Chapter 205: Utterly Discomfited

Li Jing had a rough idea of Groete’s strength.

From what she could tell, he only possessed a fifth level bloodline power. However, since extremely rich demon Qi reigned this area, his strength was boosted, making him seem stronger than Greater Heaven stage Qi warriors.

As a matter of fact, his true strength was at the same level as Greater Heaven stage Qi warriors.

It was just that human Qi warriors’ abilities were compromised in the demon Qi while his abilities were enhanced.

Nevertheless, the Lesser Heaven stage Nie Tian obviously wasn’t as strong as Groete, and it wouldn’t be strange if Groete killed him with little effort.

That was why she had been worried about Nie Tian’s safety.

It was the appearance of the Flame Dragon Armor that eradicated her worries. After all, a Spirit Channeling grade treasure at his disposal would greatly close the gap between their actual strength.

She had confidence that now that the Flame Dragon Armor was in the picture, Groete finally would meet his match.

Therefore, she became slightly relieved and focused all her attention on Sarah, the female outsider.


The Flame Dragon Armor was still burning vigorously and unleashing heaven-destroying, earth-extinguishing heat. The devil, which had been created by the saber and demon Qi, couldn’t withstand the devastating flame power and kept shrinking.

Moments later, the devil reassumed the shape of a broad saber.

Only now, the saber had become dark and lifeless, and its previous purple glow seemed to have been burned away by the Flame Dragon Armor.

Groete’s handsome face looked very grim. His purple eyes were filled with disbelief as he tried to determine the grade of the Flame Dragon Armor.

While he was caught up in his thoughts, Sarah, who had been fighting Li Jing, called out to him, “Be careful! It’s a Spirit Channeling grade treasure!”

“Spirit Channeling grade treasure!!” Groete was taken aback.

During that time, Nie Tian finally found the chance to summon enough strength to once again expand the chaotic magnetic field to a five-meter radius.


The burning Flame Dragon Armor suddenly rammed into Groete’s saber.

The saber let out a scream that only outsiders could make, and rapidly flew spinning back to Groete.

Groete held out one hand and grabbed it before he stared at Nie Tian with a strange look in his eyes.


Meanwhile, numerous blood-colored beams of light shot out of the Bone Blood Demon’s finger bones, and, like scarlet spears that were sharp enough to penetrate plates made by refined iron, they pierced through one low-tier outsider after another.

By doing that, the Bone Blood Demon killed more than a dozen low-tier outsiders that had been gathered around Nie Tian and Groete, sealing off the two of them from the others.

Following Nie Tian’s instructions, the thirty-meter tall Bone Blood Demon spared no effort to kill the low-tier outsiders and break through the blockade.

From time to time, it would use the Blood sect’s Blood Refining Incantation to compel the outsiders’ thick, purple blood to fly out of their bodies and rain down on it in fine streams.

Every single bone the outsider blood rained on seemed to turn into a sponge, greedily sucking away the energy.

As the Bone Blood Demon refined more and more outsider blood, its power grew continuously, as if it would never get to the peak.

Gradually, the increasingly vigorous energy fluctuations that the Bone Blood Demon emanated made even Sarah worry about the situation.

Originally, she had confidence that she would be able to overtake it, knowing that after being turned into a Blood Demon, the Bone Giant’s strength would be weakened to some extent.

However, now that she had been caught up in her fight with Li Jing and couldn’t stop the Bone Blood Demon, it had already grown so strong that even she wasn’t certain that she would be able to defeat it any more.

As she kept track of the Bone Blood Demon’s aura, Sarah grew increasingly uneasy.

“Your highness! You have to finish off that kid as soon as possible. That Bone Giant’s battle prowess is constantly on the rise.

“If this goes on, it may soon regain its original level of strength!

“Once it recovers its eighth level bloodline power, I’m afraid even I won’t be able to defeat it.

“Even when its bloodline isn’t truly awakened yet!”

She finally couldn’t help but urge Groete to kill Nie Tian in the shortest time possible, so as to stop the Bone Blood Demon from getting stronger.

Groete let out a cold harrumph. “I don’t need you to tell me what to do!”

At that moment, composure and confidence had already disappeared from his face.

What had taken their place were rage and impatience. Due to his misjudgment of Nie Tian’s strength and resourcefulness, he had successively failed to kill Nie Tian when they first met and falsely estimated the time Nie Tian would have arrived; he even failed to kill Nie Tian when he had no powerful allies to protect him.

Actually, after a Spirit Channeling grade treasure had come to Nie Tian’s aid at the crucial moment, not only did his attempt to kill him turn out in vain, but his saber even sustained serious damage.

With these thoughts, Groete could no longer stay calm and eventually grew frenzied.

“Kill him!” he yelled at the top of his lungs.

Upon hearing his command, the low-tier outsiders that had been attacking the Blood sect disciples immediately stopped.

Each and every one of them turned around and swooped towards Nie Tian with ferocious roars.

Bent on killing Nie Tian as quickly as possible, Groete brought out a, small round item that looked like a demon’s eyeball. As soon as it appeared, a strong, mysterious soul fluctuation spread out in every direction, covering the entire Blood sect. “Rise, my minions!”

As soon as the Blood sect Qi warriors, who had remained still after being infiltrated by the demon Qi, were enveloped by the soul aura unleashed by the Demon Eye, their hollow and lifeless pupils began to shine with bizarre, purple light.

Their pale skin also gradually shed its original color and took on a blackish-purple color that was the same as the low-tier outsiders.


One after another, they all let out mad howls and bolted towards Nie Tian along with the low-tier outsiders.

It was as if Nie Tian was the only thing they could see.

“Dammit!” Via the seven Heaven Eyes, Nie Tian had a clear view of everything happening on the battlefield, including the movement of the low-tier outsiders and the changes to those infected human Qi warriors.

He realized that Groete had started taking him seriously and had grown very eager to kill him.

That was the only explanation for why he redirected all the troops that had been fighting the Blood sect to attack him alone.

At this point, he felt that the pressure he faced might even be comparable to Li Jing and Shen Xiu. None of the other Worldly realm experts from the Blood sect had ever faced a situation so dangerous. “They’re demonized!”

At that moment, Groete suddenly threw his head back and heaved a roar.

He suddenly began to thrum with a strange energy that seemed to be able to awaken his bloodline power. Under Nie Tian’s flabbergasted gaze, he began to undergo horrendous changes.

Originally, Groete was only about the same size as a human male, only slightly taller.

However, in the reflection of Nie Tian’s eyes, Groete’s body, bit by bit, began to match the physique of a low-tier outsider!

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