Chapter 212: Demon Driving Incantation

When Li Jing moved her fiery-red lips and started telling Nie Tian about the Demon Driving Incantation, everyone voluntarily vacated the area, including the disciples from the Grayvale sect and Ghost sect.

Even if they wanted to overhear what was being said, they wouldn’t be able to hear a word since Li Jing had already sound-proofed the area where Nie Tian and she were in.

Slowly and softly, she lectured to Nie Tian about the wonders and secrets of the Demon Driving Incantation.

Nie Tian didn’t say anything and quietly memorized every word that came out of her mouth. Later, when Li Jing explained the cultivation method word by word, he occasionally raised his questions.

Li Jing spent a whole morning elaborating on the Demon Driving Incantation to Nie Tian.

At noon, Li Jing finally finished her lesson and, looking at Nie Tian with her piercing eyes, she said, “You’ll have two days to contemplate the incantation, and in the meantime, you can come to me whenever you run into points where you don’t understand. We’ll set out to the Ghost sect in two days and I’ll need you to awaken the Bone Blood Demon the same way you did. And then, we’ll use it to kill outsider invaders and save the Ghost sect.”

“Alright.” Nie Tian nodded.

“So this is it for today.” She pondered for a moment before the ring on her finger suddenly shone with a bright light. In the next moment, four Soul Restoring Pills appeared in her palm. “I heard that you had outstanding tolerance for the strong medicinal efficacy of the Soul Restoring Pills. Here. You can use them to recover your psychic power.”

She handed over the Soul Restoring Pills as she spoke.

“Thank you.” Without any hesitation, Nie Tian grabbed the pills and swallowed them all at once.

Currently, he had fully restored his spiritual power and his flesh power was also growing back bit by bit as he digested the spirit beast meat. Only his psychic power, which he had consumed a great deal of to learn the first part of the Fragmentary Star Incantation, was still quite low.

As a Profound realm expert, Li Jing easily spotted his problem and thus gifted him four Soul Restoring Pills.

“Don’t overconsume your psychic power again.” Li Jing slightly frowned as if she even saw through the fact that he had overused his psychic power to study the Fragmentary Star Incantation. “Your current priority is to study the Demon Driving Incantation. Only when you master it will you truly master controlling the Bone Blood Demon and be able to display its full strength.

“I’ll answer your questions regarding the Demon Driving Incantation while Yu Tong will see to it that you have whatever else you need.”

With these words, Li Jing turned around and left the square.

Looking blankly at her elegant figure disappearing into the distance, complicated emotions rose in Nie Tian’s heart.

He could still remember that during the Treasure Convention at the Spiritual Treasure sect, the moon had been painted to the color of blood while Li Jing had sat on a floating, scarlet lotus, commanding a gigantic blood monster to tear open the Heaven Burning Earth Flame Formation and slaughter countless disciples of the Spiritual Treasure sect.

He had been chased after by powerful experts from the Blood sect and barely escaped.

Never had he ever imagined that one day this fierce woman would sit down with him and pass on the Blood sect’s secret magics to him.

Li Jing arrived at the area where all the Blood sect disciples were gathered. Her gaze swept through the crowd before it landed on Yu Tong as she said with a plain tone, “You’ll be responsible for delivering food to Nie Tian’s room over the next two days. Grant him whatever he needs. If he asks for anything you can’t get, come and find me.”

Yu Tong answered respectfully, “As you wish, sectmaster.”

“Good.” Li Jing slightly nodded.

Nie Tian spent the following day cultivating in his room.

First of all, he replenished his psychic power with the four Soul Restoring Pills and directed the extra power to the seven fragmentary stars in his soul.

Then, he focused on contemplating the profundity of the Demon Driving Incantation.

It was a secret magic that could allow people to communicate with Blood Demons. There were two ways to accomplish that: one, to establish a connection with blood, or two, to communicate with it via the resonation of their souls.

According to Li Jing, since low-rank Blood Demons didn’t even possess a soul, the spell-caster would have to establish connection with it using blood.

However, high-rank Blood Demons like the Bone Blood Demon usually would possess an incomplete soul, so the spell-caster could communicate with it through the resonation of their blood or souls.

During their attempts to refine the Bone Blood Demon, Shen Xiu had once forcibly infused her own blood into it.

