Chapter 195: High-Tier Outsider

Everyone heard the scream and knew that it meant the Bone Blood Demon had taken out another outsider.

“Good job!” Hong Can couldn’t conceal the elated expression on his face. “If you can kill off every outsider in the demon Qi, then even if we can’t make the demon Qi disperse, we will have a better chance making it to the sect gate of the Blood sect.”

Feng Luo sounded excited as he urged Nie Tian, “Keep going, Nie Tian! Since we don’t know the situation over at the sect gate, we’d better command the Bone Blood Demon to kill as many outsiders as we can!”

Even though Yu Tong had always considered Nie Tian as her sworn enemy, she cast a gaze of anticipation towards Nie Tian at that moment.

Nie Tian nodded and closed his eyes again, using his psychic awareness to scan the demon Qi-covered area for new targets.

Before long, his psychic awareness discovered and locked onto another vigorous life force belonging to an outsider.

As soon as he issued the command with his mind, the Bone Blood Demon made another murderous move in the dense, sight-blocking demon Qi.

Seconds later, another miserable scream echoed out and the outsider he had just targeted was slaughtered.

Without saying a word, Nie Tian repeatedly sent out his psychic awareness to search the area for more outsiders.

One after another, more miserable shrieks rang out from within the demon Qi.

None of the outsiders survived the Bone Blood Demon’s fatal attacks.

Zou Yi’s face was filled with excitement as he said, “A sixth! Only one more to go! We’ll have a clear path ahead after it’s dead. Then we can try and walk into the demon Qi.”

Everyone rubbed their hands together as they all assumed that the only remaining outsider would also die in a split second, just like the others had.

With excitement on their faces, they watched Nie Tian, waiting for him to lock his psychic awareness onto the seventh outsider.

Nie Tian took a deep breath. After sending out his psychic awareness to detect outsider auras several times in a row, he was already somewhat weary.

The demon Qi was like a turbulent sea, making every movement of his psychic awareness extremely taxing.

After all, he was only in the late Lesser Heaven stage. The level of refinement of his psychic power was far inferior to Zou Yi or Hong Can.

Having consuming his psychic power nonstop for such a long time, he already found it hard to concentrate and the sharpness of his perception had also greatly dropped.

Even still, he once again unleashed his psychic awareness into the demon Qi.

However, the moment his psychic awareness entered the demon Qi, he felt a bit dazed. Even though he could detect the existence of the outsider, whenever he attempted to lock onto it, it would always disappear without leaving a single trace.

After attempting for quite some time, he still couldn’t accurately locate the outsider with his psychic awareness.

It seemed as if that outsider had realized what Nie Tian was trying to do and had been rapidly shifting its position within the demon Qi.

A short time later, Nie Tian opened his eyes and felt rather lightheaded.

“What’s wrong, Nie Tian?” Standing right next to him, An Shiyi said in a soft voice, concern written all over her delicate face. “There no need to force yourself. Stop if you have to. You’ve already done a good job.”

Li Fan also saw his poor condition and said, “Yeah, leave it be if you can’t locate that last outsider. Your cultivation base is still rather low. If you continue to consume your psychic power, you’ll overburden yourself. Even if you manage to locate that outsider, you probably will be too weak to command the Bone Blood Demon to kill it.”

“How about you rest for a while?” said Jiang Lingzhu.

“We can’t afford to rest,” Feng Luo said with a bitter expression on his face. “Time is of the essence here. Our sect is in great danger. Plus, the Bone Blood Demon won’t stay active for a long time. We need to make the best out of every second it’s awake and command it to kill as many outsiders as we can.”

Hong Can from the Hell sect took out a medicinal pill and shoved it into Nie Tian’s hand as he said, “Nie Tian! Here’s a Soul Restoring Pill! It will help you replenish your psychic power within a short time.”

“Soul Restoring Pill?” Feng Luo seemed to suddenly come to a realization and took out three medicinal pills from his bracelet of holding. He handed them to Nie Tian and said, “I almost forgot. Here are some Soul Restoring Pills! Take them now and recover your psychic power as soon as you can, so that you can go ahead and finish off the one last outsider.”

