Chapter 206: Demonizing

Groete, who was originally two meters tall, went through great changes and rapidly bulked up.

The rich demon Qi in his surroundings madly poured into his body as if it were helping him expand. Therefore, he finished demonizing in seconds, a skill only high-tier outsiders had mastered.

Now that the process was complete, he had become more than three meters tall and had bulging muscles all over his body, which seemed to be full of explosive power.

The curved horns on his forehead and his tail had also grown significantly larger.

Meanwhile, black scales had grown out of his flesh, covering whichever part of his body that hadn’t been covered by his fine armor.

A violent energy fluctuation surged out of Groete’s demonized body and spread far into the surrounding area, making Nie Tian increasingly astonished.

Via the seven Heaven Eyes, he saw every single change that had occurred to Groete’s body. He had a clear feeling that after the process, Groete’s battle prowess had risen to a whole new level.

Before, he had considered Groete to be as strong as a late Greater Heaven stage human cultivator, but after the series of astounding changes, he now deemed Groete as strong as a Worldly realm Qi warrior.


Groete spit out a mouthful of purple blood. His handsome face had now become sinister and full of bulging veins.


It was also at this moment the Flame Dragon Armor noticed the unfavorable situation Nie Tian was in, and thus rapidly flew back and floated right in front of him.

Clusters of raging flames flew out of the Flame Dragon Armor and spread out in a thin layer outside of Nie Tian’s chaotic magnetic field, like a sheet of flames.

As the blazing sheet stretched out further and further, a shield of raging fire took form.

A faint wisp of thought flew out of the Flame Dragon Armor.

Nie Tian caught it at the first possible moment.

Eyes narrowed, he tried to comprehend it as he kept an eye on Groete.

He knew that it must be a message from the Flame Dragon Armor’s soul.

Even though the message was wordless, Nie Tian somehow quickly understood the Flame Dragon Armor’s intention.

It urged him to sped up the rotation of the vortex of flame power in his spiritual sea, circulate flame power through his whole body, and use it to fight his enemy.

It seemed that only in this way would he be able to make use of the Flame Dragon Armor and display its might to some extent.

Therefore, he did accordingly.

The vortex of flame power in his spiritual sea rotated faster and faster, and he now only drew power from this vortex.

Before long, fire-attributed spiritual power filled every meridian in his body, and by doing this, his skin even somehow turned crimson.

At that moment, he had a feeling that the bond between him and the Flame Dragon Armor had grown a lot stronger.

“Nie Tian! That high-tier outsider has demonized, which means he’s awakened his bloodline power!” Shen Xiu, elder of the Blood sect, shouted out to him from afar, urging him to be extra careful.


At that very moment, a wave of low-tier outsiders reached Nie Tian’s side with the turned Blood sect disciples at their back, whose pupils had turned completely purple.

Apparently, they had only Nie Tian in their eyes and nothing else.


One after another, numerous gigantic flame pillars shot out of the Flame Dragon Armor, and right as they were about to reach the incoming low-tier outsiders, each and every one of them morphed into Flame Dragons.

Baring their sharp claws, the Flame Dragons charged into the wave of low-tier outsiders.

The low-tier outsiders immediately burst into flames as soon as they made contact with the Flame Dragons. Letting out miserable wails, they hastily used all their power to contend with the fierce flames.

Even still, one by one, they dropped to the ground and died, their black-purple flesh melted off their bones.


The Flame Dragon Armor shot out many more fire clusters to deal with the Blood sect Qi warriors who had been polluted and enslaved by the demon Qi.

Nie Tian finally got to see the might of the Flame Dragon Armor. As a matter of fact, it hadn’t moved yet, only sending out flame blasts, which turned into destructive Flame Dragons; even still, it managed to stop all the incoming low-tier outsiders and turned Qi warriors.

However, unleashing torrential flame power nonstop could be consuming even for the Flame Dragon Armor.

It seemed that the outsider lord, Groete, also had a clear idea that only those low-tier outsiders and turned disciples of the Blood sect wouldn’t be enough to kill Nie Tian, who had a Spirit Channeling grade treasure at his disposal.

All of a sudden, while the low-tier outsiders attacked Nie Tian, Groete hid himself in a cluster of demon Qi so dense that it was like a ball of black water thrumming extremely strange energy fluctuations.

Even via the seven Heaven Eyes, Nie Tian wasn’t able to precisely locate Groete within it.

All he could see was a cluster of demon Qi floating closer and closer to him.

The Flame Dragon Armor had noticed the approaching demon Qi cluster and shot out a pillar of flame significantly thicker than before toward it.

However, just as it was about to bombard on the cluster of demon Qi, the cluster broke up into nine smaller clusters, each the same size, with the energy fluctuations coming out of each one exactly identical.

As much as he wanted to, Nie Tian wasn’t able to tell which of them Groete was hiding in, not even with the Heaven Eyes.

It was also true of the giant flame pillar, so it picked one of the demon Qi clusters and struck it.

As soon as it did, that cluster of demon Qi unraveled and turned into wisps of black smoke.

However, soon it regathered and regained its original shape, floating towards Nie Tian once again.

The demon Qi clusters swayed as they traveled forwards, but they shared the same target: Nie Tian.

Then, the Flame Dragon Armor went ahead and shot out more flame pillar towards the nine demon Qi clusters, but they shifted their positions as they closed in on him. From time to time, they would hide behind the low-tier outsiders and demonized disciples from the Blood sect.

By sacrificing those low-tier troops, they skillfully avoided the Flame Dragon Armor’s attacks.

Before long, all nine of them reached the shield of rolling flames created by the Flame Dragon Armor, and exploded one after another, giving rise to heaven-shaking, earth-shattering sounds.

Countless dark spots were sent flying and filled the entire shield of fire, turning it into a strange purple color.

As soon as it did, Groete showed himself and passed through the layer of flames into Nie Tian chaotic magnetic field.

However, the moment he entered, his sinister face grew even more distorted, as he also realized that he was being affected by the strange force within the magnetic field.

Even though he knew that his battle prowess had dropped significantly because of the magnetic field, he had confidence that if that was all there was to it, he would be able to kill Nie Tian rather easily.

With these thoughts, he immediately launched an attack.

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