Chapter 202: Arriving in Time!

In the Blood sect.

The enormous blood shadow floating high above Li Jing was still rapidly absorbing spirit beast blood from the blood pools scattered around the square, but the bottoms of those pools could already be seen.

Meanwhile, numerous low-tier outsiders were still ramming into the scarlet light shield with their full strength.

The demon Qi was so dense that it could almost take liquid form, and in some places where it slammed into the light shield, cracking sounds rang out. Apparently, the demon Qi was also gradually wearing down the defensive shield.

All the Blood sect disciples under the light shield were looking nervously at the blood in the pools, as each and every one them was well aware that once the blood pools ran dry, the giant blood shadow would immediately lose its power source and the defensive shield would fall apart along with it.

If it came to that, the countless low-tier outsiders that were hovering around them would bare their fans and claws and flood them.

That moment was exactly what Groete, Sarah, and the other four high-tier outsiders were waiting for.

“I don’t think we can hold on for much longer...”

Sectmaster Li Jing realized that they were about to run out of spirit beast blood and the bloody aura around her was also gradually dispersing. Finally, she couldn’t help but called out, “Contact Yu Tong again and ask about their situation!”

“Got it.” Shen Xiu narrowed her eyes and tried to use the Blood sect’s secret magic to contact Yu Tong again.

A while passed.

Frowning, Shen Xiu shook her head and said, “There’s no response.”

Li Jing was surprised. “How come?”

“I don’t know, either.” With a frustrated expression, Shen Xiu answered. “Little Tong knows how to use the Blood Spirit Pearl. Normally speaking, whenever I cast the spell, she’ll be able to sense it. Since she’s not answering me now, there are only two possible reasons; one, she’s in danger and doesn’t have the time to reply or two, she doesn’t have the Blood Spirit Pearl any more.”

After a moment of pondering, Li Jing said, “As long as the Bone Blood Demon is with them, those low-tier outsiders won’t pose a threat to them. Meanwhile, all six of the high-tier outsiders are here waiting to kill us. Therefore, it’s not likely that they are in danger. This means the Blood Spirit Pearl is probably not in her hands. This doesn’t sound good...”

“Sectmaster!” An elder of the Blood sect reminded Li Jing in a loud voice. “We’re about to run out of spirit beast blood!”

Li Jing and Shen Xiu immediately looked over at the blood pools around the square and found that indeed one of them was already completely empty.

Then, Li Jing looked up and found that the giant blood shadow had already shrunk visibly, and the scarlet light shield it created over them had also become somewhat thinner and frailer.

In some places where a few gigantic low-tier outsiders were crashing into the shield, fissures could already be seen.

“Dammit! We’re losing our protection!” The other Blood sect disciples were originally sitting cross-legged and recuperating with spirit stones. After seeing the unfavorable situation, they all rose to their feet, drew out their spiritual tools, and readied themselves for battle.

Groete, who the other high-tier outsiders had referred to as lord, also took note that the enormous blood shadow was withering and said, “The stalemate is finally about to be broken.”

A faint, bloodthirsty smile appeared on his face as he issued orders to his five subordinates, “Attack as soon as the light shield breaks! Put an end to their miserable lives.”

“Understood,” the purple eyes of Sarah, the female outsider, shone with intense hatred. “These humans took our home and imprisoned our people in the Hell sect. They even drain their life essence to power their grand spell formation. We’ve been waiting to return to the Realm of Flame Heaven for centuries. We will have our revenge today!!”

“Let’s kill them!!” Raging killing intent could also been seen in the other four high-tier outsiders’ eyes as they rubbed their hands together, waiting for the light shield to break.


The sound of sharp tools crashing into the ground echoed out from afar as a figure significantly bigger than any low-tier outsider slowly appeared in rolling demon Qi.

Since the demon Qi could dull humans’ senses but not the outsiders’, Groete and the other five high-tier outsiders heard the strange sound and immediately turned to look at the source of the sound, where they saw the gigantic figure.

“It’s the Bone Giant!” Upon a closer look, Groete spoke as a sinister expression appeared on his handsome face. “This is impossible!”

