Chapter 191: Life Transfer

“Don’t worry. It’s still a failed project.” With a calm expression on his face, Feng Luo urged everyone not to get too close to it and then turned to Hong Can and explained, “Normally speaking, the Blood Demons we create are slightly weaker than they were when they were alive. Even though this Bone Giant once was at the eighth level, at the most, it would only reach the seventh level if we ever manage to refine it successfully.

“The fighting power of a seventh level Blood Demon would be equal to a Profound realm Qi warrior. Therefore, even if it is awakened and somehow escapes from our hands, our sectmaster would be able to overtake it.”

Hong Can frowned and said, “I hope you’re right.”

“I’ll get down there and have a look!” Very carefully, Feng Luo jumped off of the edge of the huge hole and landed right next to the Bone Giant.

The Bone Giant was still emitting an intense bloody aura and upon a closer look, blood was indeed flowing within the numerous, fine veins that could be seen on every bone.


Another vigorous heartbeat echoed out from within the Bone Giant’s heart, startling everyone who had been looking on by the edge of the huge hole.

Nie Tian’s expression also slightly flickered.

Every time the giant, gray heart of the Bone Giant beat, Nie Tian’s heart accelerated with it, as if his heart was influenced by it.

He unleashed a wisp of his psychic awareness to examine the Bone Giant.

He found that its whole body was emitting an extremely strong aura of flesh and blood, and because of that he could feel the terrifying power that was hiding within this huge body that looked like a skeleton.

However, for unknown reasons, even though the Bone Giant’s heart was beating, there were no signs of it awakening.

Feng Luo looked into the Bone Giant’s round eye sockets and found that there were two dark-green, lifeless jewels.

He circled around the Bone Giant before he unleashed a ray of bloody light, and upon contact with the Bone Giant, the light immediately bounced back as several rays of faint light.

Then, he climbed onto the Bone Giant’s body and approached its chest area.

When he arrived, with rapt attention, he looked at the grayish brown, huge heart that was surrounded by numerous rib bones.

After some time, he shook his head and said, “Still no signs of life power.”

“Life power?” Nie Tian was surprised and turned to Li Fan and asked, “I can sense that that Bone Giant is emanating strong fluctuations of flesh and blood. Is it only because it lacks life power that it can’t be awaken?”

“Yes, you’re right.” Li Fan let out a sigh as he looked at him with a meaningful gaze and said, “Your master’s time is about to come to an end. It’s the life power that determines one’s life span. So even if he still has a vigorous aura of flesh and blood inside of him, he will die anyways when his life energy runs out.

“It could be the case for this Bone Giant. Even though it’s wreathed in a formidable aura of flesh and blood, since it has been drained of its life force, it can’t be truly awakened.

“Life power is an extremely complicated energy. Just like the soul, it is another fundamental thing that separates all living creatures from the dead, so in case you run out of either of the two, that would mean you’re dead.”

“Oh, really...” Nie Tian rubbed his chin as his mind drifted away.

He had a faint feeling that the part of his bloodline power that he had yet to awaken was none other than the life power.

Even though he knew nothing of the life power, he had a feeling that his bloodline power would make his lifespan significantly longer than that of common human Qi warriors.

This meant that as long as he worked hard with his cultivation, he wouldn’t need to face the problem that his master did.

And he wouldn’t need to worry that he would die of age before his cultivation base could advance to the next stage.

Standing on the Bone Giant’s rib cage, Feng Luo shook his head and said with a helpless look on his face, “What a pity. Life power is one of the most mysterious and profound powers in this world. This Bone Giant basically has every necessary thing but life power. If there’s life power that we can use to stimulate it and vest it with new life force, I assume that we’ll be able to actually awaken it.

“With the Blood Spirit Pearl, we’ll be able to control it and use it to fight the invading outsiders.

“If we can do that, it will be like adding another Profound realm expert to our side, which could potentially change the situation over at the Blood sect.”

With these words, Feng Luo lept out of the deep hole and was about to tell Yu Tong to use the Blood Spirit Pearl to reseal the hole with the huge stones.

