Chapter 233: A Strange Stone Falls from the Heavens


At that moment, an immaculate white jade fell out of the intersection of two spatial rifts and onto the ground.

It was the size of a fist, and emanated a mysterious misty light, along with strong spatial fluctuations.

Pei Qiqi, Nie Tian, and Li Ye, who were just about to enter the spatial rift, went blank for a moment.

Nie Tian and Li Ye exchanged a glance, and strange expressions appeared on their faces.

Staring at the jade, Nie Tian asked, “This is a Space Spirit Jade?”

Li Ye nodded and, looking at the intersection of spatial rifts, he said, “Yang Ling and those Wild Fire members are mining Space Spirit Jades inside.”

Pei Qiqi stepped over to the jade and crouched down to grab it. The moment her hand touched the jade, it morphed into a line of white light and disappeared into her ring of holding.

After that, she turned to Li Ye and Nie Tian and said, “It seems we don’t need to go in so fast.”

Li Ye gave a wretched, low-pitched laugh. “The mere thought of having those Wild Fire people mine Space Spirit Jades for us makes me wanna laugh.”

Nie Tian also found the scene rather laughable.

It wasn’t hard to imagine that, at that very moment, four powerful experts of the Wild Fire were sparing no effort to mine Space Spirit Jades.

They probably had never expected that it was Nie Tian, Pei Qiqi and Li Ye who were now collecting the fruits of their labor from the spatial rifts, instead of their own people.

It was at that moment that Nie Tian came to wonder why they didn’t put the Space Spirit Jades they had painstakingly mined into their own bracelets of holding or rings of holding, but threw them out instead.

He expressed his doubts to Li Ye, hoping he could give him an answer.

“Technically, the Space Spirit Jade mine isn’t in the Void Illusion Mountain Range, but rather in the intersection point between those spatial rifts. I don’t know what caused it, but whoever enters it won’t dare use their spiritual power, not even in the least bit! Whatever the attribute is, the use of any spiritual power will immediately trigger great upheavals.

“Furthermore, due to the special spatial fluctuations, all sorts of storage spiritual tools will also lose their effectiveness in there.

“That’s why I brought you here. It’ll take nothing but physical strength to mine Space Spirit Jades in there. Your cultivation base won’t matter. Since you’re quite strong, I bet you’ll be able to help us mine more Space Spirit Jades.

“Oh, one more thing, you’ll have to take off the jade bracelet I gave you before you enter the spatial rift.

“The spiritual power shield the jade bracelet creates will also trigger strong fluctuations in there and thus put us in danger.”


While they were speaking, another Space Spirit Jade fell out of the intersection of spatial rifts.

It landed right next to Nie Tian’s feet.

Just as Nie Tian bent down to take a closer look at it, Pei Qiqi came over and snatched it.

Then, she looked at Nie Tian, who had a frustrated look in his eyes, and said, “I killed those six Wild Fire members. Therefore, these Space Spirit Jades, which were intended for them, should belong to me. Don’t you think so?”

“Yeah, I guess,” said Nie Tian.

So far, he already had a good idea of this woman’s fierceness and brutality, so he didn’t even imagine trying get anything out of her pocket.

Moreover, he assumed that it was still going to be a while before they left the Void Illusion Mountain Range. Therefore, he still had time, and other chances might present themselves.

“Good.” Pei Qiqi was quite content that Nie Tian had learned the rule.

After that, more Space Spirit Jades flew out of the intersection of spatial rifts.

Pei Qiqi took each and every one of them, not even leaving one for her junior martial brother, Li Ye, not to mention Nie Tian.

It seemed that Li Ye was already used to the way she did things, as he smiled the whole time, without even the least bit of anger in his eyes.

Nie Tian also found a way to make peace with Pei Qiqi’s possessive and domineering behavior. After all, neither him nor Li Ye had been of any help to her after they had arrived in the Void Illusion Mountain Range.

Time passed quickly. Two hours later, the amount of Space Spirit Jades that shot out of the intersection of the spatial rifts had gradually reduced.

