Chapter 193: Killing Machine!

At that moment, everyone could tell that even though the Blood sect had expended a lot of effort on this Bone Blood Demon, it seemed that it only recognized Nie Tian now.

It stepped to Nie Tian’s side and stood still, as if it was his faithful guard.

Yu Tong burst into a rage; she knew perfectly well how much effort her sect had expended to refine this special Blood Demon.

When this Bone Giant with an eighth level bloodline power had been brought to the Blood sect, it had been considered a vital project through which they would be able to make a breakthrough in their demon refining techniques.

In the following years, the entire Blood sect had almost stretched their resources to the limit for this Bone Giant, including using all kinds of precious spiritual materials and countless barrels of spirit beast blood.

Several powerful demon refining experts of the Blood sect had worked day and night on the Bone Giant, even to the extent of neglecting their own cultivation.

However, it eventually ran out of life power anyways and failed to turn into a Blood Demon.

But after having expended endless hours and resources on it, the Blood sect hadn’t completely given up on it and hoped that one day they would overcome the problem of its life power and thus awaken it and turn it into a powerful tool of the Blood sect.

Yu Tong never imagined that the Blood Demon that her sect had poured their heart and soul into would eventually end up in Nie Tian’s pocket.

She found it almost impossible to accept!


It was at that moment that more loud sounds that shook the land and rocked mountains rang out from the direction of the Blood sect.


Immediately after that, an ear-piercing roar seemed to ring out from the same location.

Faces filled with terror, everyone turned around to look.

Moments later, they saw a blackish-purple, ten-meter-tall outsider demon charging towards them along with a mass of demon Qi.

Even though the outsider wasn’t able to travel in the air, every lunge it took could cover several dozen meters.

It closed in rapidly on Nie Tian and the others while holding a gigantic spiked club with its veiny, sturdy arms. As it neared, it unleashed more and more demon Qi into its surroundings.

It seemed that the outsider had sensed fluctuations of Qi and blood in this area and, realizing that there were humans in the area, immediately rushed here.

As soon as it appeared, the constantly spreading demon Qi in the sky moved along with it and descended towards Nie Tian and the others like clusters of blackish-purple clouds.

Upon seeing the outsider, Qiu Heng’s face immediately turned ghastly. “An outsider demon!”

He subconsciously flinched and wanted to get away from this place as soon as possible, since he didn’t want to fight the fierce outsider to the death.

“Prepare to fight!” Hong Can roared.

Nie Tian instantly felt the tension. His gaze was fixed on the approaching outsider as he secretly readied himself for the upcoming fight. A strong killing intent could be seen within his eyes.

As soon as he focused his killing intent on the outsider, the Bone Blood Demon beside him dashed towards it without even the slightest hesitation.


The thirty-meter tall Bone Blood Demon suddenly shot out like an arrow, and arrived in front of the outsider in a flash.


Upon seeing the Bone Blood Demon gaining on it at such a fast speed, the outsider let out a strange shriek.

However, its shriek didn’t last very long before it suddenly came to a stop.

At that moment, the Bone Blood Demon’s five, razor-sharp fingers had already pierced into the outsider’s heart.

The Bone Blood Demon had punctured the outsider’s heart with one strike.

Its dark-green pupils glittered with bright light, but not a trace of expression could be seen on its bony face.

Afterwards, it lifted its arm with ease and raised the outsider high into the air.

Then, it reached out its other bony hand and thrust it into the outsider’s abdomen. After that, it pulled both its arms to the sides and ripped the ten-meter long outsider body in half.

Blackish-purple blood immediately spewed out of the outsider and poured down like a rain, filling the space they were in.

Bathed in the rain of blood, the Bone Blood Demon’s dark, deep eyes shone brighter and brighter.

Meanwhile, the blood falling onto its body rapidly seeped into its bones and entered the fine veins and meridians that could be found on every piece of bone.

The aura that the Bone Blood Demon radiated into the surroundings grew increasingly bloody and vigorous, as if it had just obtained new power from the outsider it just killed.


The dead outsider’s body dropped to the sides. Standing in a pool of blackish-purple outsider blood, the Bone Blood Demon’s giant, bony feet seemed to be still absorbing the blood.

Numerous spots that glittered with a dark luster floated to the surface of the blood pool before soon disappearing into the Bone Blood Demon’s vein-filled foot bones.

