Chapter 192: Awakening!

The light that shone out of the Bone Blood Demon’s bizarre-looking eyes made everyone present nervous and uneasy.

Cupped by Yu Tong’s slender fingers, a blood figure that was significantly larger than the others appeared within the Blood Spirit Pearl, which clearly had a connection with the Bone Blood Demon.

There was no need for Feng Luo and Yu Tong to say anything; everyone else realized that the Bone Blood Demon was gradually awakening.

Feng Luo had stated that the only thing that had been keeping the Bone Giant from awakening was that it lacked life power, and only by solving that problem would they be able to restore life to it and turn it into a Bone Blood Demon.

However, just by dripping some of his own blood onto the giant’s heart, Nie Tian managed to restart its heart and restore it to an awakened state!

As everyone looked towards Nie Tian, their eyes were full of disbelief, as they now found Nie Tian unfathomable.

As Nie Tian climbed out of the deep hole and returned to Li Fan’s side, Li Fan asked with a low and serious voice, “What did you do? How come you were able to awaken the Bone Blood Demon with your own blood?”

Both Jiang Lingzhu and An Shiyi also looked at him from the side, their eyes filled with curiosity.

Further to his side, Yu Tong, who was still holding the Blood Spirit Pearl with her hands, also had a strange look in her devilish, yet beautiful eyes.

At that moment, Nie Tian suddenly came to realize that he might have behaved a bit too rashly, and now felt regretful.

Originally, the secret within his bloodline was only known to Hua Mu. Even he didn’t know much about it himself.

Perhaps it was because he was too eager to test out the mysteries of his bloodline, or to reverse the situation that the Realm of Flame Heaven was in, that he didn’t think too much before dripping his own blood into the Bone Blood Demon’s heart.

He didn’t expect that his blood would actually infuse the Bone Blood Demon with new life power, and now it actually showed signs of awakening.

He realized that its awakening was great news to the Blood sect.

However, he had ignored the fact that he might unveil the secret regarding his bloodline by doing that.

After a brief hesitation, Nie Tian explained, “Well, I was taken to a mysterious palace during the three months that I was gone, where it grew fruits that contained rich life power. I ate one of them. And afterwards, I felt as if I had been vested with another kind of power.

“However, I soon found myself losing the new power bit by bit. So I figured it won’t be long before I lose it completely anyway. I might as well try to awaken the Bone Blood Demon by giving it some of my blood. After all, that life power didn’t belong to me and didn’t seem to do me any good.

“I didn’t expect that it would actually work. I was surprised, too.”

Upon hearing Nie Tian’s words, Hong Can’s expression flickered as he said, “Don’t tell me that you ate a Fruit of Life?”

“What?” Nie Tian went blank for a moment.

He was surprised that Hong Can took his falsehood so seriously and actually thought of this kind of fruit. He found it very amusing. “It must have been the Fruit of Life that I ate!”

Hong Can took a deep breath and with a incomparably serious expression he said, “I heard that the Fruits of Life grows on a Tree of Life.

And by eating one Fruit of Life, any living creature would be able to greatly enhance their life power and lengthen their lifespan by a great extent!

“For example, your master Senior Wu has been troubled by his lifespan problem, since without further replenishment of his life span, he won’t be able to advance into the Soul realm before his time runs out.

“If he can get a Fruit of Life, he would be able to extend his lifespan for another several hundred years. With the newly acquired time, given his profound wisdom, he would undoubtedly make new understandings and step into the Soul realm!

“However, the Fruits of Life are too rare in the Domain of the Falling Stars, much less the Realm of Flame Heaven. They are merely a legend to us.”

Then, Hong Can said with a envious tone, “Kid, you are truly so damn lucky that you even got to eat a Fruit of Life in the Heaven Gate trial! It was the life power in the Fruit of Life that dispersed into your blood, and by dripping your blood onto the Bone Giant’s heart, you infused it with life force and awakened it.

All the others fell into an uproar upon hearing that Nie Tian had eaten a mysterious treasure called the Fruit of Life. Each one of them had an envious expression on their face.

“The Fruit of Life?!”

“He actually had a Fruit of Life?!”

“This kid can’t get any luckier, can he?!”

“With one Fruit of Life, he would gain another several hundred years of life! With that large amount of time, if he doesn’t give up cultivating, he will eventually reach the peak of cultivation.”

“Wu Ji sure is a perfect judge of talent!”

“Dammit!” Qiu Heng from the Spiritual Treasure sect snarled in his heart. “He actually obtained a Fruit of Life?!”

