Chapter 201: I’ll Go First!

After marching on for a few kilometers, the density of the demon Qi rose by approximately five times.

Enveloped by their respective light shields, Hong Can and the others could only see things that were within a five-meter radius.

All they saw along the road were scattered bones and blood stains that had once been human Qi warriors.

The low-tier outsiders must have torn away and devoured the flesh and then tossed the bones away at will.

The scattered bones made Hong Can and the others realize what kind of bloodbath had occurred in this place.

Gradually, even Li Fan from the Cloudsoaring sect began to experience discomfort.

With a stern expression on his face, he turned to Nie Tian and said, “Seriously, are you alright, Nie Tian? This isn’t the time to be a hero. Don’t push yourself to the limit.”

The others also frowned as they looked at Nie Tian with grim expressions.

Normally speaking, considering Nie Tian’s Lesser Heaven stage cultivation base, he should have collapsed by now.

Even for the late Heaven stage An Shiyi, if she had marched for so long in the increasingly dense demon Qi, she would have had to stop and recover with spirit stones.

The fact that they had to form light shields to protect themselves from the demon Qi had caused them to drain their spiritual power at a surprisingly high speed.

On one hand, they were shocked that Nie Tian could hang on for so long; on the other, they worried about his condition.

They were afraid that Nie Tian was barely holding on and would pass out as soon as they arrived at the sect gate of the Blood sect.

If that happened, they wouldn’t be able to command the Bone Blood Demon to join the Blood sect disciples in the battlefield.

“Alright, let me see.” Knowing that everyone was concerned with his condition, Nie Tian hesitated for a moment before he decided to use his psychic awareness to examine his spiritual sea.

At that moment, the light shield around him had already taken on a grass-green color, as it was now powered by the vortex of wood power in his spiritual sea.

As they marched on in the demon Qi, the power he used to form the light shields had quietly changed. Even he hadn’t noticed.

However, since they were surrounded by raging, dense demon Qi and their attention was concentrated on scanning the vicinity and keeping the demon Qi away, no one actually noticed that the color of his light shield had changed, along with his aura.

But when they stopped marching and Nie Tian examined his spiritual sea, the Greater Heaven stage experts immediately came to notice the changes.

They realized that the color of his light shield was constantly changing.

Furthermore, using their psychic awareness, they detected that the aura’s attribute that Nie Tian emanated was also shifting nonstop.

“Wood power!”

“Flame power!”

“Starlight! It’s star power!”

“Pure spiritual power!”

As they realized that Nie Tian possessed three types of power other than spiritual power, every one of them was taken aback.

Their eyes brimmed with disbelief, as they looked at Nie Tian, but only seconds later, they seemed to have figured out the reason behind it.

With a complicated expression on his face, Li Fan said, “Nie Tian doesn’t have a specific cultivation attribute. Cultivators like him, who have no innate cultivation attribute, can cultivate incantations of any attribute. Switching between different types of incantations could have made his attempt to hold off the demon Qi less consuming and painstaking.

“However, cultivating different-attributed incantations simultaneously usually requires a lot of time and energy.

“Meanwhile, we as human cultivators have very limited lifespans. Only by breaking through to the next stage will we obtain more of it.

“If someone cultivates a variety of different-attributed incantations at the same time, their cultivation path would be much more intricate than others’.

“If he’s really determined to go down this road, I fear that he won’t be able to go very far.”

Li Fan let out a sigh as he saw through the problem and grew worried about Nie Tian’s future.

“I think you are worrying too much.” Feng Luo said consolingly, “Didn’t Nie Tian get a Fruit of Life during the Heaven Gate trial? He’ll gain another several hundred years of life with it! With all these extra years, it’s very likely that he’ll make great achievements even if he’s determined to go down this path.”

Upon hearing about the Fruit of Life, Li Fan’s eyes lit up. He nodded and said, “I hope you’re right. Hopefully, he can avoid the problem my martial granduncle is facing.”

It was also at that moment, Nie Tian finished examining his spiritual sea and opened his eyes.

Sounding a bit hesitant, he said, “I have to ask you to get further away from me.”

“Why?” Li Fan was puzzled.