He knew how dense the demon Qi in this area was.

He had never expected that any human Qi warrior would be able to come this far to the center of the demon Qi-covered area in such a short time, much less Nie Tian, who he had considered unworthy to be his opponent.

According to his estimation, it would take Hong Can and the other Greater Heaven stage experts at least another hour to get to this place.

By the time they arrived, the battle between them and the Blood sect might have already been over. Even it wasn’t, Li Jing would have been severely injured by the six of them, and the outcome of the battle would have been set.

He had made the calculations over and over in his mind and deemed his plan impeccable.

However, the appearance of the Bone Blood Demon had proven the opposite.

He found it hard to accept.

“Sectmaster! Did you hear anything?” Excitement could be seen on Shen Xiu’s wrinkled face as she exclaimed. “If my speculations are correct, that sound was the sound of the Bone Blood Demon walking towards us. Only when its fleshless feet land heavily on the ground it would create a sound like that.

“I can’t be wrong. It must be the Bone Blood Demon!"

Li Jing took a deep breath and said, “You’re right. I engraved that unique sound in my mind the day I brought the Bone Blood Demon back to our sect. Little Tong did a good job! So did that Nie Tian kid! Truth be told, I didn’t expect that they would arrive with the Bone Blood Demon in such timely fashion.”

With these words, Li Jing paused, as if she was pondering something.

Seconds later, the blood-colored lotus she was sitting on suddenly rose up into the air.

“The scarlet light shield can still hold on for some time. All disciples who are at the Greater Heaven stage or higher, come with me! Let’s charge out of the shield and kill as many outsiders as we can!

“All those with cultivation bases lower than the Greater Heaven stage stay here. The demon Qi out there is too strong for you. You won’t be able to resist it.”

As soon as she uttered these words, the lotus she had been sitting on charged forward.

It seemed that she didn’t run into any obstructions and shot out of the light shield.

Upon seeing her flying out of the shield, Shen Xiu and a few others also dashed out while summoning their spiritual tools and unleashing torrential blood auras.

The moment they left, the light shield that was originally very wide began to shrink with a much faster speed.

All those who remained in the light shield were the Lesser Heaven and Heaven stage disciples.

“Who’s out there? Is it Nie Tian, Wu Ji’s disciple?”

Li Jing’s voice spread out in the raging demon Qi as the lotus she sat on began to glow incomparably brightly.

Dazzling, blood-colored light condensed into a giant, red cross in front of her before shooting forward.

Moments later, another two giant crosses took shape in front of her and shot forward, slicing a dozen low-tier outsiders into chunks of blackish-purple meat.

The wails and howls of the low-tier outsiders filled the air after she called out Nie Tian’s name.

“She dares to come out of the shield?!” Sarah let out a cold snort before her curvaceous, tightly-wrapped body launched into the air.

The rolling demon Qi in the vicinity suddenly converged on one point, and soon a scary, dark hole took form.

The dark hole looked like a demon’s wide-open mouth while foul smell continuously emanated out of it.

The edge of the hole wiggled and expanded, as if it were trying to devour something.

In the next moment, the three giant crosses Li Jing forged with her spiritual power were sucked into the hole and ground into pieces.

On the ground, Shen Xiu and a handful others dashed out of the defensive shield and started to cast Blood sect magics to kill outsiders around them.

As Shen Xiu casted a spell, an enormous net of blood strings rose from under the ground, creating mountain-shivering sounds.

The threads of the net were as sharp as razors as they cut numerous low-tier outsiders into pieces of meat.

That blood net was the the most famous forbidden technique of the Blood sect, and that was why she had passed it onto Yu Tong.

“Lord Groete, let me deal with that woman. You just need to stall that young man who controls the Bone Blood Demon. I believe that without the Bone Blood Demon there to distract me, I’ll be able to finish that woman in a short time.”

“Yeah, that’s also what I think,” Groete replied. “You just worry about that woman.”

At that very moment, after the Bone Blood Demon had cleared the path for him, Nie Tian appeared in their sight, enveloped in his magnetic field.

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