Chapter 199: Communication

While Nie Tian refined the Soul Restoring Pills, bloody battles were taking place in the Blood sect.

By the time Nie Tian recovered and arrived a few kilometers away from the main gate of the Blood sect’ along with his group, they saw that the entire Blood sect had already been enveloped by the dense demon Qi.

Numerous gigantic outsiders were roaring as they attacked the disciples of the Blood sect with all kinds of powerful weapons.

All the outsiders could move freely and see clearly in the demon Qi, completely unaffected by it.

Not only that, it seemed that they could even draw power from the demon Qi to recover their strength and push their battle prowess to another level.

On the other hand, not a single high-tier outsider could be seen, as it appeared that they only issued commands with their soul consciousness, but didn’t fight in the battlefield.

Each and every magnificent stone palace and pavilion that originally could be seen everywhere had collapsed.

Blood stains could be seen around the ruins and rubble, but not a single Blood sect disciple could be found.

With another look, mangled bodies could be seen in some low-tier outsiders’ hands and mouths...

Apparently, those low-tier outsiders had an innate thirst for human flesh.

The biggest difference between them and the high-tier outsiders was that they weren’t as intelligent; they were basically at the same level as low-grade spirit beasts.

In the center of the Blood sect’s central square, the sectmaster of the Blood sect, Li Jing, was sitting on top of a lotus that was glittering with bright, blood-colored light.

She was wreathed in a rich, bloody aura, and a enormous blood shadow was floating over her head. The blood shadow unleashed raging power to its surroundings and formed a gigantic scarlet light shield, enveloping and sheltering numerous Blood sect disciples gathered at the square.

The square was surrounded by numerous blood pools, the blood within rushing up into the air like reversed waterfalls and madly poured into the enormous blood shadow under the command of Li Jing’s secret magic.

The mountain-like blood shadow continuously expanded while unleashing suffocating energy fluctuations.

Shen Xiu, Yu Tong’s master, and many other powerful experts of the Blood sect were gathered around Li Jing. Every one of them had their spiritual tools in hand as they braced themselves for battle with anxious looks in their eyes.

They were very well aware that the enormous blood shadow needed a constant supply of blood to maintain its power.

However, the spirit beast blood that they had stored in their sect wasn’t limitless. Besides, they had used up a large proportion of their blood storage to power their grand, sect-protecting spell formation.

Once the spirit beast blood ran out, the last defensive line created by the blood shadow would immediately fall apart.

At that time, all the outsiders would swarm into the central square and start a massacre.

A large number of low-tier outsiders were already gathered around the scarlet light shield. Some were gnawing on the body parts of the Blood sect disciples who had failed to get under the light shield in time, while others madly rammed into the light shield over and over again.

Upon a closer look, five high-tier outsiders with purple hair and pupils were among the crowd of low-tier outsiders.

Significantly shorter than the low-tier outsiders around them, those five high-tier outsiders stood together and conversed with one another in their own language. They would point to Li Jing from time to time as they chatted with relaxed expressions on their faces.

It seemed that they were waiting for the numerous low-tier outsiders to wear out the power of the scarlet light shield.

And when the low-tier outsiders had torn open the light shield, they would attack together and kill sectmaster Li Jing.

Every one of the five high-tier outsiders was tall, skinny, and wore exquisite outfits. The females were beautiful and the males were handsome.

Just as they were chattering cheerfully, the other high-tier outsider, who had been driven away by the Bone Blood Demon, descended among them.

The five chattering high-tier outsiders stopped talking the moment he arrived.

Each and every one of them bowed towards him in a respectful way. A devilish female outsider stepped forward and said, “You shouldn’t be here, Lord Groete. It’s not safe here.”

“Where are your guards, my lord?” another male outsider asked.

From the look of it, the high-tier outsider who they referred to as Groete was not as strong as they were.

However, his status must be much higher than any one of them. Therefore, they remained humble and wore smiles on their faces the whole time.

Perhaps, the reason they had arranged for that Groete outsider to stay away from the battlefield was that he was still young and relatively weak.

