Chapter 213: Awakening of the Bloodline!

“What?!” The moment the tip of Nie Tian’s finger made contact with the Bone Blood Demon’s foot bone, his eyebrows furrowed.

At that moment, he suddenly had a strong feeling that, as his internal organs worked, the spirit beast meat that he had consumed earlier was now rapidly unleashing wisps of flesh power into every corner of his body.

Normally, he would have this kind of feeling every time he consumed a large amount of spirit beast meat.

However, it felt different this time.

Instead of proceeding to cast the Demon Driving Incantation and trying to establish a connection with the Bone Blood Demon, he retracted his hand and then carefully examined himself with his psychic awareness.

He saw countless wisps of energy swimming out of his stomach towards every part of his body. However, as his heart beat more and more vigorously, all the energy wisps began converging on it.

Before, the essence he had absorbed from spirit beat meat would always have infused into his viscera and every piece of his muscle and flesh to gradually strengthen his body.

And that was the why his fleshy body had always been stronger and tougher than other human Qi warriors his age.

However, it was different this time. The energy that had originated from his internal organs didn’t flow to his muscles or bones, but rather his heart.

Standing next to the Bone Blood Demon’s giant foot, he focused all his attention on finding what had triggered the change.

A wisp of his soul quietly flew into his heart and observed in silence.

He saw numerous wisps of energy flowing in through the walls of his heart from all directions, but what surprised him was that there was a green thread of energy coiled up at the bottom of his heart.

He had no idea when it had been formed and why it was there. He had never noticed it before.

The wisp of his soul floated closer to the coiled green energy, observing and sensing it very carefully.

He sensed the aura of an ancient life within the coiled thread of energy. It could be the concentrated form of life power or the source of a bloodline.

He came to another surprising finding as he furthered his examination.

Within the coiled, green thread of energy lay countless translucent and sparkling blood strings that were as fine as hairs. They interwove with each other and seemed to be brimming with green-colored energy.

If the green thread of energy were a living creature, those sparkling blood strings would be its meridians.

As the wisp of his soul delved even deeper, he discovered that tiny green dots were floating within the crystal-like blood strings.

Each and every one of them shone with bright, green light, as if they were some mysterious symbols that carried the profound truths of blood.

“Life Bloodline!” Nie Tian’s expression flickered. Then he found that all the wisps of energy that had been attracted by his heart were madly converging and disappearing into the green thread of energy.

The red wisps of energy were flesh power from the spirit beast meat.

However, the moment they entered his heart, the realm of the green energy thread, they seemed to be devoured and ground down into shreds by it.

It wasn’t long before every last wisp of flesh power disappeared into the mysterious green energy thread.

However, it seemed still famished as it started swimming about within his heart like a greedy, mysterious python, foraging for more flesh power.

When it realized that it couldn’t find any new prey, it finally settled down and coiled up again.

It was at that very moment that an intense dizziness struck Nie Tian.

Under the gaze of his soul, the green energy thread suddenly began to shine with dazzlingly green light.

At the same time, the green spots in the sparkling blood strings rapidly shifted into a new alignment.

A series of obscure words suddenly appeared in Nie Tian’s mind. “Life Bloodline. Talent. Life Transfer!”

They were so clear and unforgettable that it was as if they were branded deeply on his soul.

All of a sudden, his heart started pounding rapidly and the wisp of his soul consciousness was instantly expelled!

Right before his soul consciousness was pushed out of his heart, he saw his heart fill with dazzling green light.

However, it was just a second before the green thread of energy stopped shining and coiled up at the bottom of his heart again, silent and calm.

Even still, the words that had been engraved in his mind just now became increasingly clear and meaningful.

“The life of my bloodline is awakened and I’ve been given another talent, Life Transfer!” Nie Tian seemed to have an epiphany.

Hua Mu had once told him that he was different, and after the Heaven Gate trial, he was increasingly certain that he had a unique bloodline power within his blood.

Perhaps, the reason why it hadn’t showed any signs of life before was that his cultivation base was far too low.

Therefore, due to the recent, rapid advancement in his cultivation base, the power that had been hidden within his bloodline was finally awakened, and Life Transfer was the first talent he obtained after the awakening.

He was still standing next to the Bone Blood Demon’s foot, eyes closed and still, contemplating the first bloodline talent he had obtained.

He had a feeling that the successful awakening of his bloodline talent had a great deal to do with him awakening the Bone Blood Demon.

