Chapter 218: Zelia

The Bone Blood Demon stopped killing low-tier outsiders as its eyes that seemed to have no pupils within them became fixed on the little girl.

Its reaction greatly surprised Nie Tian, and his expression grew increasingly grim.

He was very well aware that the Bone Blood Demon had its own soul, and as incomplete as it was, it enabled the Bone Blood Demon to judge the strength of its opponents.

The fact that it started to act strangely the moment it saw the little girl coming towards it made Nie Tian realize that the little girl must have some secrets.

The closer the little girl got, the more nervous he felt.

Unlike all the other high-tier outsiders he had seen, she looked like a ten-year-old human girl. Her face was delicate and beautiful, and the skin on her face seemed so tender that even the slightest contact would scrape it.

Upon a closer look, numerous violet flowers could be seen covering her torso as if they were some kind of armor that had grown out of her body.

Every once in awhile, purple lightning would swim out of them and across her body.

The little girl traveled in the air in a way that made it look as if gravity had no effect on her. As she approached Nie Tian, she looked Nie Tian in the eye and smiled as she said in perfectly clear human language, “A strong Blood Demon from the Blood sect… You came from the Blood Sect. Did you run into that fool Groete?”

Nie Tian was dumbstruck by her words and said, “Who are you?”

“My name is Zelia.” The little girl seemed very blunt. With a friendly expression on her face, she continued, “He’s my little brother. You’re here, and he and Sarah didn’t come after you. Does it mean that you killed them? Well, if you did, I’ll have to thank you for it.”

“Little brother?” Nie Tian was completely confused.

The high-tier outsider in front of him looked much younger than Groete. He would have never have pictured her as Groete’s older sister.

Furthermore, from the look of it, she couldn’t care less if Groete was dead or not. As a matter of fact, she might actually be happy if he were actually dead.

“It’s interesting how a person that is so weak is the master of this Blood Demon...” While Nie Tian was in his daze, Zelia giggled and looked at a Greater Heaven stage expert from the Blood Sect. With a casual wave of her hand, a black spear, which seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, shot towards him.

The black spear flew so fast that, like a bolt of lightning, it went through the Greater Heaven stage expert in the blink of an eye.


Immediately after killing the man, the black spear flew back into her hand.

She tilted her head sideways as she looked at Nie Tian. A faint smile could still be seen at the corner of her mouth.

Upon witnessing this scene, a surge of coldness ran through Nie Tian’s body.

Hong Can and Zou Yi, who had been fighting low-tier outsiders that had been coming at them from all directions, witnessed the astounding scene and called out, with shock in their eyes, “Protect Nie Tian!”

They both knew that only Nie Tian could manipulate the Bone Blood Demon and thus determine how the war went. Therefore, they both feared for his safety.


Zelia was still smiling as the black spear once again flew out of her small palm.

It whizzed through the forehead of another Greater Heaven expert from the Blood Sect, and the corpse collapsed not far from Nie Tian.

“Weaklings.” Zelia held out her hand, palm facing up, and the black spear appeared in it in the next moment.

Her eyes, which were glittering with a purple light, swept through all the Greater Heaven stage Qi warriors who were now gathered by Nie Tian’s side, with an expression on her face as if this was no more than a game to her.

Every Qi warrior who met her gaze felt like they had been thrown into an icy pit, and were overwhelmed by coldness and fear.

“Kill her!” Without any hesitation, Nie Tian issued the command to the Bone Blood Demon. He couldn’t bear to see her kill people like she was crushing bugs.


All of a sudden, numerous blood auras shot out from every part of the Bone Blood Demon and flew towards Zelia at an extremely high speed.

As Zelia let out a giggle, the outline of her small body suddenly become blurry, as if the space around her had somehow shaken slightly.

In the next moment, she vanished from Nie Tian’s sight, and reappeared behind the Bone Blood Demon.

With a smooth thrust of the black spear in her hand, she penetrated the spiritual power shield of another Greater Heaven stage Qi warrior, and a split second later, the Qi warrior himself.

The Bone Blood Demon immediately turned its gigantic body around, and the bloody auras also circled back and whizzed towards Zelia again.

“Hahaha!” Zelia laughed as she once again blurred into action and reappeared in the next moment by the side of another Greater Heaven stage expert from the Blood Sect.

The black spear in her hand turned into a flood dragon before it snapped its jaws toward that Blood Sect expert.

The raging demon Qi behind her madly converged onto the flood dragon before the frenzied dragon pierced through its victim’s body.

In such a short period of time, three Greater Heaven stage experts had died by her hands.

More importantly, none of them could even put up a fight.

Not only did Nie Tian have a grim expression on his face, but the expressions on Hong Can and Zou Yi’s faces were also grimmer than ever.

None of them had ever seen someone kill like she had.

“Attack her together!” Zou Yi screamed as he used the Ghost Sect’s psychic magics to create several fierce ghosts with his psychic power, before unleashing them towards Zelia’ soul.

Nie Tian immediately sensed a layer of psychic power flowing out of Zelia, creating a spherical shield with her at the center.

Zelia smiled and said, “You must have a death wish!”

Strings of purple light that resembled lightning bolts suddenly appeared in her pupils and began to rapidly interweave with each other. From the look of it, she had also applied soul magics that only high-tier outsiders could master.

“Ahhh!!” Zou Yi held his head with his hands as he let out miserable cries; blood spilled out of his nose, eyes, and ears.

It was as if Zou Yi had sustained severe injuries in a flash.

The Ghost Sect had always been known for their powerful psychic magics, and Zou Yi, who was a middle Greater Heaven stage expert, was by no means weak. Even still, Zelia almost killed him with a single blow.

“It’s not fun. I don’t wanna play with you anymore,” Zelia twitched her mouth and said with a bored expression on her face.


All of a sudden, fiendish-looking plants grew out of the earth that everyone was standing on. They were either black or purple in color, and they seemed to have been lurking under the ground for some time, waiting for Zelia to summon them.

Hong Can stood aghast. “Demon plants!”

The plants that could be seen everywhere grew madly, and soon became more than ten meters tall.

Nie Tian looked down with rapt attention, and found that close to the ground, there was a layer of demon Qi so thick that it seemed to have liquidized, which was providing the plants with nutrients, making them grow at an astonishing speed.

Suddenly, numerous purple flowers grew out of the tops of the weeds.

Each and every one of them was the size of a human head and, upon a closer look, shared the same shape and color as the flowers that grew on Zelia’s torso.

“Let’s get out of here!!” Hong Can called out to Nie Tian.

Nie Tian simultaneously issued the command to the Bone Blood Demon. However, he looked down and saw that the Bone Blood Demon’s legs had already been trapped by the vines of those vigorous plants.

It was at that moment that the flowers flew off of the plants and rotated as they chased after every living being in the area.

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