Apparently, the other five had attached great importance to Groete’s safety, even more so than taking the Blood sect.

Eyebrows furrowed, Groete continued, “I ran into some trouble. I encountered a handful of human Qi warriors who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. They were all pretty weak, and I could have single-handedly killed them all. However, they had a powerful Blood Demon to help them, and it was created from a Bone Giant that possessed an eighth level bloodline power.

“It killed all my guards and forced me to come here.”

The female outsider, who dressed very alluringly, frowned and said, “A Bone Giant that possessed an eighth level bloodline power?!” Most of her curvaceous body was exposed, with purple armor only covering her chest and waist. “If the Bone Giant was manipulated by one of the human Qi warriors, you could have stop it by killing its commander, right?”

“Of course I know that, Sarah. And I tried.” Groete sounded a bit frustrated. “He seemed to be an unimpressive young man. Originally, I thought I would be able to evade his psychic awareness and kill him before he could command the Bone Giant to harm me.

“But the strangest thing was that even though his cultivation level was rather low, he somehow managed to locate me through my shield.

“As soon as he did, the Bone Blood Demon started attacking and chasing me, not giving me a chance to get close to him.

“Fortunately, it seemed that the method he used to locate me was limited to a certain range. When I was far enough away from him, the Bone Blood Demon could no longer keep track of me and thus stopped chasing me.”

The outsider named Sarah bowed in apology and said, “I’m sorry, my lord. I shouldn’t have questioned your wisdom. Now that these survivors from the Blood sect can barely hold on to their own ground, how about I go and kill those who offended you? Even though the Bone Giant possesses an eighth level bloodline power, I’ll find a way to defeat it.”

“Killing them all won’t be a hard task for me.”

Groete thought for a moment and shook his head. “No. You should keep your focus on Li Jing. She’s the sectmaster of the Blood sect. I trust that she’s smart enough to see that you’re the only one who can pose a threat to her. If you leave, I’m afraid she won’t defend any more. Instead, she probably will lead her people to fight back against us.

“Without you, I don’t think these snotty fools would be able to stop her.

“I need you to stay here.”

Sarah didn’t dare to disobey him, so she could only nod and say, “As you wish, my lord.”

“Good.” Groete said, looking poised and calm. “From what I can tell, the Blood sect disciples are going to run out of their blood storage soon. As soon as they do, that giant blood shadow will lose its power source and the red light shield that has been protecting them will fall apart accordingly. It will be a smarter move for us to kill these people from the Blood sect first, and then go take care of that Bone Blood Demon.

“Those Qi warriors I encountered are still quite some distance away from here. Plus, the closer they get, the richer our Qi they have to deal with.

“The youngster who controls the Bone Blood Demon is definitely not strong enough to withstand the erosion and go through the dense Qi by himself. I’m certain that it will be a long time before someone can help him get here.

“If he can’t, the Bone Blood Demon won’t. Then, we’ll have all the time we need to finish off the problem in front of us.”

“I trust your judgment, my lord,” Sarah, the female outsider, replied in a respectful way.


It was at this point that Shen Xiu’s expression suddenly flickered. She turned to Li Jing and said, “Little Tong is here! I can sense the aura of the Blood Spirit Pearl!”

Wreathed in rich blood auras, Li Jing’s figure could only be vaguely seen. Upon hearing Shen Xiu’s words, she seemed rather surprised. With a voice that was somewhat eager, she said, “She’s back from the Heaven Gate trial? Contact her via the Blood Spirit Pearl now! Tell her not to come back and get as far away as she can. We need to secure a seed for our sect!”

“Sure!” A pained look could be seen in Shen Xiu’s eyes as she immediately tried to contact Yu Tong.

A moment later, a hint of elation appeared on Shen Xiu’s wrinkled face as she called out, “Sectmaster! Little Tong isn’t alone and they have awakened the Bone Blood Demon!”

“What?” Li Jing’s expression flickered. “How could that be possible?! We had poured all of our resources on it and failed to awaken it due to its lack of life power. How could they have done it?”

“It was Wu Ji’s disciple, Nie Tian,” Shen Xiu said.

“Nie Tian?!”

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