After all, without life power, even though there was a slight anomaly in the Bone Giant’s heartbeat, they wouldn’t be able to truly awaken it.

He didn’t want to waste more time in this place.


At that very moment, a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering sound echoed out from the Blood sect’s direction.

Feng Luo’s expression flickered as he looked towards the source of the sound with rapt attention and discovered that numerous clusters of blackish-purple demon Qi were descending from the heavens and converging on the Blood sect.

He could even vaguely see the outsiders figures and hear the outsiders’ roars from within those demon Qi clusters.

“The grand Blood formation has probably been breached!” Yu Tong’s face turned pale with fright as she hastily said. “We have to get over as fast as possible. The breaching of the grand formation means that outsiders are now able to roam about in the sect without any restrictions. We have to stop them!”

Everyone else had noticed the grim expressions on Yu Tong and Feng Luo’s faces.

Qiu Heng from the Spiritual Treasure sect shrugged, his eyes filled with fear and reluctance.

He had anticipated that a huge upheaval would strike the Blood sect, but after hearing that the Blood sect’s grand spell formation was torn open, he felt increasingly uneasy.

Various expressions flashing across his face, he pondered whether he should get away while he still had the chance.

“Dammit!” Feng Luo said with a begrudging tone. “If we can somehow awaken and manipulate the Bone Giant, we would undoubtedly provide vital assistance to my sect!”

Nie Tian’s eyes shone with a bright light. “All it lacked was life power...”

An idea suddenly came to him: even though he hadn’t fully awakened his life power, there might be some of it in his blood!

It occurred to him that he had been able to completely heal the numerous puncture wounds on his body soon after his fight, not leaving a single scar.

Compared to normal humans, his healing ability was frighteningly exceptional.

He was certain that it had something to do with the life power that was hiding deep within his blood.

He believed that only the mysterious life power would be able to achieve that.

Therefore, since his blood carried life power, if he could somehow put his blood into the Bone Giant’s grayish brown heart, he might be able to provide it with the only thing it lacked and turn it into the Blood Demon that the Blood sect had been racking their brains to create for years.

Even if it could only be awakened for a short period of time, as long as Yu Tong could control it, they would still inflict serious damage to the outsiders!

“Wait a moment!” With these thoughts in mind, Nie Tian stopped Feng Luo and under everyone’s confused gazes, he jumped into the deep hole in the ground.

Expression flickering, Yu Tong, who was going to use the Blood Spirit Pearl to reseal the huge hole, said angrily, “What the hell are you doing? What wicked plans do you have now?!”

“Nie Tian! What are you doing?” Li Fan also called out to him.

Jiang Lingzhu and An Shiyi were also surprised by Nie Tian’s behavior and wondered what he was going to do this time.

Face dead serious, Feng Luo shouted, “Get out of there now!”

However, Nie Tian completely ignored their urging and rapidly climbed onto the Bone Giant’s body. Seconds later, he arrived at its chest area where Feng Luo had been moments ago.

Under his feet was the Bone Giant’s huge, grayish-brown heart.

“Give me some time.” Face grim, Nie Tian took out a dagger from his bracelet of holding and sliced open the tip of his right middle finger.

He held it down right above the giant heart and let his blood drip onto it.


One after another, the blood drops dripped onto the heart, and as soon as they did, the heart rapidly absorbed them like a dry sponge.

After absorbing several dozen drops of Nie Tian’s blood, the heart started beating at a frequency much higher than before.

Furthermore, the Blood Demon’s dark-green, lifeless eyes started to flicker with a faint light.

At that moment, Nie Tian felt some discomfort as it seemed that he had lost a significant amount of his flesh and blood essence.

He stopped and looked down at the Blood Demon, eyes brimming with anticipation.


A blood shadow that was significantly bigger than the others suddenly appeared within Yu Tong’s Blood Spirit Pearl.

“Bone Blood Demon!” Yu Tong exclaimed with an disbelieving expression on her face.

“You’ve awakened the Bone Blood Demon!” Eyes wide, Feng Luo looked at Nie Tian with a flabbergasted expression on his face, as he was terrified by Nie Tian’s achievement.

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