“Uncle Feng! I, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to control it any more!” At that moment, Yu Tong’s voice suddenly echoed out, her Blood Spirit Pearl-holding hands shaking nonstop. She felt that soon she would be taken over by the violent fluctuations that originated from the Blood Spirit Pearl.

From the way she looked, it was as if the Blood Spirit Pearl had become as heavy as a mountain and she was about to drop it.

The sizable blood shadow in the Blood Spirit Pearl was madly twisting and wiggling, and it seemed that it wouldn’t be long before it broke out of the pearl.

Feng Luo’s face turned pale with fright as he instantly shifted to Yu Tong’s side. Without uttering a single word, he pressed his palm against Yu Tong’s back.

Nie Tian could vaguely see that numerous threads of blood-colored light flowed out of Feng Luo’s palm and into Yu Tong’s back.

However, it didn’t seem that Yu Tong could better control the Blood Spirit Pearl even after receiving a supplement in her power. The blood shadow within was still madly stampeding, seemingly eager to break free of its confinement.

“Hmm?” At that moment, Nie Tian noticed that numerous light rays started to interweave within the Bone Blood Demon’s pupils as they grew increasingly bright.

At the same time, the blood inside of the fine veins all over the Bone Blood Demon’s body started to flow at a faster speed.

An extremely dangerous aura flowed out of the Bone Blood Demon and filled the air in the vicinity, making everyone observing from the edge of the hole tremble with fear.

After all, this Bone Blood Demon possessed the eighth level bloodline power. In case it was fully awakened, even though there would be a dip in its power, it would still be as powerful as a Profound realm human Qi warrior.

However, the strongest person among them all was only in the middle Greater Heaven stage.

If they ever lost control of the Bone Blood Demon, every one of them would be eliminated within one breath.

Feng Luo didn’t stop passing his flesh power onto Yu Tong as he said, “Nie Tian, you are the one who bestowed life power upon the Bone Blood Demon. Why don’t you think of way for us to make it follow our commands?” However, it seemed that it weren’t going to solve the problem, and with Yu Tong’s current strength, she wouldn’t be able to bring the Bone Blood Demon under her control anyways.

Since he had witnessed Nie Tian work miracles more than one time during their Heaven Gate trial and that it was Nie Tian who had awakened the Bone Blood Demon, he counted on Nie Tian to turn the situation around.

“Me?” Nie Tian smiled bitterly. Not knowing a thing about the Blood sect’s forbidden techniques, he racked his brains but still couldn’t come up with a way to calm the Bone Blood Demon.

He could only send a wisp of his psychic awareness into the Bone Blood Demon’s body and see if he could find something.

As soon as his psychic awareness left him, he was suddenly stricken by a strange feeling.

He had a feeling that there was a discarnate soul in the surrounding heaven and earth, which seemed to be attracted to him.

Simultaneously, his heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The Bone Blood Demon’s madly beating heartbeat and Nie Tian’s suddenly seemed to have synchronized at this moment!

The Bone Blood Demon, who had bones as sharp as blades protruding out of every joint, began to stir its limbs.

Before long, it gradually sat up straight and rose to its feet.

The few giant bone protrusions that had grown out of its back shone with a suffocating light. They seemed so hard and sharp that no shield or armor would be able to stop them.

All of a sudden, its dark-green, unfathomable eyes fixed on the Blood Spirit Pearl in Yu Tong’s hands.

The discarnate soul in the Blood Spirit Pearl immediately flew out of the pearl and into its pupils.


In the next moment, the Bone Blood Demon that was at least thirty-meters tall abruptly jumped up into the air before landing right in front of Nie Tian with a loud crash.

Upon landing, its gigantic feet slightly sank into the ground filled with stones, as if they were as fragile as a piece of tofu in its presence.

Its dark-green eyes looked down on Nie Tian. From the look of it, it could only detect an aura on Nie Tian that made it feel comfortable.

The aura originated from the life power within Nie Tian’s heart and the blood that was running throughout his body, and it was the same life power that had vested it with new life force and brought it back to life!

Upon seeing the discarnate soul flying out of the Blood Spirit Pearl and into the Bone Blood Demon, Nie Tian had a strange feeling that the monster that the Blood sect had spent countless efforts to refine only had a sense of recognition and dependency towards himself.

“Get away from it!” Li Fan’s expression flickered as he called out. He grabbed Jiang Lingzhu with one hand and An Shiyi with another and pulled the two of them away from Nie Tian.

People from the other sects also had their eyes fixed on Nie Tian and the giant demon as they stepped back away from them.

“Nie Tian! What are you doing with our Bone Blood Demon?!” Yu Tong yelled at him, her eyes wide.

“Calm down!” Feng Luo held her and stopped her from rushing towards Nie Tian.

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