She had even sealed the Bone Blood Demon’s incomplete soul in the Blood Spirit Pearl, nurturing it with her own blood day and night.

If the Bone Blood Demon had been awakened during that time, it would have taken Shen Xiu as its master.

Then, Shen Xiu would have been able to communicate with it and control it via the connection between her blood and the blood she had infused it with, or by resonating with its soul that she had sealed away in the Blood Spirit Pearl.

However, due to Yu Tong’s low cultivation base, when the Bone Blood Demon had been awakened, she had failed to suppress the rebellion of its incomplete soul, which eventually broke free from the constraint of the Blood Spirit Pearl and flew back into its mind.

Therefore, that was when Shen Xiu had lost her last chance at gaining control of the Bone Blood Demon.

Li Jing had advised Nie Tian to try and awaken the Bone Blood Demon via the resonation of their souls, since this method was more advanced.

However, Nie Tian had more confidence in the other method. After all, he had successfully awakened the Bone Blood Demon before by dripping his blood onto its heart.

Hence, he planned to try out both methods.

But in order to ensure that he had grasped the essence of both methods before using them on the Bone Blood Demon, he intended to practice with a few low-rank Blood Demons first and see the results.

In the middle of the night, Nie Tian, who was quite confident in his understandings of the Demon Driving Incantation, grew excited and restless.

Just as he was about to rise to his feet and move out, Yu Tong walked into his room, holding a sizable silver platter.

As she approached, Nie Tian saw on the platter were many fresh fruits that exuded spiritual energy and greasy, grilled spirit beast meat.

“Here’s your food for the day.” She sat the big platter on the ground next to Nie Tian and rapidly turned around, as if she didn’t want to spend one more second in the room.

“Wait a moment,” Nie Tian said in a low voice.

“What else do you want?” Yu Tong turned back and said.

“I need eight more plates of food like this,” Nie Tian calmly answered. “I eat more than normal people.”

“Fine." Yu Tong turned around and stepped towards the door.

As she walked away, she muttered to herself with a disdainful expression on her face, “Hope your stomach bursts and kills you!”

Moments later, she came back to Nie Tian’s room holding two giant platters that were filled with all sorts of food. As she approached him, she found that Nie Tian had already emptied the first platter.

Yu Tong was astounded for a moment before she put the food down and walked out.

A while later, when she returned with three more giant platters filled with food, she stared at Nie Tian the whole time as if she didn’t believe that Nie Tian had actually eaten all the food by himself.

She thought he was playing tricks on her after learning that he was so important to the realm of the Flame Heaven.

She didn’t believe that someone could actually gulp down so much food that quickly.

However, the moment she walked into the room, she saw Nie Tian doing what could only be referred to as inhaling his food.

Knowing that she wouldn’t be able to finish even one platter in a whole day, she watched Nie Tian wolf down his food as if she was watching a monster devour its prey.

Now she was certain that it was no trick.

Only a moment later did she snap out of her daze and go to fetch the rest of the food Nie Tian had demanded.

A while later, Nie Tian finished all the food under Yu Tong’s gaze. He burped and said drowsily, “Now get me a Blood Demon. I want to try out the Demon Driving Incantation.”

With a frown, Yu Tong blurted, “Are you kidding? You’ve barely learned it!”

“I can’t guarantee that I’ll succeed. But it won’t hurt to try, will it?” said Nie Tian.

“Most of our low-rank Blood Demons died fighting outsiders, and the outsiders ate their bodies.” Yu Tong explained. “All that survived are high-rank ones that have their own masters. You won’t be able to manipulate them. You can only conduct your experiments on the Bone Blood Demon... which should have been my master’s.”

Undisguised indignation could be seen in her eyes as she spoke.

She still couldn’t let go of the idea that Nie Tian had stolen the most powerful weapon from her sect by awakening the Bone Blood Demon and bringing it under his control.

“Only the Bone Blood Demon?”

After a moment of hesitation, Nie Tian waved his hand, telling her that her service was no longer needed.

Yu Tong left while killing intent could be seen in her eyes.

After she left, Nie Tian rose to his feet. With a deep frown, he walked to the place where the Bone Blood Demon had collapsed.

Facing one of its giant feet, he reached out his hand and pressed one finger on it. He wanted to see if he could establish a connection with it via the power in their blood.

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