Chapter 220: Peak Battle Prowess

Under his enemies’ gazes, Nie Tian showed no sign of fear. Instead, he grinned and issued a command to the Bone Blood Demon, “Continue!” Although the Bone Blood Demon’s sphere of death had already shrunk to a one hundred meter radius, it rampaged through the crowd of low-tier outsiders as it always had, reaping many lives.

One low-tier outsider after another was cut down, bereft of any life force.

Standing atop the Bone Blood Demon’s shoulder, Nie Tian observed the overall situation as he continued to issue commands to the Bone Blood Demon.

Although his vision had been blocked the moment he commanded the Bone Blood Demon to charge into the demon Qi vortex, he had already wrapped seven spots of starlight with his psychic awareness and flown them out into the battlefield to serve as his Heaven Eyes.

They enabled him to have a clear view of everything that was happening within the demon Qi vortex.

He noticed that it seemed that all the human Qi warriors, who had daringly charged into the demon Qi vortex to fight outsiders, were able to resist the erosion of the demon Qi with little effort.

At that moment, Ghost Eye, sectmaster of the Ghost Sect, was manipulating his two Heaven Ghosts and nine Earth Ghosts to fight two powerful high-tier outsiders.

Those two high-tier outsiders seemed as skinny as Ghost Eye; one of them was handling the Heaven Ghosts and Earth Ghosts, while the other was in close combat with Ghost Eye.

Strong auras hovered around Ghost Eye and his two opponents like invisible ghosts, clearing the area they were in of the least bit of demon Qi.

Apparently, there was also a battle of souls going on between them.

Off to the side, Li Jing, who was sitting on her Blood Lotus, was also dealing with two high-tier outsiders at the same time.

The blood shadow that had come out of the lotus was chasing after one high-tier outsider while Li Jing formed mysterious hand seals, using the Bloodflow Reverse Incantation to attack another.

Not far from Li Jing, a burly human Qi warrior wearing sackcloth was using a wide sword to fight against a male high-tier outsider, who was significantly taller than him and had his whole body covered in pitch-black armor.

The fight between that burly man and his opponent instantly caught Nie Tian’s attention.

He commanded the Heaven Eye that was floating near them to quietly move closer to get an accurate assessment of the high-tier outsider’s battle prowess.

However, while the Heaven Eye was still two hundred meters away from it, the high-tier outsider, who was fighting the burly man, seemed to notice it.

All of a sudden, more black armor grew out of his body, covering every inch of his skin, leaving only his purple eyes, which were now fixed on the approaching Heaven Eye.


As soon as the outsider laid his devilish eyes on the Heaven Eye, it exploded.

A violent tremor ran through Nie Tian’s body as he experienced a excruciating pain in his soul. Even his pupils dilated slightly.

A sense of fear rose in his heart as he realized that this high-tier outsider must be the most powerful one in the demon Qi vortex.

Now with only six Heaven Eyes at his disposal, Nie Tian didn’t dare to command another one to approach that outsider. Instead, he deployed them around it, and made sure that each of them was a safe distance away from it.

Then, Nie Tian took note that the powerful high-tier outsider wasn’t using any tools while fighting the burly Qi warrior.

He only extended his giant hands to summon power from the surrounding demon Qi and form bright, purple light balls on his palms.

Light-purple veins could be seen within the light balls, embellished with numerous shimmering, bright dots.

Each purple light ball was like a fist that carried terrifying power as they were cast toward the burly man, who would immediately raise his wide sword to defend.

Upon colliding, a heaven-destroying, earth-extinguishing sound would filled the air, along with the purple light dots that were sent flying in all directions after the light balls exploded.

Nie Tian kept track of the flying, shimmering light dots via his Heaven Eyes, and saw that, instead of dissipating into the air or falling to the ground, they floated to the ancient stone city where Qi warriors from the Ghost Sect and Hell Sect were fighting low-tier outsiders.

Whoever made contact with them, no matter if they were human Qi warriors or low-tier outsiders, would immediately explode and become pieces of flesh flying everywhere, dying a horrible death.

Nie Tian was flabbergasted.

He immediately realized that the armored high-tier outsider had infused those purple light balls with his bloodline power, and the shimmering light dots that looked like tiny amethysts were the embodiment of his wild bloodline power.

Only a few fragments of them could kill any low-tier outsider or Greater Heaven stage human Qi warrior upon contact.

Furthermore, it seemed that those tiny bits of that high-tier outsider’s bloodline power didn’t even bother to distinguish friend from foe. Whoever they touched, perished.

It was as if the low-tier outsiders who were too weak to withstand the blow also deserved to die.

Apparently, that high-tier outsider despised all lives that were weaker and had inferior status than him, including the low-tier outsiders who had sworn their allegiance to him.

“He’s so strong!!” Nie Tian couldn’t hide his fear. It was at that moment that it suddenly occurred to him who that burly man, the opponent of that high-tier outsider, might be: the strongest Qi warrior of the Realm of Flame Heaven, Chang Sen!

Only the strongest expert, Chang Sen from the Hell Sect, could match up to the strength of that formidable high-tier outsider. Anyone else would have died already.