“Sure!” Nie Tian saved the pleasantries and swiftly swallowed all four Soul Restoring Pills.

Feng Luo’s expression flickered as he called out, “Wait! You need to take them slowly!”

Li Fan and Hong Can were also shocked when they saw Nie Tian consume all four Soul Restoring Pills at once.

They also wanted stop him, but before they could say anything the pills were already down Nie Tian’s throat.

“Moron!” Jiang Lingzhu stamped her foot and said, “You’re only in the Lesser Heaven stage. One Soul Restoring Pill is more than enough to restore your psychic power!”

After swallowing all the Soul Restoring Pills, Nie Tian asked with his face filled with confusion, “Can I not take them all together? Don’t tell me that there are side effects.”

With a deep frown, Li Fan said, “The effect of four Soul Restoring Pills could be too strong for you. I’m afraid that your body won’t be able to take it. Furthermore, these Soul Restoring Pills are very valuable. It’s a huge waste that you took them all at once.”

“Nie Tian, steady yourself for the effect!” An Shiyi warned him.

“Ah, I see. You’re worried that the pills are too strong for me.” With a deep breath, Nie Tian sat down on the ground and focused his mind on sensing the efficacy of the Soul Restoring Pills.

It wasn’t very long before wisps of power were born in his abdomen, which rapidly followed his meridians up into his soul.

As Hong Can had said, the Soul Restoring Pills helped him rapidly recover his psychic power.

The moment those wisps of power entered his soul, he felt a huge boost in his psychic power.

The efficacy of the Soul Restoring Pills was even stronger and faster than the special energy that he had extracted from the energy balls in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

As more and more wisps of power merged into his soul, it only took a short while for him to be full of psychic power again.

However, more power wisps kept rising from his abdomen and swimming up to his soul.

Normally, since his soul was already brimming with psychic power, the process of more power crowding into his soul shouldn’t be an enjoyable one.

Too much psychic power could overstretch his soul and cause many unpleasant changes.

For example, he could become muddleheaded, get overly excited, or even lose his mind.

However, Nie Tian sensed that after his soul was filled to the brim, the incoming wisps of psychic power naturally flowed into the seven fragmentary stars that hung high within his soul.

The seven fragmentary stars that he had obtained by channeling starlight into his soul in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace were emanating bright light, making his soul look somewhat mysterious and profound.

As more and more wisps of power swam into the fragmentary stars, they began to shine with an even more dazzling light.

It seemed as if they could take in an unlimited amount of power. Moments later, all the swimming wisps of power that the Soul Restoring Pills had generated disappeared into the seven fragmentary stars.

By the time Nie Tian could no longer felt the generation of more power from his abdomen, he noticed that the seven fragmentary stars had grown slightly bigger and he had a feeling that the energy they contained was now purer and more condensed.

As he refined and absorbed the four Soul Restoring Pills, everyone else gathered around him and watched him with strange expressions on their faces.

They didn’t see even the slightest pained look or signs of struggle on Nie Tian’s face. On the contrary, all they saw was enjoyment.

Everyone made a racket since they all deemed Nie Tian to be a strange young man with too many secrets.

“He actually absorbed all four Soul Restoring Pills?”

“He’s only in the Lesser Heaven stage. How could he have taken in so much psychic power?”

“He’s a freak!”

Hong Can also couldn’t help but sigh, “No wonder people say Wu Ji is the best mentor in the Realm of Flame Heaven.”

At that moment, Nie Tian opened his eyes and, having recovered to his peak state, once again started scanning the area enveloped by the raging demon Qi.

This time, he could feel that his perception was greatly heightened.

Seconds later, he accurately located the outsider and locked onto it.


All of a sudden, an outsider roar thundered out from the depths of the demon Qi.

In the next moment, a cold, wicked awareness rushed straight toward Nie Tian.

Standing by Nie Tian’s side, Hong Can also detected the anomaly and called out, “It’s a high-tier outsider!”

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