Chapter 217: Joining Forces

“Now that we’re here, the real battle shall begin.”

After retracting the soul consciousness that she had sent out to Ghost Eye, Li Jing turned to look at Nie Tian, Hong Can, and the others as she said, “Nie Tian, you remain on the Bone Blood Demon’s shoulder and don’t go anywhere. You just need to command it to kill as many low-tier outsiders as possible. When you’ve killed enough of them, those high-tier outsiders will notice you and come to you.”

Then she turned to Hong Can and Zou Yi and said, “You cooperate with Nie Tian, but try not to fight high-tier outsiders in close quarters.”

With those words, she and the red lotus she sat on sailed through the air towards the center of the demon Qi-covered area like a blood-colored rainbow.

As she approached the vortex of demon Qi, numerous blood threads that were as thick as human arms suddenly extended out of her crystal-like lotus.

Like blood-colored lightning bolts, they whizzed down from mid-air and pierced into the chests of dozens of low-tier outsiders.

Those low-tier outsiders, who had been rampaging in the demon Qi, instantly let out miserable wails and stopped breathing.

Nie Tian was amazed by this scene.

This was the first time that he had seen Li Jing fight. When he had gone to the Blood Sect before, he had almost immediately engaged in fierce battle with Groete, and couldn’t spare the attention to look at her.

Therefore, the lethality of Li Jing’s attacks astonished him beyond words.

“Profound realm! Is this the power of a profound realm expert?”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered as it suddenly occurred to him that the blood-colored lotus that Li Jing had been sitting on might also be a Spirit Channeling grade treasure.

While he was shaken by that thought, a gigantic blood shadow, the might of which he had witnessed twice already, flew out of the blood-colored lotus.

As soon as it flew out, even more scarlet blood threads came out of the red lotus along with it, which, upon a closer look, seemed like numerous blood chains, locking onto the blood shadow’s gigantic body.

However, Nie Tian knew that those scarlet chains that seemed to have blood running within them were actually a part of the blood shadow.


The scarlet threads that had pierced and killed dozens of low-tier outsiders seemed to have turned into huge vessels, rapidly channeling purple outsider blood to the enormous blood shadow.

Only seconds later, those low-tier outsiders turned into nothing but bags of bones as they were drained of every last drop of their blood.

By the time the shriveled low-tier outsiders were thrown to the ground, the blood shadow, whose outline was rather obscure, had already expanded to five times its original size.


The blood shadow threw its head back and let out a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering roar. In the next moment, an intense blood aura that was laced with a faint, purple mist rose from inside of it and filled its surroundings.

“What an awesome Spirit Channeling grade treasure!”

Hong Can from the Hell Sect couldn’t help but marvel at its formidable power. “Its soul can even leave the entity and use the Blood Sect’s Blood Refining Incantation to strengthen itself with the outsiders’ blood. Li Jing has indeed gone all-out to fight this battle!”

“The soul of the Blood Lotus is a special kind of Blood Demon. Sectmaster Li Jing applied many secret magics in order to refine it, and our sect’s Ghost Refining Incantation was among them.” Zou Yi from the Ghost Sect said after taking a deep breath, “Even though the soul of the Blood Lotus seems illusionary, it’s actually every bit as real as you and I. Its body is made of condensed blood.”

“The Blood Lotus’s soul is a special kind of Blood Demon?” Nie Tian was taken aback.

Never had he thought that the enormous blood shadow was actually the Blood Lotus’s soul, and that the Ghost Sect’s Ghost Refining Incantation had played an important role in its refinement. Now he understood why it was so powerful.

“Li Jing! You’ve arrived just in time!”

At that moment, Ghost Eye’s eerie voice echoed out from the eye of the enormous demon Qi vortex.

Upon hearing his voice, Zou Yi’s expression immediately grew respectful as he said, “Sectmaster!”

All of a sudden, the small figure of a man shot out of the green stone city covered in raging demon Qi and charged towards the area where all the high-tier outsiders were gathered.

It was none other than Ghost Eye, the sectmaster of the Ghost Sect.

The moment he appeared, two sinister ghosts floated out of his ocean-like, unfathomable pupils, which rapidly expanded to several dozen meters tall.

After those two ghosts flew out of his pupils, his pupils seemed to instantly shed their gruesomeness, and no more ghosts could be seen flashing across within them.