After having come to this realization, Nie Tian commanded the Bone Blood Demon to stay away from Chang Sen and that high-tier outsider.

He was fairly certain that even the Bone Blood Demon wouldn’t survive a battle against that deadly high-tier outsider.

After retracting his attention from Chang Sen and the high-tier outsider, he redirected his six Heaven Eyes to float toward the ancient city made from green stones, where he saw numerous Greater Heaven stage experts from the Hell Sect and Ghost Sect rushing out of the city gates to fight low-tier outsiders that outnumbered them by several times.

All those who stayed behind the city walls were disciples who had cultivation bases lower than the Greater Heaven stage, and thus couldn’t fight within the demon Qi.

They could only rely on the Wail of Myriad Ghosts grand formation to protect them from the erosion of the demon Qi.

Upon a closer look, even the Greater Heaven stage experts only seemed qualified to fight low-tier outsiders; those who were engaged in fierce battles with high-tier outsiders were all at the Worldly realm or Profound realm.

They were the ones who could pose a threat to the high-tier outsiders and make a difference in the battle that was going to determine the future of the Realm of Flame Heaven.

“Get over there!” Having obtained a thorough understanding of the situation, Nie Tian continued to command the Bone Blood Demon to go to areas where low-tier outsiders were gathered, in an attempt to kill as many low-tier outsiders as possible with the Bone Blood Demon’s death aura while it still persisted.

As one low-tier outsider after another dropped dead, the Bone Blood Demon’s life power, which Nie Tian had infused into it with his new-found bloodline talent, was rapidly running out.

“Something is wrong. The Bone Blood Demon is losing its life power way too fast.” As Nie Tian pondered the reason, he realized that since the Bone Blood Demon had established its sphere of death, the life power in its heart was declining at a speed that was ten times faster than before.

At this point, he had a feeling that it wouldn't be long before the Bone Blood Demon completely drained its life power.

Originally, according to the feedback he had received from the life power he had infused into the Bone Blood Demon’s heart, he had estimated that the Bone Blood Demon would remain active for about ten days.

However, now that the Bone Blood Demon was going all-out to kill low-tier outsiders with its death aura, Nie Tian sensed that it wouldn’t be long before it fell into another deep slumber.

Nie Tian received a sudden enlightenment. “Death power negates life power. Whenever the Bone Blood Demon uses death power, which was its bloodline power, it will cause it to over-consume and soon run out of its life power.”


It was at that moment that two lines of purple light that resembled two shooting stars appeared in the distant sky. Nie Tian examined them with his Heaven Eyes, and was surprised to find that they were Groete and Sarah, who he had met in the Blood Sect.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered.

Sarah was as strong as Li Jing. Her arrival might once again tip the balance in favor of the outsiders.

The thought of it made Nie Tian worry.

However, he noticed that both Groete and Sarah seemed extremely weak at that moment, the devilish light they emanated constantly flickering.

Nie Tian grew confused.

“Lady Zelia! Lord Caro!” The moment Sarah flew into the demon Qi vortex, she called out in their language. “A powerful expert, who didn’t seem to be from the Realm of Flame Heaven, ambushed us on our way back from the Blood Sect. Lord Groete and I are the only survivors. From what I can tell, that person was as strong as you are, my lord. He could have killed us too, but he didn’t.”

“What?!” Zelia exclaimed. “A person who’s as strong as Uncle Caro?! Are you sure, Sarah?”

“Yes, I’m very certain of that!” Fear could still be seen between Sarah’s furrowed, slender eyebrows. “I think it’s about time we returned to our clan, my lady. If my speculations are correct, Qi warriors from the other eight realms may have already decided to come to aid the Realm of Flame Heaven.”

Numerous expression flashed across Zelia’s small face. After a moment of silence, she nodded and said, “I see.”

At the border between the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect’s territories.

An old man was sitting in a slack fashion with his back against a giant, ancient tree, looking up at the spiritual energy that was fluctuating in the sky, as if he were pondering something.

Four high-tier outsiders were lying not far away from him, who were the ones who had invaded the Blood Sect with Groete and Sarah.

From the look of it, they had been dead for quite some time.

“The Astarte clan... The Realm of Flame Heaven used to belong to the Astarte clan. The reason why the Astarte clan has returned to the Realm of Flame Heaven must be that they have learned about the turbulences that are going on within the Domain of the Falling Stars. However, they should know that even if they somehow manage to sack the Realm of Flame Heaven, they can’t possibly take the entire Domain of the Falling Stars.

“Therefore, the purpose of their invasion of the Realm of Flame Heaven might just be to temper their young lord and lady.

“Every tempering event has its limit.

“Now that I’ve personally tempered one of them, it’s about time that this event ended.

“By the time I get to the Ghost Sect, the members of the Astarte clan might have already returned to their own realm.” Muttering to himself, the old man slowly rose to his feet and paced his steps as he walked towards the Ghost sect.

If Nie Tian were here, he would have recognized this old man, since he was none other than the doctor who had saved Nie Tian’s life and informed him of the Heaven Gate trial, Hua Mu.

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