“I want to see if I can use a special technique that my master taught me to keep myself safe from the demon Qi once and for all,” Nie Tian said.

Upon hearing his words, everyone subconsciously stepped away.

When everyone was five meters away from him, Nie Tian placed his hands in front of his chest, palms opposite to each other, and unleashed his psychic awareness.

Moments later, the different-attributed power gradually flowed out of his palms and fingers.

The different types of power gradually interwove and formed a chaotic magnetic field between his hands, which soon spread out with him as the center.

As soon as it expanded to be larger than his spiritual power shield and enveloped the demon Qi close to him, the demon Qi seemed to be suddenly trapped.

Nie Tian secretly probed the changes that were taking place in the magnetic field and found that the numerous wips of demon Qi seemed to be pulled in and manipulated by the magnetic field, none of which could even swim a bit closer to him.

Therefore, he canceled his spiritual power shield and exposed himself to the demon Qi within the chaotic magnetic field.

He even meticulously opened his pores and saw if the demon Qi would enter his body.

He was surprised to discover that only power that originated from him stayed close around him, including the flame power, wood power, starlight, spiritual power, and psychic power.

The demon Qi, which didn’t belong to him in the first place, couldn’t get an inch closer to him.

“Can you please step a little further away?” Nie Tian asked.

At that moment, all the Greater Heaven stage experts had noticed the strange magnetic field with a radius of three meters around Nie Tian, and the wisps of psychic awareness they had sent into it to probe about had all been twisted and escaped their control.

Their expressions flickered as every one of them voluntarily stepped further away from Nie Tian, as if they were worried that they would be sucked into the strange magnetic field.

Upon hearing Nie Tian’s request, Li Fan immediately stepped backwards.

Then, Nie Tian took a few steps towards Li Fan and discovered that as the magnetic field moved along with him, the raging demon Qi close to Li Fan was also enveloped by the magnetic field.

Under the effect of the mysterious twisting power of the magnetic field, the dense demon Qi was soon broken down into trivial, blackish-purple wisps.

Since the tiny wisps didn’t belong to Nie Tian, they were pushed to the far edge of the magnetic field.

“This is awesome!” With this new finding, Nie Tian now only needed to consume a small proportion of every type of power he possessed to maintain the magnetic field, and he wouldn’t need to worry about the demon Qi any longer!

With a broad smile on his face, Nie Tian said to everyone, “Okay, I’m done now. You don’t have to worry about me any more. The demon Qi won’t affect me any more!”

“Nie Tian,” Li Fan exclaimed, “is this an incantation that martial granduncle taught you?”

“Yes, it is,” Nie Tian answered.

“How come I didn’t know that we had these kinds of mysterious incantations in the Cloudsoaring sect?” Li Fan muttered.

“I suppose my master recently received the enlightenment and therefore created it.” Nie Tian answered casually.

Even though Li Fan had a feeling that he was lying, considering that there were people from the other sects present, he didn’t pursue the matter.

Seeing that by creating a mysterious magnetic field, Nie Tian had managed to solve the demon Qi problem once and for all, Hong Can gasped in admiration, “Good job! Senior Wu Ji is indeed a miracle-worker. I’m totally convinced now.”

“Yeah, no wonder he could raise those three outstanding disciples,” Zou Yi agreed.

“Alright! Since you’re fine, let’s move out!” Feng Luo said with an urgent tone.

“You’re right,” Nie Tian answered.

Then, everyone moved out again and marched towards the sect gate of the Blood sect.

Enveloped by the chaotic magnetic field, Nie Tian no longer needed to worry about the demon Qi, and traveled with even more lightness than the Greater Heaven stage experts.

Meanwhile, he could even spare some energy to scan the vicinity with his psychic awareness.

After an unknown period of time, Li Fan could no longer hold on, so he stopped and said, “I need to replenish my spiritual power.”

“I’m also close to my limit,” Zou Yi said.

Even though Hong Can and Feng Luo were in slightly better conditions, they were also afraid that they would soon drain all their spiritual power, and by the time they arrived at the Blood sect, they would be too weak to withstand a single blow.

“Since you all need to stop and recover while the Blood sect is desperately in need of my aid, can I go first, if you don’t mind?” said Nie Tian.

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