After noticing that, Pei Qiqi frowned and said, “It’s about time.”

She looked up at the intersection point of the spatial rifts. “Those Wild Fire members must have grown weary after mining nonstop for so long. I think it’s about time they came out of there to get some fresh air and eat something.

“However, they only need to consume their physical strength in there, so that means their spiritual power is still at a high level.

“If we wait for them to come out and deal with them here, it will be a tough battle for us.”

With these words, she took a deep breath and said, “I’ll go inside first. You two come in after me.”


Pei Qiqi blurred into a ocean-blue flash and flew into the intersection point between the spatial rifts.

Li Ye’s spirit was lifted. “It’s our turn now. I’ll go first. You pay attention and watch how I do it. Also, don’t forget to put away your jade bracelet before you enter!”


With a vigorous leap, Li Ye’s fat body charged toward the part where several spatial rifts met.

The misty, green light shield around him disappeared right before he entered.

Nie Tian, who had closely observed how Pei Qiqi and Li Ye had done it, imitated them and bolted toward the location where they had disappeared. As he had been instructed, he put away his jade bracelet the moment before he shot into the spatial rift.


In the next moment, Nie Tian found himself in a spacious cave.

On the walls of the cave, he could see numerous shiny, translucent stones, which Nie Tian believed to be none other than unmined Space Spirit Jades.

“Pei Qiqi!” Standing not far from him, four Qi warriors of the Wild Fire were glaring at the three of them, bone-piercing cold looks in their eyes.

Their leader was a man who was so tall and skinny that he looked like a bamboo pole.

The moment he saw Pei Qiqi, he seemed to have guessed what had happened to their partners on the other side. “You’ve killed all six of them, haven’t you?”

“Not only have I killed them, but I’ve also taken the Space Spirit Jades that you mined.” Pei Qiqi said bluntly.

The man gave a cold snort and said, “Pei Qiqi, do you really think you can do whatever you like in the Void Illusion Mountain Range?”

“Well, at least you’re not strong enough to kill me.” Pei Qiqi didn't back down a bit.

“You’ve come to the wrong place.” Yang Ling grinned and said, “No matter how powerful you are out there, you can’t use your spatial magics in here. Do you really have the confidence that you’ll be able to kill the four of us only relying on your physical strength?”

“You bet I do.” Pei Qiqi replied firmly.

While the two of them went tit for tat against each other, Nie Tian glanced around, and noticed that numerous lines of colorful light were slithering about within the cave.

As fine and splendid as they seemed, Nie Tian had a feeling that once they were triggered, their power would be enough to set the whole cave ablaze.

Therefore, he guessed that those gorgeous light ribbons were the unstable factors that Li Ye had warned him about.

They would annihilate whoever dared to use their spiritual power inside the cave.

“Li Ye, can I use my psychic power here?” He asked softly.

Li Ye’s face was very grim as he said, “No! Don’t you try to use your psychic power here. If you do, your soul will undoubtedly suffer a severe backlash, which might turn out to be fatal!”

“Alright." Nie Tian gave up on the idea.

“The way I see it, this is actually good for us,” Li Ye continued. “Yang Ling and his men have cultivation bases that are higher than ours. We can’t use our psychic power, but neither can they. As a matter of fact, you might have come to the perfect place this time. Your physical strength might play a crucial role here.”

With these words, Li Ye took a step back and stood behind Nie Tian.

“As you can see, I’m too fat to fight physical battles. There’s no way I can beat them. It’s time for you to prove yourself.” Li Ye urged Nie Tian to fight the battle for him.

“Li Ye, Hua Tian, you take the other three. Leave Yang Ling to me.” Pei Qiqi issued the command.

“Good! Very good!” Yang Ling laughed evilly. “I finally get to see how awesome Pei Qiqi of Shatter City is! You’ve killed more than a few members of the Wild Fire with your spatial magics in the Void Illusion Mountain Range. I’ll walk out of here with your corpse today!”

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