Chapter 203: Might of the Blood Demon

Nie Tian came to a stop.

The demon Qi in this area was excessively dense, so with his cultivation base, he could barely see anything with his eyes.

With a brief thought, seven starlight spots, wrapped by seven wisps of psychic awareness, flew out of the seven fragmentary stars in his soul. Like “eyes” in the heavens, they started observing the battlefield.

Moments before, Nie Tian had heard Li Jing’s calling, but her voice was quickly drowned by the thunderous roars of the outsider demons.

The first thing he commanded the Heaven Eyes to do was to spread out and search for the source of the voice.

Via one Heaven Eye, he discovered that the sectmaster of the Blood sect, Li Jing, was sitting atop a blood-colored lotus, casting all kinds of Blood sect secret magics to kill the unending waves of outsiders.

At the same time, a coquettish female outsider cast her spells and formed a gigantic black hole in midair, devouring the red crosses Li Jing created.

He could tell that the female outsider was at least as strong as Li Jing, if not stronger.

Through other Heaven Eyes, he saw that Shen Xiu had formed a enormous Earth Web and used its threads, as sharp as razors, to exterminate the giant, low-tier outsiders around her.

Not far from her, nearly a dozen powerful experts of the Blood sect were also valiantly brandishing their spiritual tools and shooting out blood-colored light beams to kill low-tier outsiders.

The Heaven Eyes enabled Nie Tian to determine their cultivation bases at first glance; all of them were Greater Heaven or Worldly realm stage experts.

However, the low-tier outsider kept charging at them like an endless river. It seemed that they had no idea what fear was as they madly charged towards the Blood sect disciples under Groete’s command.

Apparently, the deaths of those low-tier outsiders meant nothing to him.

Seeing numerous low-tier outsider being cut into pieces, he didn’t even have any expression on his face, as if he still had many more of them to spare.

He waved his hand and the four high-tier outsiders dashed towards Shen Xiu and the others like four flashes.

As soon as they did, the sky-filling demon Qi started to flow more rapidly and violently, and bright, purple spots started to fall from the sky.

The moment those spots made contact with the low-tier outsiders, their fighting spirits were immediately bolstered and they started fighting more ferociously.

On the other hand, the Blood sect Qi warriors who made contact with the purple spots let out miserable screams as their protective spiritual power shield broke down.

Then, as the demon Qi engulfed them and entered their bodies, they would fall into a dispirited state while their eyes gradually turned purple.

All those who lost the protection of their spiritual power shields would rapidly be drowned and lose their battle power, but more terrifyingly, as they took in more and more demon Qi, they would become potential trouble for the others.

In no more than a few seconds, Nie Tian saw six Greater Heaven stage Qi warriors from the Blood sect lose their protection.

Although they had killed quite a few low-tier outsiders in return, there were hundreds of them, and so having lost several dozen wasn’t a big deal to them.

“No wonder they could only hold their ground and defend. Considering their strength, they can’t deal with such a big outsider army.” Nie Tian rapidly came to realize the disparity between the two sides’ strength. Without any hesitation, he used the Heaven Eyes to lock onto a target.

It was a low-tier outsider that was approximately ten-meters tall, blackish-purple from head to toe, and had sharp fangs growing out of its mouth.

It was chasing after a Greater Heaven stage Qi warrior from the Blood sect, who was stumbling as he ran for his life.

“Go!" Nie Tian issued the command.

Upon his order, the Bone Blood Demon that had been standing by his side like a unwavering mountain instantly strode toward them.

A strong bloody aura that overshadowed those of all the low-tier outsiders rippled out of its outstandingly gigantic body, which gave a sudden boost to the observing Blood sect disciples’ morale.


Like a red flash, a blood-colored light beam traveled through the air and penetrated the outsider’s skull.

The outsider didn’t even have the time to react before it was stuck down by the Bone Blood Demon from afar.

The Bone Blood Demon had possessed an eighth level bloodline power when it was alive. Even though it was now a Blood Demon, it still possessed a seventh level bloodline power, making it by no means weaker than Li Jing.

Therefore, to it, killing that low-tier outsider, who merely possessed the fourth level bloodline power, was a piece of cake.


As the Bone Blood Demon kept striding forward, its gigantic feet made of sharp bones stabbed deeply into the earth, leaving behind a line of huge holes.

It arrived by the dead outsider’s side and, using only its psychic power, it made the blood rush out of the outsider’s body and swirl into the air.

Then, as the blood showered down on it, its grayish-brown bones began to show a faint, mysterious luster.

After absorbing the outsider’s blood, it began to thrum with an even more terrifying aura of Qi and blood.

All the disciples of the Blood sect felt a shudder upon seeing the scene while fighting their respective enemies, including Li Jing and Shen Xiu.

Many Blood sect disciples couldn’t help but exclaim, “Blood Refining Incantation!”

“This Bone Blood Demon actually mastered the Blood Refining Incantation!? It can absorb power from its enemies’ blood in battle!?”

“I can’t believe a Bone Giant that possessed an eighth level bloodline power is so powerful after being turned into a Blood Demon!”

Even Shen Xiu, who had participated in the whole Blood Demon refining process, was amazed by how powerful it turned out to be.

“Continue!” As soon as Nie Tian’s Heaven Eyes locked onto another target, the Bone Blood Demon lunged forward.

As the Bone Blood Demon, who possessed unparalleled battle prowess, swung its razor-sharp bone hands, one low-tier outsider after another was cut in half, as if they were pieces of blackish-purple tofu.

Once in awhile, it would grab a low-tier outsider and rip it apart with its bare hands.

While fighting, it didn’t forget to use the Blood Refining Incantation to summon outsiders’ blood and pour it onto its grayish-brown body, which seemed to provide it with eternal power.

Not only did Nie Tian not detect any energy loss from it, but he even found that its Qi and blood were actually growing stronger and stronger.

It seemed that as long as it kept killing outsiders and showering itself with their blood, it would be able to fight forever and even get stronger during the process.

The only thing Nie Tian worried about was its consumption of life power. After all, the blood he dripped into the Bone Blood Demon’s heart carried a limited amount of life power.

Considering how powerful it was, every second it moved about, it was consuming a tremendous amount of life power.

Once it ran out of life power, it would once again fall into a slumber.

Just as Nie Tian was pondering his worries, Groete, the highest-ranked outsider, quietly walked towards Nie Tian.

Seeing the Bone Blood Demon growing a bit stronger after killing every low-tier outsider, he realized that he wouldn’t be able to stop it by fighting it directly if he were to do it by himself.

Therefore, he deemed the wisest move would be to kill its controller: Nie Tian.

Once Nie Tian was dead, the Bone Blood Demon would run amok and start massacring everyone in sight. By that time, Qi warriors from the Blood sect would also become its target.

Grinning coldly at Nie Tian, a brutal smile appeared on his face. “Before, you had people to protect you, but you’re all alone now!

“You really shouldn’t have come by yourself! Considering your cultivation base, I’ll crush you like an insect! Then, the Bone Blood Demon will no longer be a threat!”

With these words, Groete blurred into a purple flash and swooped toward Nie Tian.

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