Chapter 196: Impression Overthrown

Nie Tian experienced a sudden, excruciating pain in his head. His body shuddered as he immediately retracted his psychic awareness.

By doing that, he lost track of the outsider he had just locked onto, and thus wasn’t certain if the Bone Blood Demon would be able to locate it by relying on the brief moment that he had focused his killing intent on it.

At the same time, a gruesome, cold awareness seemed to have traced Nie Tian’s psychic power back to his mind.

In his soul, the seven fragmentary stars suddenly began to shine with incomparable dazzling starlight.

The numerous rays of starlight were like sharp blades, continuously cutting the demon shadows that had been flying around in his soul into shreds.

Soon as the demon shadows disappeared, Nie Tian’s headache disappeared with them.

Nie Tian opened his eyes and, looking into the demon Qi with his eyes filled with shock, he said, “That outsider is different from the other six!”

“Are you alright?” Li Fan asked.

Nie Tian nodded and answered, “I’m fine.”

A serious look could be seen in Hong Can’s eyes as he looked at Nie Tian.

After probing for a moment using his psychic power, he nodded, looking a bit surprised as he said, “You keep going beyond my anticipation, kid. That is a powerful, high-tier outsider. However, you somehow managed to remain unscathed under its psychic attack. Impressive.”

“High-tier outsider?” Nie Tian went blank.

Even his master Wu Ji didn’t know the outsiders as well as disciples from the Hell sect.

As the original residents of the Realm of Flame Heaven, those outsiders once were the rulers of this heaven and earth.

However, since it had already been far too long since the outsiders had dominated the Realm of Flame Heaven, of the seven sects in the Realm of Flame Heaven, only the Hell sect, who had imprisoned outsiders with the Demon Trapping Purgatory Formation, knew a thing or two about them.

The reason behind it was that the Hell sect had been created by a grand Qi warrior who had taken part in the fierce fights between human Qi warriors and the outsider demons.

The other six sects, on the other hand, had been established after all the outsiders had been killed or driven out of the Realm of Flame Heaven.

Therefore, it was natural that they didn’t know much about outsiders.

With a grim expression, Hong Can explained, “High-tier outsiders are different from the ordinary outsiders that we encountered earlier. High-tier outsiders aren’t as big as the low-tier outsiders, but they are the nobles of the outsiders and lords of the low-tier outsiders. Every high-tier outsider possesses intelligence just as developed as us human Qi warriors.

“In addition to that, high-tier outsiders possess something we don’t have: powerful bloodlines. Each one of them is born with miraculous powers and abilities running in their veins!

“Back when we beat the outsiders away from the Realm of Flame Heaven, those high-tier ones were the truly formidable enemies.

“When they knew they would inevitably lose the Realm of Flame Heaven, all the high-tier outsiders evacuated first while the low-tier outsiders kept fighting so as to cover their escape.

“That was why we didn’t have a single high-tier outsider in the Demon Trapping Purgatory Formation.

“So I bet none of you have ever seen a high-tier outsider.”

With a stern look on his face, Hong Can continued, “Actually, I’ve anticipated that there would be  high-tier outsiders pulling the strings now that they dared to come back to the Realm of Flame Heaven. However, I didn’t expect that a high-tier outsider would actually appear here, in the Blood sect.”

Nie Tian’s expression slightly changed, and everyone else’s heart also grew heavy after hearing how formidable those high-tier outsiders were.

“Low-tier outsiders are usually very big and physically strong, but they basically fight only because of their bloodthirsty nature. However, the high-tier outsiders are a whole other story. Not only are they intelligent and possess formidable bloodline power, but they even master various battling skills.

“Furthermore, only those High-tier outsiders know how to wield their soul power!”

Hong Can took a deep breath and stared into the demon Qi-covered area with a somewhat uneasy expression on his face. “From now on, I want everyone to be careful and brace yourself for what may come! That high-tier outsider is far more powerful and deadly than regular low-tier outsiders. There’s a fundamental difference between their strengths and that’s not something that can be defined by levels!”


A figure could be vaguely seen in the surging demon Qi.

It seemed that it had ditched Bone Blood Demon and come from the depths of the demon Qi-covered area to the edge of it.

Step by step, the figure walked out of the demon Qi and completely unveiled itself to the crowd.

It was about two-meters tall. Its skin was blackish-purple and its face actually resembled that of an exceedingly handsome human male’s.

He had a well-built frame and was wearing a set of fine armor. From the faint smile hanging at the corner of his mouth, he didn’t look very different from a human.

However, upon a closer look, Nie Tian discovered that his pupils and hair were all blackish-purple and he had two curved horns growing out of his forehead.

Furthermore, he had a tail that was about two meters long growing out of his posterior, which dragged on the ground as he stepped forward.

“Did you turn that Bone Giant into a Blood Demon?” He suddenly spoke, his voice sounding exotic and strange.

Even still, it was none other than human language that came out of his mouth.

Jiang Lingzhu’s expression flickered as she exclaimed, “He can even speak our language?!”

Not only her, everyone else expect Hong Can stood aghast, looking at the high-tier outsider with eyes filled with disbelief.

The appearance of this high-tier outsider had completely overthrown their previous impression of the outsiders and made them realize that the outsider nobles were almost a different race from all the other outsider demons that they had ever seen.


The sound of bones piercing into the earth rang out from behind the high-tier outsider as the Bone Blood Demon’s figure gradually grew clearer in the demon Qi.

Upon seeing the Bone Blood Demon slowly stepping out of the dense demon Qi, Nie Tian’s uneasiness was lifted to some extent.

“Kill him!” Hong Can called out to Nie Tian.

Apparently, he was terrified by the high-tier outsider to the point where he was at a loss of what to do, and killing him was the only thing he could think of.

“Was it you?” With a low chuckle, the high-tier outsider fixed his eyes on Nie Tian and asked. “Are you the one who is issuing commands to that Blood Demon created out of a Bone Giant?”

“Umm, yes,” Nie Tian answered.

“That’s good.” The high-tier outsider nodded as his smile grew broader. “That means if I kill you, I won’t need to deal with that Blood Demon.”

With these words, he slowly stepped towards Nie Tian.

A broad, blackish-purple saber suddenly appeared in his slender-fingered right hand. The moment it appeared, the demon Qi that had been floating in the sky and behind him seemed to be suddenly attracted by a mysterious force and converged on him from all directions.

In a split second, his body was once again submerged in raging demon Qi.

Nie Tian lost sight of him.

He could only see a cluster of raging demon Qi, which was still gathering more demon Qi from above and behind it, gradually closing in on him.

“Nie Tian!” Feng Luo cried out.

With an anxious expression on his face, Nie Tian cried, “I can’t locate it with my psychic awareness!”

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