The act of him dripping his own blood onto the Bone Blood Demon’s heart to awaken it might have been a manifestation of Life Transfer.

The awakening of this particular bloodline talent almost seemed too timely to be true, as if his body knew what he needed the most at this moment and intentionally developed in this direction.

Eyes closed, he tried with all his heart to master the profound truths of the newly-acquired bloodline talent.

He had long since forgotten that he was there to use the Demon Driving Incantation to communicate with the Bone Blood Demon.

Off to the side, Yu Tong was standing about ten meters away from him, observing him from a blind corner.

She had seen Nie Tian touch the Bone Blood Demon with his finger and then rapidly retract his hand.

Then, she had detected abnormally strong energy fluctuations from within his body.

Even though she had sensed some anomalies, she hadn’t been able to detect the radical change in Nie Tian’s heart, no matter how hard she had tried.

As a matter of fact, no one had been able to, not even sectmaster Li Jing.

A very long time passed by...

Nie Tian slowly opened his eyes as he finished mastering the main parts of his first bloodline talent.

With a deep breath, he leaped onto the collapsed Bone Blood Demon’s chest.

He crouched down and pressed one hand on its giant, grayish-brown heart, in an attempt to start the Life Transfer.

The moment he focused on the thought, the thread of green aura in his heart suddenly began to emanate bright light again.

The countless crystal-like blood strings within it and the green spots flowing within those strings blossomed with dazzling light.

All of a sudden, an extremely fine strand of green aura was separated from the green aura in his heart and flew out.

No sparkling blood strings or green shiny spots could be seen within it.

It seemed that it was made of pure life power, with no bloodline power or mysterious symbols inside of it.

The fine strand of green aura rapidly flew out of his heart and followed his meridians toward his hand that was pressed against the Bone Blood Demon’s heart.

During the process, Nie Tian could keenly sense the blood in his veins growing increasingly restless to the point where he felt as if his blood was seething.

Then he found that wisps of aura that seemed to contain pure life power began to seep out of his blood and quickly swim towards the strand of green aura.

After they merged with the green aura, it rapidly expanded.

However, as more and more wisps of aura disappeared into the green aura, Nie Tian was gradually seized by an intense weariness.

A moment later, the strand of green aura that was significantly larger than before flew out of the palm of Nie Tian’s hand and entered the Bone Blood Demon’s heart.

Almost at the same time, its slumbering heart began to pound vigorously once again.

It was also at that moment, Nie Tian felt a mysterious connection between his blood and the Bone Blood Demon’s.


With a loud sound, the Bone Blood Demon suddenly rose to its feet, causing Nie Tian to fall heavily to the ground.

“Ten days! It will last ten days this time!” Even though Nie Tian experienced dizziness from the loss of life power and the fall, he was very certain that the Bone Blood Demon would remain active for ten days by relying on the life power within the strand of green aura.

Furthermore, he felt that there was now a more profound connection between himself and the Bone Blood Demon.

From what he could tell, merely a thought in his mind would be able to command the Bone Blood Demon to kill his enemies for him.

He would no longer need to manifest a strong killing intent and lock onto his enemies with his psychic awareness to achieve that.

As soon as the thought of it appeared in his mind, the Bone Blood Demon would immediately read his intentions and carry them out.

However, it suddenly occurred to him that he didn’t even get to use the Demon Driving Incantation yet. The method he had just applied was completely different and far more profound.

“What?!” Li Jing sensed the rise of the Bone Blood Demon and arrived within seconds. A confused expression filled her face as she asked Nie Tian, “You’ve mastered the Demon Driving Incantation in such little time!? And also, didn’t I tell you to wait to awaken the Bone Blood Demon until we’re in the Ghost sect?”

Many powerful experts of the Blood sect also rushed to the scene and every one of them had shock written across their face. “How can that be possible?! It’s only been a day. How in the world did he master the Demon Driving Incantation so quickly?” 

Yu Tong was also dumbstruck. She looked at Nie Tian in the same way she looked at a high-tier outsider for the first time.

“Umm, I think I may really be capable of practicing Blood sect incantations.” Nie Tian said embarrassedly, knowing that the method he had just used to awaken the Bone Blood Demon had absolutely nothing to do with the Demon Driving Incantation that Li Jing had imparted to him.

Anyhow, he achieved the result he was looking for.

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