It was as if all the ferocious ghosts hiding deep within his pupils had morphed into two giant ghosts at that instant and shot out from his eyes.

“Two Heaven Ghosts!” Hong Can exclaimed.


Right after that, nine pitch-black banners rushed out from Ghost Eye’s back. Each and every one of them was more than ten meters tall and five meters wide.

The ghosts within the banners screeched, struggled, and bore their fangs at each other, before they eventually emerged as nine green ghosts.

“Nine Earth Ghosts!” Zou Yi’s expression flickered as he said loudly, “Our sectmaster has used his full strength!”

Those two Heaven Ghosts and nine Earth Ghosts were Ghost Eye’s most powerful and precious weapons. He had spent years breeding them.

The fact that he had sent them out all at once made it clear that he was holding nothing back!

Even though Nie Tian was observing from a position very far away from the Heaven Ghosts, he couldn’t help but have a feeling that they could easily take his soul.

The moment Ghost Eye shot out of the ancient stone city, a high-tier outsider also dashed out towards him from the area where all the high-tier outsiders were gathered.

At the same time, another one let out a cold harrumph and flew towards Li Jing.

Soon after that, a grotesque outsider voice rang out from the center of the demon Qi vortex. It was a language Nie Tian couldn’t understand, but as soon as he heard it, numerous low-tier outsiders swarmed out of the demon Qi vortex and charged toward Nie Tian and his companions.

That was when he realized that the high-tier outsiders had also noticed their arrival, and the real battle had just broken out.

“Nie Tian, tell the Bone Blood Demon to descend.”

Hong Can stretched his neck and rubbed his hands together so tightly that his knuckles made cracking sounds. Apparently, he had been waiting for this for a long time.

Without saying anything, Nie Tian immediately commanded the floating Bone Blood Demon to land.

Simultaneously, all of the Greater Heaven stage experts, who had been sitting on the Bone Blood Demon, drew their spiritual tools and began thrumming with misty spiritual auras, ready to dash out into the low-tier outsider army at any moment.


The Bone Blood Demon landed heavily on the ground. As everyone else jumped off and charged forward with angry roars, Nie Tian swiftly shifted his position from the back of its shoulder to over its left shoulder.

With a thought, Nie Tian issued a command: kill these ugly creatures, and kill them as fast as you can!


As the Bone Blood Demon strode forward, with every step it took, its feet crashed deeply into the earth, as if it were running on a gigantic sponge.


One after another, numerous lines of intense blood aura shot out from the gaps of its exposed bones before piercing through the incoming low-tier outsiders like blood-colored spears.

Those lines of blood aura greatly resembled the blood chains that had shot out of Li Jing’s Blood Lotus, only they were from the Bone Blood Demon’s body.

Immediately after they pierced into the outsiders, they rapidly expanded, as if they were leeches that were sucking away their victims’ blood.

“Blood Refining Incantation!”

Flabbergasted, Nie Tian watched as the numerous lines of blood aura, which were now filled with purple outsider blood, flew back and disappeared into the Bone Blood Demon’s bones.

Only days ago, the Bone Blood Demon would have had to rip the outsiders apart and shower itself with their blood to obtain more power.

However, it had either received inspiration from the Blood Lotus or made growth so significant that it actually learned how to send its bloody aura own out to fetch blood from outsiders. With this far more efficient method, it would definitely be able to enhance its battle prowess exponentially.


After acquiring more strength, the Bone Blood Demon effortlessly cut through a swarm of low-tier outsiders like they were nothing but melons and cabbages.

Sitting atop its shoulder, Nie Tian saw that it had killed almost a hundred low-tier outsiders in a short period of time.

Apparently, they were no match for its formidable strength. None of them could even withstand a single strike.

The great blow that the Bone Blood Demon had dealt to the army of low-tier outsiders had exceeded the efforts of all the Greater Heaven stage cultivators combined.

On the other hand, a high-tier outsider seemed to have notice the unstoppable Bone Blood Demon, and gracefully rose out of the center of the demon Qi vortex like a beautiful, violet flower, before floating towards Nie Tian and the Bone Blood Demon.

“A little girl...”

Eyes narrowed, Nie Tian saw that it was a little girl covered in devilishly beautiful flowers. Looking at her delicate small face, for some unknown reason, Nie Tian couldn’t help but feel a surge of coldness.

What had made him uneasy was that his instincts told him that there was a ferocious monster lurking under her tender skin.

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