild Fire experts felt like an iron lock had been hooked onto their necks. Pushed by Nie Tian’s irresistible strength, their foreheads clunked together, causing them to bleed from the forehead.

Just as the two of them were dizzy and disoriented, Nie Tian picked them up by grabbing their necks again. When their feet left the ground, they desperately struggled to kick Nie Tian.

However, compared to the tall and robust Nie Tian, they were much smaller and weaker.

The kicks they summoned all their strength to launch dealt no damage to Nie Tian. Nie Tian still stood unwavering, seemingly completely unaffected.

Before long, the two Wild Fire experts’ faces turned dark-red, and they had great difficulty breathing. It seemed that they were going to suffocate in the next moment.

“Hua Tian! Kill them now!” Li Ye reminded him in a loud voice.

It was at that moment that Nie Tian frowned as he noticed the strong killing intent in his dying enemies’ eyes. Apparently, they knew that they would face certain death if they didn’t do anything, so they decided to resort to their spiritual power, hoping to kill Nie Tian before he killed them.


Just as they were about to summon their spiritual power, Nie Tian snapped their neck bones with a violent squeeze.

In the next moment, their heads sagged down as they died instantly.

Flabbergasted, Li Ye muttered, “Such monstrous strength! Is this guy a spirit beast from the Void Illusion Mountain Range in disguise or what?!”

He simply found it unbelievable that Nie Tian had killed three powerful enemies in such a short time.

He had only brought Nie Tian to this place with the intention of using his strength to help them mine and carry Space Spirit Jades.

Never had he expected that Nie Tian had physical strength so formidable that it almost seemed inhuman.

After all, Nie Tian was only at the Lesser Heaven stage, while the three people he had killed had been at the Heaven stage.

Even though they had an advantage in both number and cultivation base, they couldn’t even put up a fight when they faced Nie Tian’s overwhelming strength.

“Hua Tian...” Even Pei Qiqi, who was fighting Yang Ling up close, was astounded by Nie Tian’s effectiveness.

She had been focused on her battle against Yang Ling, and hadn’t noticed how Nie Tian had killed his enemies.

When she overheard Li Ye marvel at Nie Tian’s strength and spared them a glance, she found, to her surprise, that Nie Tian had already finished off all three of them, and Nie Tian was standing there, nonchalant and with a bored look in his eyes.

It seemed he was unsatisfied that his opponents had failed to give him any challenge.

Yang Ling also noticed Nie Tian’s exceptional battle prowess, and asked with a grim face, “Who’s that kid?”

After all, those three were seasoned Heaven stage Qi warriors, and they knew how to make joint attacks against their enemies.

Even Yang Ling wasn’t confident that he would be able to kill them if the three of them teamed up on him.

The fact that Nie Tian had killed them in such a short time made Yang Ling’s heart grow heavy.

“This is not good.” After realizing that the seemingly unimpressive young man possessed formidable physical strength, Yang Ling sensed the unfavorable situation.


Without any sign, he ditched Pei Qiqi and dashed toward the entrance of the cave.

“Don’t let him get away!” Li Ye yelled.

“Got it." Nie Tian replied as he turned around and beat Yang Ling to the entrance. He stood there and smiled at him.

“Didn’t you say you would leave this place with Pei Qiqi’s dead body?”

Yang Ling glowered at Nie Tian. “Get the hell out of my way!”

“What if I don’t?” Nie Tian tilted his head and looked at Yang Ling, confidence filling his eyes. “I know I can’t defeat you out there. But as long as we’re in here, I can kill you as easily as I did your three lackeys.”

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