A wave of even stronger aura rippled out of the Bone Blood Demon, and when it spread to everyone around it, each and every one of them had frightened looks in their eyes.

Feng Luo from the Blood sect stared blankly at the Bone Blood Demon and said, “This... this is unbelievable! It can actually use blood refining techniques to absorb flesh power from its enemies’ blood! I don’t think the other Blood Demons our sect created had this kind of skill, did they?”

Yu Tong was also flabbergasted as she said, “It’s at least two levels higher than any other Blood Demon that our sect has created. My master and many others performed numerous experiments on it. I’m afraid that this Blood Demon will...” Yu Tong’s voice trembled and her eyes were filled with fear and worry.

“I can’t believe it managed to tear apart an outsider so effortlessly. This Bone Blood Demon is truly awesome!” Nie Tian was also secretly shocked.

Since there was still a subtle connection between his psychic awareness and the Bone Blood Demon, he could faintly sense that ever since the Bone Blood Demon had been awakened, its life power was on the decline.

It seemed that the several dozen drops of blood were far from enough to provide it with life power and lifespan over a long period of time.

He had the feeling that it wouldn’t be very long before the Bone Blood Demon ran out of its life power and fell into a deep slumber.

However, upon a brief examination of himself, Nie Tian found that he had already lost quite a bit of his energy.

After all, he was only in the Lesser Heaven stage and his bloodline power hadn’t been fully awakened yet.

The life power in his blood was still quite faint, far from enough to power a creature that had run out of its lifespan, even if he were willing to offer more of his own blood.

After realizing this point, Nie Tian said, “Senior Feng Luo! I’m afraid this Bone Blood Demon won’t remain active for a long time. I think it’s slowly burning its life power away. Let’s bring it to the Blood sect and let it kill as many outsiders as it can!”

Feng Luo snapped out of his thoughts and said, “You’re right! Follow me!”

He even forgot to say anything to the others, including Yu Tong, as he dashed straight towards the sect gate of the Blood sect.

He also knew in his heart that the life power Nie Tian had given the Bone Blood Demon probably wasn’t enough to keep it active forever.

Furthermore, the devastating power the Bone Blood Demon had displayed make him fearful and excited at the same time. Therefore, he was very eager to use it to kill as many outsiders as they could before it fell into a deep slumber again.


At his fastest speed, Nie Tian dashed towards the Blood sect after Feng Luo.

The more than thirty meters tall Bone Blood Demon only needed to move its bony legs at a low speed to keep up with the two of them.

Even though Nie Tian didn’t send out commands of any sort, it ran after Nie Tian, simply following his aura.

Since its soul wasn’t as complete as those of living beings, it wasn’t very intelligent, and it was basically only following its instincts.

After Nie Tian and Feng Luo had left, the rest of the group remained standing in their original location, aghast and yet to recover from the overwhelming scenes.

The Bone Blood Demon had killed the outsider so quickly that they didn’t even realize it when the fight was over and the outsider was torn in half.

The fact that the Bone Blood Demon killed their enemy and followed Nie Tian made it clear to them that it answered Nie Tian’s commands.

Having control over such a powerful creature, Nie Tian, who was only in the Lesser Heaven stage, undoubtedly had a fearful killing machine at his command.

With this weapon of mass destruction, Nie Tian would have become invincible if the Realm of Flame Heaven hadn’t been invaded by outsiders.

If Nie Tian eventually brought this Bone Blood Demon to the Cloudsoaring sect, their strength would be greatly enhanced and they would easily surpass all the other sects, with the Hell sect as the only exception.

“Nie Tian! Give back our Bone Blood Demon!”

Seeing that the Bone Blood Demon had effortlessly torn apart a giant outsider and sped away after Nie Tian, Yu Tong was so outraged that she felt like puking blood.

Then, she also sped away in the direction that Nie Tian had left in.

She still couldn’t accept the fact that Nie Tian had so easily taken away something that her sect had spent years of effort and countless resources on.

“Let’s go! Follow Nie Tian!” Hong Can didn’t bother with Yu Tong’s behavior, but rather his spirits were lifted after seeing what the Bone Blood Demon had done, and thus urged everyone else to move out.

“Move out! To the Blood sect!” The formidable power of the Bone Blood Demon seemed to have suddenly given everyone enough courage to not be afraid of the invading outsiders.

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