Chapter 204: Rescued from A Desperate Situation

Li Jing, sectmaster of the Blood sect, paid attention to Nie Tian the entire time, since she knew that Nie Tian’s ability to control the Bone Blood Demon would determine how the war went.

After discovering that the Bone Blood Demon was rampaging across the battlefield under Nie Tian’s command, cutting down numerous low-tier outsiders, she began to think highly of him.

As soon as she saw Groete make his move, she immediately saw through his plan and said, “Elder Sister Shen! Go and protect Nie Tian!”

Upon hearing Li Jing’s command, Shen Xiu, who was using her Earth Web to kill low-tier outsiders, also realized the urgency of the matter.

She immediately decided to ditch the low-tier outsiders and rush to Nie Tian’s side as quickly as she could.

At that moment, a male high-tier outsider stepped out of the crowd of low-tier outsiders and blocked Shen Xiu’s way. “You’ll have to get through me first!”


Groete let out a loud screech and dozens of low-tier outsiders instantly rushed over and surrounded the area where he and Nie Tian were standing.

Apparently, those low-tier outsiders were deployed there to stop whoever intended to come to Nie Tian’s aid.

There were too many of them. Even though the Bone Blood Demon had been unstoppable, it was almost impossible for it to finish off such a large number of low-tier outsiders in a short time.

However, Groete was confident that he would be able to kill Nie Tian while the Bone Blood Demon was occupied.

“Damn!” Being blocked by a male high-tier outsider, Shen Xiu grow anxious. She wanted to order other high-stage Qi warriors from the Blood sect to go help Nie Tian.

However, she understood that, with so many low-tier outsiders standing between them and Nie Tian, her companions probably wouldn’t be able to get through their defensive line and get to Nie Tian in time.

Once Nie Tian was dead, the Bone Blood Demon would immediately go out of control and consider both the outsider invaders and disciples of the Blood sect as its enemies.

If that happened, the formidable weapon they counted on to turn the situation around might soon become the final nail on the Blood sect’s coffin.

Shen Xiu’s heart was burning with anxiety. However, since she couldn’t come up with a solution, she could only watch as Groete, the outsider lord, stepped closer to Nie Tian.

Due to the consumption of the different types of power, the chaotic magnetic field around Nie Tian had already shrunk to a two-meter range, and it was continuing to shrink as time passed.

It wouldn’t be very long before it completely vanished.

Originally, Nie Tian had planned to summon the different types of power he possessed to expand the magnetic field again, but now that Groete was coming at him, he no longer had the time to do that.

He remembered how deadly Groete had been while dealing with Hong Can, Li Fan, Feng Luo, and the other experts at the same time.

With great ease, he had managed to slaughter two Heaven stage experts, making Hong Can and the rest have no choice but to defend.

According to Nie Tian’s assessment, now that Groete was surrounded by even denser demon Qi, his strength would be equal to any late Greater Heaven stage experts, if not stronger.

He had dealt with a couple of opponents at this level during the Heaven Gate trial. However, every time, he had been forced to use Ice Blast Pearls and the spiritual talismans his master had given him, plus team up with other trial takers from the seven sects to barely win.

Now that he had used up all his powerful weapons and life-savers, he would have to fight with no help, so he didn’t think he would stand a chance against such a powerful opponent in his current situation.

On the other hand, having come such a long way through the demon Qi, he had already consumed a large portion of the spiritual power in his spiritual sea.

According to his estimation, he only had fifty percent of his peak strength left at this point.

He didn’t have the confidence that he would be able to defeat Groete even when he was in his peak state, much less now.

Seeing Groete approaching like a purple flash, Nie Tian experienced a numbness in his scalp, as well as a sudden rush of helplessness and desperation.

Groete suddenly came to a stop. Standing ten meters away from Nie Tian, he lifted his saber and pointed it towards Nie Tian as he said, “The magnetic field around you is quite interesting. It can even keep away the demon Qi.”

As a matter of fact, Groete had secretly urged himself to pay extra attention when he saw Nie Tian arriving so much earlier than his estimation.

He knew very well that all those who had been there to protect Nie Tian were far stronger, but none of them had made it to this place, only Nie Tian.

This had proven Nie Tian’s uniqueness.

He knew that there must have been something special about him, since he could remain unharmed in the torrential demon Qi.

Therefore, he had secretly sent out his soul consciousness to examine him as soon as he showed up.

However, the moment his soul consciousness had arrived close to Nie Tian, it had been distorted and cut off from him.

Only then did he come to realize that the strange magnetic field was what had made Nie Tian bold enough to come by himself.

With that understanding in mind, he didn’t barge into it, but rather chose to test the magnetic field with his saber from a safe distance.


The saber suddenly left Groete’s hand and whizzed towards Nie Tian. As it traveled in the air, raging demon Qi converged on it before soon turning it into a sinister devil, bearing fangs and brandishing claws towards Nie Tian.

Nie Tian had seen nothing like this saber, as he sensed that the saber had actually turned into a living devil.

It seemed as if the saber was made from a dreadful devil via some kind of mysterious technique, since not only could Nie Tian detect the fluctuations of flesh and blood on it, but he could even detect the aura of a soul.

He even examined it with the seven Heaven Eyes that were floating around him, and they seemed to tell him the same: it was a breathing devil, not a tool!

Meanwhile, besieged by the overwhelming demon Qi from every direction, the magnetic field already showed signs of running out of energy.

The tough situation made Nie Tian feel suffocated; he was taken over by the devastating feeling that he would be skinned and torn into pieces by the devil in the next moment.


His heart started pounding faster and faster as his life was threatened.

All of a sudden, he was struck by an idea: the Flame Dragon Armor! At this point, no longer afraid to expose the Flame Dragon Armor, he decided to use it save his life.

Having remained silent for a long time, the Flame Dragon Armor had been refining the Earthflame Crystal Strings it had collected and was using the energy to mend its own injuries.

Nie Tian could already sense a soul thriving with it, and thus he knew that it was getting closer and closer to fully awakening.

As soon as he called out to the Flame Dragon Armor, it instantly flew out of his bracelet of holding.

The Flame Dragon Armor whizzed out surrounded by flames, like a sun that was emanating endless light and heat into the surroundings.

Thrumming with a blazing aura that was strong enough to burn any living beings into ashes, it didn’t even wait for Nie Tian to give further instructions before charging into the rolling demon Qi.

In the blink of an eye, it rammed into the sinister devil that had been created by a mix of the saber and demon Qi.

The devil felt like a sun had shot into it enormous body, as flames that could destroy the heavens and extinguish the earth began to burn inside of it while making crackling sounds.

Meanwhile, the gigantic devil started to shrink down, as if it were being burned away by the heavenly fire.

Li Jing, Shen Xiu, and other powerful experts from the Blood sect couldn’t help but exclaim upon the sight of the Flame Dragon Armor, “Spirit Channeling grade treasure!”

They simply couldn’t believe their own eyes.

It was especially true with Li Jing, since she knew better than anyone that, as powerful as Wu Ji as was, he only had one Spirit Channeling grade treasure in his possession, which she couldn’t be more familiar with.

However, the burning armor she was looking at wasn’t it.

This meant that this Spirit Channeling grade treasure’s master was none other than Nie Tian!

To everyone present, it was completely unbelievable for a Lesser Heaven stage young man to own a treasure so rare.

They probably would never come across a similar case in the entire Realm of Flame Heaven.

At that moment, as flabbergasted as she was, Li Jing finally stopped worrying about Nie Tian’s safety.

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